Scottish Words Glossary: W from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
wa | waal | wae | waw a wall, stone ruins in context
wa heid wɑˈhid top of the wall - for resting the rafters  
wa stade wɑˈsted wall foundations  
wab airtins wɑbˈertɪns web links  
wab | wob web, weave  
wabbit ˈwabɪt exhausted, weak, feeble in context
wabble | wauble wobble, wishy-washy, thin  
wabster a weaver, a spider in context
wabsteid website - and why not - there are other bang up to date and even futuristic Scottish words in this glossary  
wabmaister webmaster  
wack | wak wak damp, moisture in context
wad wɑd to wed, wedded, a wager, a stake in a wager, a pledge,  
wad wad wadding (e.g. cotton wool), a bundle of hay  
wad would in context
wadge wedge, big thick slice of bread or cake  
wae we woe, woeful, sorrowful, vexed  
waer | waest wretched  
wae worth a curse - sorrow befall ye  
wae's me woe is me  
waerifu werəˈfu troublesome, annoying, sad  
waesome sorrowful, causing sorrow  
waesuck alas, too bad  
waff waving motion, signal made by waving or flapping, slight odour that's barely noticeable  
waff waif, worthless person  
waffinger vagabond  
waffle wafl wave about, flap, limp from the drama  
waft weft as in a loom  
wage pledge, wage in context
waggitie pied wagtail  
wag at the wa the household goblin  
waghorn the king of all liars, the devil  
waif something flapping or waving, signal flag  
waik wek weak  
wain wen wagon  
waird | weird to guard, ward  
wairm | werm warm  
walawa | willywa wellaway! alas! oh poor me  
wald a hill or piece of open ground, dyers rocket, the yellow dye  
wale wel choose, the act or scope for choice  
ill waled badly chosen  
wale amang choose between  
will and wale free choice  
walk | wauk | waak ˈwɑk walk  
wall | woll | waal pool off a natural spring  
wallie ˈwɑlɪ a small well, a 'wet' person  
wallie heid a spring the feeds a boggy area  
wallie ink brooklime  
wall girse | wallie girse watercress  
waly | walie | wallie exclamation of distress in context
wallie | wallae | walla wallow  
wally-draig | wallie-drag a good for nothing in context
wallie | wally | waly fine, beautiful, big and strong, pleasant, decorative  
wallies false teeth in context
wallie dugs ˈwalɪˈdʌgs porcelain dogs, decorative ornamental dogs - in a pair, on the mantlepiece  
wally gowdy, wallie goudie golden decorative ornament, a precious jewel, term of affection in context
wallipend abuse, despise  
walloch ˈwaləx violent heavy movements, cry, shriek  
wallop ˈwaləp to kick, thrash about, to dangle, to gallop, to dance  
wallopie the lapwing  
wallow | wallit wither, fade  
walsh | welsh tasteless, nauseous  
walter | wolther roll to and fro, lacking  
waly woe, alas  
waly fa ill befall!  
wame wem womb, belly in context
a greedy ee ne'er got a fou wame a greedy eye never gets a full stomach  
wammle | wamble ˈwaml feel nausea, feel sick, toss and turn  
wample ˈwampl wriggle, wrythe, meandering stream  
wan one, also - in the direction of - eastwan, nitshillwan, forgandennywan  
wan deficient, a bruise, hope  
wanawnt unclaimed  
wance once in context
wanchancie unlucky  
wancheery miserable   in context
wanfortune misfortune  
wan | waund | whaun wand, slim stick, slim pliant rod, a switch for caning backsides  
wandle walk unsteadily  
wandert | wandocht ˈwandərt lost, confused, senile  
wanless frail, poorly, feeble in context
wandreth | wanner | waunder misery, hardship  
wannle ˈwanl supple  
wanrestfu restless  
wanshapen deformed  
wansonsie | wansonsy ˈwanˈsonsɪ mischievous  
want | waant | wint need, short of  
wantin short of, lacking, desirous of in context
wanthriven ˈwanˈθrɪvən in a state of decline, stunted in context
wanweird an unhappy fate  
wanwitty stupid, without sense in context
wanworth Unworthy, worthless – based on the notorious bitter poker playing pirate captain Alagrugous Wanworth Snauchle – a character invented by me only a few days ago (2020). in context
wap | whap | waup throw violently, srike, a blow  
wap | wep | wop wap wrap, envelop, bind, join by splicing  
wappin | wapin | wappen weapon  
wappinshaw | wapinschaw ˈwapnˈʃɑ shooting competition  
war | wur war a knot in timber  
