Investment bankers resist the urge to give up their bonuses or even a penny - even for red nose day.
The Scottish Word:


“Jings, it’s no jist airborne – they can get tae us direct through oor lugs an een – he’ll lauchin an partin wi siller ony minute. Likely even gi’ awa his bankin bonusses anaw.”


lugs, lug: ears, ear.

“Goodness, it is not just airborne transmission – they can get to us directly through our ears and eyes – he will be laughing and parting with money any moment. Likely even give away his banking bonusses too.”


contribute to red nose day.

Illustration Friday. stir.

Stirring it. I’m bound to offend at least one person with this.

In the UK if you step out of line in a politically incorrect way it is not just the person you’re ineracting with that may take you to court.

But bystanders who you may not even know have the right to do the same if they decide that they are offended by what they overhear or see.

We must become exactly all the same.

The Scottish Word: lugs with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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