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Scottish Word: Baudrons

“Sorry we’re no dookin cats nae mair, no even wee baudrons’ – Dave over there’s no in fancy dress – it’s first aid.” Translated: baudrons: affectionate name for a cat, happy cat (re: mimic of the … Continue reading Baudrons

Scottish Word: Scutter

“Get a move on Lister, this scuttering aboot swoppin aprons, washing, scrubbing an pentin between operations is going tae mak me late for ma supper.” Translated: scutter: hinder with something unimportant, delay detain through some needless … Continue reading Scutter

Scottish Word: Gullion

“I’m a bit deaved wi all the gunplay Watson. Can you hear onythin? Along the lines o ‘…sinking in a bottomless gullion…’, ‘help help’ an sic like?” Translated: gullion: deep pool of mud, a quagmire, marsh. … Continue reading Gullion

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