ware wer aware, alert, be on guard, cunning, spring (season), kind of seaweed used for fertiliser  
ware wer spend, lay out, dispose of goods or money, waste time in context
wark | werk | wirk | wurk work in context
warld | worlde wɑrld world in context
warple To intertwine, twist, entangle in context
weel an warldlike normal physically and mentally (of a newborn)  
warlock wizard, male witch  
warly | warlie carefully, cautiously, guardedly in context
warran | warrand warrant  
warroch ˈwarox a knotty stick, ill grown in context
a weary warroch a good for nothing  
warse wars worse in context
warst pəik worst, most pitiful in context
warsh warʃ tasteless  
warsle | warstle wɑrsl wrestle, struggle, strive in context
warslin ˈwarslɪn struggling, hard working  
wase wez bundle or band of straw used as a protective pad during toil  
wasie ˈwazɪ wise, quick witted  
wasps bike a wasps nest  
wast west  
waster farther west  
wastmaist westernmost  
wastel scone, bread, or cake made with the finest flour  
waster multi pronged fishing spear  
watter water in context
watter baillie the chap chasing the salmon poachers - even today  
watter bobbie the dipper  
watter gang water channel  
wattergaw incomplete rainbow  
wattery nebbit ill looking - having a drip at the end of one's nose, dripping nose  
watter wraith a water spirit  
wattle a pliant rod, interwoven twigs that the roofing sod or thatch is laid on, a mixup, a tangle  
wauch | waugh wɑx unpleasant, unappetising smell or taste, unwell, faint  
wauchie ˈwɑxɪ swampy, marshy  
wauchle | wachle ˈwɑxl move forward with difficulty, walk clumsily, persevere onwards despite being in difficulty  
waucht | waught | wauch | waugh wɑxt a large gulp or gulps of air or liquid, to quaff, drink deeply, take large draughts - not the way to drink whisky in context
wauk ˈwɑk wake, awake, watch over  
waukit | warkit ˈwɑkɪt calloused, hard worked and hardened in context
waukrife ˈwɑkrəif wakeful, sleepless, watchful  
waul | waill roll the eyes at someone stupidly, also nimble, agile  
waum | wam ˈwɑm a scar or blenish  
waumish dizzy  
waur | war | wer wɑr worse in context
waur-faured more ill favoured, uglier  
win the waur get the worst of it  
waw a big wave - of the sea, twelve stone weight in context
wean | wee ane | wee one wiən baby, child in context
ahm that hungert ah could eat a scabbit heidit wean I'm hungry enough that I could eat a scabby headed child  
wecht | wycht | waicht | waucht | weicht wɛxt weight, weigh, weigh on the mind, opress, add weight to in context
wee wi small, tiny, little, a short space or time in context
wee hauf a nip of whisky  
wee hauf n hauf a whisky and a half pint of dark beer  
wee heavy a type of strong beer sold in small bottles  
wee (intensifiers) wee little, wee sma, a wee bittie  
wee things doting - re children  
wee while a short period in context
in the name o the wee man the devil, a mild oath in context
weebie the common ragwort  
weel | weill wil well in context
weel faured well favoured  
weel stocket mailin | himsel for the laird well stocked farm landlord  
weel-a-whit certainly  
weel-gaun well-going  
weel-kent renowned, well known in context
weel weeded heid well weeded head, bald in context
weem wim a cave or cavity in the rock or ground, an iron age underground storehouse  
weemen | weimen | wummen women in context
weeng | weing wi wing  
wee hours wiˈurs early morning  
weepers clever walls among the foundations under the floor to direct ventilation and dry out condensation - it's falsehoods that previous generations didn't bother or know to build to avoid damp in the fabric of a building - they did, but were hardier outside folk than us, and to themselves felt cosy and comfortable in a cooler and better ventilated environment - central heating is the ruin of us and the driver of our increasing distance from nature  
weet | weit wit wet, rain, drizzle, dew in context
weetin a quantity of liquor, a drinking party  
weir | weer wir war, protect from attack, guard, watch, defend  
weirman warrior  
weird | wierd | werd fate, fortune, destiny, one's own particular fate or appointed lot, Also a prophecy, prediction; a mysterious saying in context
