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Scottish Word: Timmer

“An here’s the falset jotters tae prove tae them wha want tae ken that the timmer cam frae a manished susteenable rainforest.” Translated: timmer: timber. “And here is the forged paperwork that will make believe those … Continue reading Timmer

Scottish Word: Skinnymalink

“Crivens! whaur huv they skinnymalinkies come frae an what have they done tae oor weel tended permaculture?” Translated: skinnymalink: thin person, bones and skin only. “My goodness! Where have all these dreadfully wasted starving people come … Continue reading Skinnymalink

Scottish Word: Jeeliefish

“Dinni worry jeeliefish. Santa magic’ll also unrwap ye once ma feet are cooled aff an ah’m oot o the watter. Dinni fash yersels” Translated: jeeliefish: jellyfish, as in the potentially deadly Australian box jellyfish, also known … Continue reading Jeeliefish