Scottish Word Quizzes

This page links to all the Word quizzes on the stooryduster site.

  • NEW: Scottish Insults Quiz.
    Scottish friends when they meet are more likely to use an insult to greet each other rather than an empty compliment. That’s why Scottish insults far outnumber any other Scots word category. They’re the true lubrication of friendship. Ya muppet
  • Scottish Word Quiz 01.
    Twenty eight choices from heifer to howk through hoochenanny.
  • Scottish Poems Quiz.
    Before trying the quiz read Robbies two poems which contain all the quiz words used in context and highlighted in yellow. Complete English translation provided if you are completely stuck.
  • Scottish Word Quiz 03.
    Twenty eight choices from forfochten to geggie via oxter.
  • Teuchter Quiz.
    Are you a teuchter, and if so can you do well in this Scottish Word quiz?
  • Tounser Quiz.
    Or are you a tounser. Where does your Scottish Word knowledge lie, are you more suited to tounser or teuchter questions?
  • Scottish Whisky Quiz.
    How’s your knowledge of Whisky and words to do with Whisky making? Test yourself with this one. Some interesting recipes too.
  • Go Go Scottish Quiz.
    Words taken from a Scottish Science Fiction novel written in Scots about a wasted Scotland drenched in deadly UV radiation where the entire population live on offshore floating cities anchored 700 metres above a drowned Greenock.