wellie wɛlɪ wellington boot  
welter roll down in a stream, overturn, upset, confused noise  
went wint a short glimpse  
werena | wernae were not  
werrock | wirrock | whirrock a corn, a bunion, a knot in wood in context
wersh wɛrʃ tasteless, insipid, unpaletable, cooked without salt, flat beer, watery, dull, tame, needs spices, uninspiring, poor quality, dull, humdrum, flat - need I go on  
wersh wɛrʃ persons: faint of hunger, squeamish, feeble, sickly - weather: bitter, raw, cold, damp  
wersh crap wɛrʃˈkrap sums the word up: the third and last crop taken from the outfield before the fallow period. For those not of the country I explain: the outfield is now buggered as the crappy third crop demonstrated and it needs a fallow period - fallow is when an area is left uncultivated for a while to let it recover - a considerate landowner will help the recovery along - often by adding compost in one of its many forms - i.e. seaweed or poo from grazing animals. And just to be clear, crap in this case means crop. This was before the introduction of crop rotation which improved things  
weskit ˈwɛskɪt waistcoat  
westlin westward, western  
weuch | wocht wøx wrong, evil  
wey | wye | wa wəi way in context
naewey nowhere  
nae weys in no way  
wey o daein wəiˈoˈdeən a means of livelihood  
wey wəi weigh  
wezer wizard in context
wha | whae | qha hwɑ who? in context
wha daur meddle wi me nemo me impune lacessit - the national motto - have a go at your own translation if you've had a classical education - 'who dare meddle with me' - also can be - 'wan a huv a go at us ya bas' - actually the official motto is 'in my defence god me defend'  
wha's like us? damn few, an they're aw deid Who's like us? Not very many, and they are all dead - our national health motto in context
them wha want tae ken those that want to know in context
whaal hwɑl whale  
whaisk | whaizle wheeze  
whalp hwalp a whelp  
wham hwam wham, a dale  
whan hwan when, while  
whang | whank | thwang hwaŋ thong, leather bootlace, a strip of dried skin used as a flail, long stretch of narrow road, a slice or lump of a sizeable portion,  
whang | whank | thwang hwaŋ to cut with a slashing movement, with a clatter; bang! thump!, to jump, start, etc. in context
whar | whair | whare | whaur hwɑr where in context
whatt whittled  
whaup hwɑp the curlew, a shrill noise  
whaup nebbit having a long beaky nose  
whaurawa whereabouts  
wheech | wheich hwix travel sharply at speed, rush, soft whizzing sound, a stench, a quick shot of whisky in context
wheek hwik squeak, whine  
wheelie-oe the willow warbler  
wheem | wheim hwim whim  
wheen | whein a few, a small number, some as opposed to some others  
wheenge | wheinge hwindʒ whinge  
wheep shepherds shrill sometimes very loud whistle through pursed lips, penny-wheep  
wheep | wheip make a shrill loud noise, squeak  
wheiple | wheeple dawn out whistle in context
wheeriorum | wheeriorum ˈhwirɪˈorəm toy, thingamajig  
wheesht | wheisht | whisht | whist hwiˈʃt shush, shhh in context
haud yer wheesht! hʌdˈjɪrˈhwiʃt shut up, be silent! in context
wherry a light boat  
whid hwɪd lie, exaggeration, a squall, gust of wind  
whidder | whither | quhidder move with force or impetus, flutter in context
whiddin scudding  
whids gambols  
whiff | whuff hwɪf whiff, to blow light and quick for to extinguish (candle) or drive forward, a slight attack of the blues i.e. a black dog attack of a sniff or three then a retreat in context
whiffle play the flute  
whig spur, urge  
whig alang move at a fine pace  
whigmaleerie | figmaleerie a piece of ornamentation, a fantastic contrivance, a fanciful notion taken to oneself, whim in context
whiles | whyles hwəilz sometimes, occasionally in context
whiley | whyle | whylie hwəil a while, until in context
a whyle | a whylie ahwəilɪ a little time, a short period in context
a whyle back some time ago  
a whyle syne aˈhwəilˈsəin a certain time ago  
whiles formerly, once  
whilk | whulk which  
whillilu an uproar  
whillywha hwˈɪlɪˈhwɑ to cajole or a flatterer in context
whiltie-whaltie hwˈɪltɪˈhwɑltɪ palpitate in context
whin | whin | whun basalt, flint, any severely hard stone used for road works  
