Scottish Words Glossary: R from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Rab Ha   a glutton, voracious eater - apparently after a famous Glasgow vagrant, long gone. in context
rabiator | rubeteur rubˈɑtər a scoundrel, a violent ruthless person - the sort that would use a rack or cause a rack to be used (not the crockery one) in context
race a race, also a run along a wall where sheep are channelled to be graded or separated, a channel that takes water to a mill  
rachle | rackle ˈraxl a chain, the clanking or rattling of a chain, ramshackle in context
rackle-haunded a strong grip, to have strong hands, grip with the strength of chains in context
rach-ma-resshil mixed up, higgledy piggledy  
rack rak stretch, pull, twist, extend, dislocate, inflict pain to oneself or to another, the wooden framed device used to do all that over an afternoon, usually in a castle dungeon, the act of doing all that, all afternoon, also a wooden frame on the wall for crockery etc. in context
rack a heavy blow, a shock  
rackon reckon, enumerate  
rad | red afraid  
radge radʒ rage madly, violently excited in context
radgin radʒ raging, furious in context
rae re roe deer  
raen raven  
raep reap  
raff | raft plenty, a large number, rank growth in context
raff short sharp shower accompanied by a gust of wind  
raffie generous, well supplied  
raft a rafter in the roof  
rag rough projection after sawing,  
rag | raggle wet mist, light drizzle  
ragabash a good for nothing in context
raggit | raggitie ragged  
raggle cut unevenly or jaggedly  
ragglish erratic, uncertain, wild  
lose one's rag lose one's temper  
ragweed | ragweid ragwort  
raible | reeble rabble  
raiglar regular  
raik | rake | reck rek go forward, move, gad about, of animals - range over  
raik | rake rake, search amongst (stuff, locations), gathering up in context
raik | rake rek an accumulation, loads, a hoard, a hoarding person, in context
raip | rape rope of straw or such  
rair | roar call out loudly, cry profusely - roar an greet  
rairie rerɪ loud, noisy, drunk, bright  
rairin roaring  
raise | rease | raize rez raise (draw up a summons), arouse, infuriate, state of bad tenper  
raise (curling) cause one's own stone to squarely hit another (of one's own) shunting it forward towards the tee  
raised, roosed infuriated, wild, over-excited  
raith | rath | reath a quarter of a year  
raither reðər rather  
raivel | ravel | reavel | rael ˈrevl entangle (thread mainly), speak incoherently, bamboozle  
ram-stam | ram-tam headstrong, headlong rush, impetuous, the strongest ale, being drawn from the first mash  
ram stuff, drive down, push, shove  
ramagiechan raməˈgixən big raw boned impetuous person  
rambarre beat back, drive back  
rame, raim rem shout, repeat, recite, rave  
ramfeisle | ramfeezle | ramfoozle ramˈfizl muddle, confuse, exhaust  
ramgunshoch ramˈgʌnʃəx surly and boorish  
ramiegeister ramɪˈdʒistər sharp stroke or blow  
rammage storm about, wild, untamed  
rammie | rammy a free-for-all, violent disturbance  
rammish | rammis | rammist mad, crazy  
rammle ˈraml ramble, wander, under the influence, obstacle of small crooked tangled branches  
ramp romp, burgeoning rambling growth of plants  
ramper eel any large eel, the lamprey  
ramps wild garlick  
ramscuiter | ramscooter | ramscouter ramˈskutər beat, drive off in terror  
ramsh munch, crunch, rank, unpleasant, course, testy in context
ramskeerie | ramskeiry ramˈskirɪ wild restless romp  
ramstoorie | ramstoory ramˈsturɪ a vigorous worker but slapdash - no work like that on the stooryduster site  
ramstouger ramˈstugər rough in manner, boisterous in context
rance diagonal supporting bar on a table or chair  
rancie ruddy complexion  
rander | ranner hand over, talk idly, ramble,  
randie aggressive, belligerent, lawless - also randy, but not neccessarily keeping company while in such a state, with the other meaning  
rankel a festering sore  
rannoch ˈranəx farn, bracken  
ranshackle ranˈʃakl search minutely, ransack  
rant romp, sing a tune, to rollick, fuss, complain  
ranter sew, darn or mend roughly  
rantie-tantie red-sorrel (edible)  
rantle | rannle bar across the chimney from which the chain and pot hook were hung  
rants merry meetings; rows.  
