No oil on feathers type death but the orangutan will soon be just as dead as any smothered bird as we strip the forests.
The Scottish Word:


“An here’s the falset jotters tae prove tae them wha want tae ken that the timmer cam frae a manished susteenable rainforest.”


timmer: timber.

“And here is the forged paperwork that will make believe those who want to know that our timber came from a managed sustainable rainforest.”

[timmer spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday. ripple.

Our news reporting responds well to the abrupt and dramatic disaster. Particularly if it is in the neighbourhood.

But if a disaster creeps slowly and grows gradually do you hear of it often enough?

Are the campaigning organisations boring us?

And who should be responsible?

Should we beat our servants who bring us the goods at the price we want to pay?

Or should we own up to the cost of our easy lives?

The oil gusher also concerns us on this side of the Atlantic too.

We have deep sea drilling off the coast of Scotland in some of the cleanest water in the world.

We have a shellfish industry that supplies most of Europe.

We have some of the biggest bird and seal breeding colonies in the whole of Europe.

And how is it that we even have to state that some areas of the sea are cleaner than others.

How did we manage to do such a thing as make the seas and oceans dirty?

Not just with oil.

Who could conceive of such a thing as making enough waste to taint the waters of the world?

The oil, no matter how bad it seems is only one noticeable incident in a long global sorry tale.

Being frugal without actually reducing yourself to sack cloth and ashes is one way to help.

Being thoughtlessly focused on one’s own gratification is not.

Kelly Light is raising funds to help non profit organisations deal with the oil spill.

And if you are addicted to consuming then try cradle to cradle certified products. Products designed to be recycled at the same level. They are made to be remade.

The Scottish Word: timmer with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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  1. Good questions. We have deep sea drilling off Newfoundland an our government is also talking with the Americans about drilling in the Arctic. If any good can come of this disaster it may be that they rethink that idea.

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