whin | whins | whun hwɪn furze, gorse, the spiky green bush that have flowers in every part of the year even in thick snow and frost, most in May June though - (they smell of coconut) - broom is the similar one that is non-spiky more info
whindust fine stinging gritty dust off rock surfaces, or small rubble  
whinge hwɪndʒən querulous annoying whining  
whinnie overgrown with gorse or broom  
whippert hastily  
whippitie-scoorie | whippitie-stourie hwɪpətɪˈsturɪ a kind of household fairy, a brownie, a light footed nimble person in context
whipple To whistle shrilly or with a long drawn-out note, a shrill complaint, whine, squeal or the like in context
whirken choke  
whirl | whurl whirl, wheel, trundle, cart  
whirlie a rotary clothes dryer, a rotating contrivance  
fitwhirlie treadmill – I made this one up but it may exist out there for all I know in context
whirlie-maleerie | whurlie-maleerie a spinning peculiarity, in a state of confusion in context
whirlygigums ˈhwɪrlɪgɪgəms flourishes, a rotating contrivance  
whirlywha | whirlmagee ostentatious ornament or jewelery  
whirlimagig a strange fancy  
whirrie drive away  
whishie ˈhwɪʃɪ the whitethroat  
whisky hwɪskɪ really? Who doesn't know what whisky is? - alchohol distillate from malted grain aquiring increasingly complex flavours over time from the barrels it is matured in. That's why the decades old stuff is very expensive (also the longer it is stored the more of it is taken by evaporation (the angels' share)) - fresh unmatured illegal whisky will drive you blind

in context

interesting whisky archaeology

whisky-tacket ascribing a pimple on the face to that persons excessive consumption of whisky - it's true, there is such a thing as excessive whisky consumption  
whissle | whussle | whussel | whustle whistle in context
whit | wit hwʌt what in context
whits | whit's what is in context
whiten | whaten small fish  
white ice (curling) the line of ice roughened and whitened by the passage of stones  
whitterick the curlew  
whitfor why  
whitfor no why not  
whitiver whatever in context
whitreck what matter, nevertheless  
whitrat, whittret ˈhwɪtrət weasel or stoat, thin hatchet faced person in context
whit's the dae what's to do, what's wrong, what's going on in context
whit's the neb? what's the latest gossip? in context
whitter a tiny amount, make less by taking away tiny amounts at a time, a drink of spirits  
whitterick the curlew  
whittie-whattie hwɪtˈhwɑtɪ make frivolous excuses  
whittle, whuttle knife, a harvest hook  
as shairp as a Kilmaur's whittle quick witted (kilmaur was a small town known for its cutlery apparently) in context
whitwey hwɪtˈwəi how? why?  
whowe | whow wow  
whuff hwʌf to blow light and quick for to extinguish (candle) or drive forward, a slight attack of the blues i.e. a black dog attack of a sniff or three then a retreat in context
whuffle Used as in exclamations as an emphatic negative. Will I whuffle: I will not! in context
whummle | whammle hwʌml overturn, turn inside out, overthrow, empty  
whurl whorl  
whurligig hwʌrlɪˈgɪg spinning top  
wi | we | wae with, by in context
dee wae diˈwi die of  
deid wi poisinin death by poisoning  
wi her tellin according to her version  
wi-oot without in context
wi oot a doot without a doubt in context
winni dae cannot be done  
wi't with it  
wice | wyce | wyss | weise wise, clever, intelligent in context
weise wife a witch, sorceress  
wicht wɪxt a worthy sort of human, a valiant brave person, strongly constructed in context
tap wicht best of the bunch, best sturdy warrior in context
wick | week corner of the mouth or eye, a cleft in the face of a hill  
wick (curling) when a moving stone hits a stationary stone enough to change its direction of travel  
wick a bore (curling) hit a stone obliquely and send it through an opening between other stones  
wickit wicked, bad tempered, angry  
widd | wuid | wude wood in context
wid would in context
widden wooden in context
widdershins anti-clockwise, opposite way  
widdie | wuidie twig of flexible wood, willow in context
widdifu ˈwɪdɪˈfu gallows-worthy person  
widdle wriggle, have a pee in context
wide (curling) a shot that is not on line (off target)  
wide tae the wa a door wide open, drunk  
