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Scottish Word: Beswakkit

"Here we are again, cauld an beswakkit, jist coz faither thinks catchin oor ain fish for supper builds character." Translated: beswakkit: soaked, drenched. "Here we are again, soaked and cold, just because father thinks catching our … Continue reading Beswakkit

Scottish Word: Gate

“There’s a bygate thon wye – it is shorter but mainly it’s mair interesting.” Translated: gate: path, a way, a road (bygate: a side path). “There is a byway that goes in that direction – it … Continue reading Gate

Scottish Word: Bools

"An ahm tellin YOU if bools can be a commonwealth medal sport so can DARTS!" Translated: bools: bowls. "And my counter argument to YOU is that if bowls can be a commonwealth medal sport so can … Continue reading Bools