• Lobey dosser the sheriff of Calton Creek. The fantastic Glasgow cartoonist Bud Neil created the universe inhabited by the sheriff Lobey Dosser riding on his two legged horse with his nemesis Rank Badjin. Bud Neill is one of my three earliest cartoon and comic heroes and I devoured their stuff before I was even old enough for school.

  • Flook. Flook was a political satire strip with writers such as Compton Mackenzie, George Melly, Barry Took and illustrated by my other favourite cartoonist hero and one of the best caricature artists in the world. The great Wally Fawkes.

    Down the tubes tribute to the late Wally Fawkes, cartoonist.

  • Jeff Hawke. I also loved Jeff Hawke (Science Fiction) by the Dundonian Sydney Jordan. I was a huge fan of these three artists even when I was very young. So young that I had begun to learn to read to appreciate their work even more before I even started school. These three greats were my first and greatest influences when I was very small because they were damned good and I consider myself damned lucky they were available to me so early on in the newspapers my parents read.

    Jeff hawke comic.

  • Chic Harper designs. An ex colleague and great designer. His design of the Scottish Rugby logo particularly impressed me with its economy, effectiveness and simplicity. But it’s only one of his many other great designs in a variety of areas. The latest being book design – in this digital age.

    chic harper designs

  • Scottish Photographs
    Excellent images taken by George Logan. Who also designs web sites.

    Scottish photographs.

  • Scottish Nature Photography Photographs by the father and son award winning team of Lorne and Fergus Gill.

    Gill family wildlife photography.

  • Kenneth Malcolm.
    An accomplished photographer and designer.

    Kenneth Malcolm web site.

  • Scottish illustrators web site. Loads of Scottish illustrators available for work.

    Scottish Illustrators.

  • Scottish Open Volleyball Tournament – SOVT.
    Come and start a holiday in Scotland with this ready made annual weekend of sport, merry making, friendships, and fun.

    SOVT in Perth.

  • Itchy Coo.
    Itchy Coo is an imprint which publishes bestselling books in Scots for children and young people. James Robertson is the General Editor. Most of the books are in the Scottish language.

    Itchy coo publishing.

  • My public collection of visual links on Pinterest. Mainly of interest to designers, artists, illustrators and animators. I try my best to always include a link back to the original art and associated information and not just be a collector of visual junk. All sorted into categories.

    My links.

  • Wigwam Holidays
    Unique value for money accommodation, twenty sites scattered throughout Scotland. The spacious heated wooden wigwams are comfy, cosy and warm and unlike canvas tepees, offer all year round camping without a tent. The big Chief was drawn by me.

    Wigwam Holidays.

  • The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) Not only but also.The Dictionary of the Scots Language comprises electronic editions of the two major historical dictionaries of the Scots language: the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) and the Scottish National Dictionary (SND).

  • Wir ain leid.
    Pittin the mither tongue oan the wabb. Wir ain leid – our own language. An introduction to modern Scots with a Scottish-English online dictionary, and other good stuff. All in Scots, including the javascript

  • Siliconglen.
    Scotland’s name on the internet.

  • Scottish Forums. This is a Scottish discussion forum that has a Scots language section among many other things. Focused on Scotland and Scottishness ranging from Clans, Literature, Sport and Human Rights to Gay and Lesbian communities. They are at