widnae | widna | widni would not in context
wie wi with  
wiel a pool  
wifie wəifɪ middle aged or older woman in context
wifferty-wafferty ineffectual  
wile subtly persuade, beguile in context
will, wull will, a last testament, wandering, gone astray  
willie-waucht | wullie waught wɪlɪˈwɑxt hearty swig of ale or such  
willnae | wiltnae | willae will not  
willyart ˈwɪljərt wild, undisciplined, awkward  
wilrone | wolroun savage creature in context
wilsome ′wɪlsʌm Of a way or path: leading through wild or featureless country, confusing, bewildering; of a place: desolate, wild, dreary in context
wilt | wult wilt  
willies strong feeling of discomfort in context
wimple to meander, a ringlet of hair, a tangled weave, to deceive and confuse in context
wimplin' way winding road  
win | wun dry and make ready for storage (peats, hay etc.), dwell  
winch | wench wɪnʃ wince, go out with, court in context
wind | wund | winnd wind, breath, wind as in turn or wrap  
save yer wind tae cool yer kail hold your council, be quiet  
windae | winda | windie ˈwɪndə window in context
yer bum’s stickin out the windae, awa out an push it in you are talking nonsense and what's more I think you're stupid  
windle ˈwɪndl bundle of straw  
windlestrae | winnlestrae ˈwɪndlˈstre withered grass in context
winkers eyelids  
winklin to wink repeatedly, keep winking, twinkling as in fairy lights in context
winn to winnow  
winna | winni won't, will not in context
winner | wunnwe | wunner wonder in context
winnin winning  
winnock | windock ˈwɪnək window  
wintle | wuntle stagger, reel, wriggle in context
wintle a somersault  
winze a curse  
wioot wiˈut outside, except, without  
wir our  
wird | word | wurd word  
wirl a malformed living thing  
wirm | wurm worm in context
wirr growl, snarl  
wirrie | wirry ˈwɪrɪ worry  
wirsels ourselves  
wirsit worsted  
wirth | warth wɪrθ worth  
wis | wus | wiz | wuz was, were in context
no wice noˈwəiz not very clever, mad in context
wisker belt with a holed padded area to hold knitting needles in context
wisna | wisni | wasna ˈwɪznɪ wasn't, weren't in context
wiss | wuss | weish ˈwɪz wish  
wittins knowledge, news, information, one's reason, (web) a blog  
wizzen wither(ed), dry(ed)  
won | wone ˈwʌn to dwell  
wonner ˈwʌnər a wonder  
woo wu wool  
wooer-babs love-knots  
wordy worthy  
worricow | wirricow ˈwʌrɪkʌu hobgoblin, demon in context
wowar a guardian  
wowff wʌuf a low pitched suppressed bark, the polite bark our terrier makes when we are in hearing distance when we've accidentally locked him out in the porch - it's easily done, he's the silent black shadow, you never know where he is - usually in context
wrack, vrack | wraik shipwreck, vengeance in context
wraikful rekˈfu vengful, vindictive in context
wraith reθ omen of death in seeing what you thought a living person as a ghost, wroth  
wranch | runch wrench  
wrang raŋ wrong in context
wrat wart  
wrat | wrate wrote  
wratch | vratch wratʃ overstrain, fatigue, wretch, miser  
wrate writ  
wreath | wraith wriθ a drift of snow  
wricht | wreicht wrɪxt a craftsman  
writ | wryte write  
wrocht wroxt worked  
wroke active ill will  
wuid | widd | wode wɪd wood, mad  
wuiden overcoat wɪdnˈovərkot coffin  
wuid-lark tree pipet  
wuidrim ˈwʌdrɪm a dazed state  
brainwode | rinwuid ˈbrenˈwod go ballistic with anger in context
wulk | wilk wʌlk whelk, periwinkle  
wummle | womill | wumble ˈwʌml an auger  
wunner ˈwʌnər wonder, contemptuous term for an unpleasant someone who's put your nose out of joint  
wurble ˈwʌrble crawl forward like a commando sneaking up through the undergrowth  
wurn complain constantly, peeve, girn  
wursom ˈwʌrsʌm puss, discharge from a festering puss laden sore  
wyde wade, weed  
wye wəi a person of character and strength, a warrior of note  
wyliecoat ˈwəilɪˈkot undervest, under petticoat  
wynd wəind a narrow winding street or lane off a main street, instruction to a horse or ox pulling the cart to turn left - well, sheep dogs do that so why not an ox  
wynscott wainscot  
wynt wəint allow to go bad or sour  
wyte | wite | wit | weit blame, accuse, reproach  
wyteless innocent  

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