Scottish Words Glossary: I from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
I əi me, myself  
Ise əiz I shall  
iceshoggle icicle  
Icker ıkər  an ear of corn  
idilset | idleset | idleseat ˈəidlsɛt shy of hard work, lazyness, idleness, unemployment  
ieroe | eroy ˈiroi a great-grandchild  
ile isle, oil in context
ilk of the same kind as (person, thing etc - already mentioned), family, kindred in context
ilka | ilkie ˈɪlka each, every, of two or more in context
ilka bodie everyone  
ilka hilt an hair every particle  
ilkagate everywhere  
ilkane ˈɪlkˈen each one of two or more  
ilkawey ɪlkɪˈwəi every way  
ill | ull bad, evil  
illhertit ɪlˈhərtət mallevolent in context
Ill o't bad at it.  
ill-ee evil eye  
ill-mou'd ɪlˈmud abusive  
ill-muggent malicious in context
Ill-taen ill-taken  
Ill-thief the Devil in context
ill-thriven scraggy, stunted in context
ill-trickit mischievous  
ill-uise ill-use  
Ill-willie ill-natured  
immer the great northern diver  
impident impudent  
in in  
in a wee while shortly, soon  
in the road in the way, being an obstruction  
inbring import  
inby further inside, nearer, enclosed in context
incast ˈɪnˈkast extra thrown in by the seller in addition to what was agreed  
inch ɪnʄ a small island - two parks just to the north and south of Perth city centre - making it the smallest city in Scotland fitting into two inches  
income to make an entrance, illness  
incre ˈɪŋkər earnest, ardent  
indentin indenturing  
indigent a pauper  
indwell | indwaller ɪnˈdwɛl resident, occupier in context
infa ˈɪnˈfɑ inflow of a river, raid  
infield ˈɪnˈfild best land near the farm cropped and manured continually  
ingaither ˈɪnˈgeðər collect, gather in  
ingan | ingin ˈɪŋən onion in context
ingang ˈɪnˈgaŋ an entrance, a shortage, lack in context
ingle ˈɪnŋəl fire on a hearth  
ingle-cheek a chimney corner to sit near an open fireplace (properly the jamb of the fireplace). in context
ingle-gleed the blaze of the fire  
ingle-lowe firelight  
ingyne | ingine ˈɪndʒɪn an engine - also -genius, natural cleverness, sense in context
ingyneer | ingineer ˈɪndʒɪn engineer in context
inkfish squid  
inkie-pinkie weak beer  
inklin small amount, inclination  
inlat ˈɪnlat inlet  
innerlie ˈɪnərlɪ neighbourly  
innin introduction  
inower ɪnˈʌuər within  
insteid ɪnˈstid instead in context
intae ˈɪnte into in context
intil ˈɪntɪl into, inside, a part of  
intil anesel under one's breath  
intimmers ˈɪnˈtɪmərs internal organs, inner workings in context
intoun ˈɪnˈtun the land ajacent to the farmhouse  
inver a confluence of streams, mouth of a river  
inweys ˈɪnwəiz inwards  
inwick | inring ˈɪnˈwɪk (curling) a stone in play comes in and glances off another stone, which had been previously played and was stationary, causing the stone in play to now head in towards the tee - the opposite of outwick  
Irn-Bru Scotland's other national drink made from a secret recipe to the bright orange colour of diluted rust - Barr's the makers ran an ad campaign where the slogan was "made in Scotland from girders". It famously outsells the usual American brands in Scotland and only equalled in that respect in the world by Inka Cola in Peru.  
isna | isnae | isnie ɪsne isn't in context
itchy-coo anything causing a tickling  
ither | ithir ˈɪðər other, each other, in context
ithergates | ither-roads | itherwayis elsewhere, other ways  
itherwyse | itherwise or else, otherwise in context
itsel itself in context
iver | ivir | ivver ˈɪver ever, upper or higher of the same place names in context
iviry every in context
iveriehott everything  
ivermair ever more  
izel | izle əizl a flake or smut of soot from the chimney  

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