rap rap, dash, thump, a good for nothing  
hap weel rap weel come what may - cover well hit well  
rape quick, hasty  
raploch ˈraplox coarse undyed woollen cloth, homespun  
rapple ˈrapl grow rapidly  
raptur | rapture ˈraptər a fit of rage  
rash the rush plant, active, agile, rush violently, rash  
rashy raʃɪ rushy  
rasp a raspberry fruit or plant in context
rat a rut, groove, scratch  
ratch ratʃ damage by rough usage  
ratchell hard stony crust under the soil  
ratchell-salt course salt  
rath raθ circular earthwork  
rattan | ratton | rottan rat in context
rattle raʔl strike or beat repeatedly  
rauchle ˈrɑxl loose untidy heap, ramshackle  
raucle | rauchle ˈrɑkl bold, rash, strong, rough, crude  
raucle haunded 'having big strong hands', sturdy, relentless, stern, inexorable in context
ravel ˈrevl railing  
raw | ra | raa ˈrɑ row  
rax raks stretch after sleep, reach, pass, go to great effort, over extend, hang a person in context
raze gash, tear  
reach ritʃ retch  
reak | reik | raik rik reach for, reach, stretch between  
ream | reim | reem rim cream, foam  
reap | reip reap  
reason | raison | reison | rizzon ˈrezən reason  
rebat rəˈbat a curt discouraging reply  
rebegeaster a stroke with a stick  
rebig rebuild  
reboond rəˈbund rebound  
rebute rəˈbøt rebuff  
receit | receet | recait rəˈsit prescription, recipe  
reck | rak | raik rɛk take heed of, consider  
reclead reclothe  
redd | red rɛd clear, tidy, prepare, arrange, spawn, save from fire, free, rid, relieve in context
redd the hoose (curling) clear the target area (move the stone or stones out of the tee area with one fierce shot)  
redd-up tidy up in context
ree tipsy, delirious, crazy, medium-sized riddle  
reebald a scoundrel, a good for nothing in context
reechnie rough uncouth person  
reek | reik rik smoke, vapour, to smoke in context
reekit begrimed, blackened, tainted in context
reekie | reikie | reeky smoke filled or black with soot  
reekin smoking, stinking in context
reel whirl, spin, rotate, a name for a type of scottish dance with a minimum of three partners  
ye canna see green cheese but yer een reel your eyes are bigger than your stomach, you're greedy in context
reemle make a lot of noise  
reenge | reinge rindʒ range  
reenger | reinger rindʒər ranger in context
reeshle | reishle | reestle ˈriʃl rustle  
reest, reist cure meat by drying or smoking, arrest, impound,  
reft torn, snatched, robbery  
refuise ˈrəˈføz refuse  
regaird ˈrəˈgerd regard  
reid | rede | rud rid red in context
reid-arsie ridˈersɪ bee with red behind  
reid-gibbie stickleback  
reid neb red nose in context
reid-nebbit pussy the puffin  
reird | rerde | raird a roar, a thunderous fart in context
reist | reest cure fish etc., frame for curing  
reist | reest mould-board of plough  
reive | reave | reve | reif | ryve | rive riv plunder, pillage, rob, tear in context
reivers | reavers plunderers, robbers  
releegion | releigion rəˈlidʒən religion  
remeid | remeed remedy, redress  
remuve remove  
renaig refuse to do work, shirk  
repone rɪˈpon restore one to one's previous position  
resile withdraw from a contract or agreement in context
respeck respect in context
retour return  
revel severe blow  
rever a rover, a target selected at random in archery  
reylock robbery  
rheums rheumatic pains  
rhyme repeat, drone on  
rhymless without good reason  
richt rɪxt right in context
ken the richt side o a shilling be knowing with money  
the richt way o't the true story  
ricketie a wooden rattle  
rickle rɪkl loose heap, skin and bone person, a small heap of peats, move with a rattling sound  
rickles small stacks of corn in the fields.  
riddle a coarse seive for separating such as soil and stones in context
rift break wind, belch, fart in context
rig | rigg the back o backbone, or a ridge, or an extent of land longer than wider  
rigs | riggs strips and ridges formed by historic pre industrial ploughing most often noticed via a low sun or on them capturing light drifts of snow in the hollows  
rig-bane back bone  
riggin rɪgɪn roof or the ridge of the roof in context
riggin tree the roof ridge beam  
riglin undersized or weak animal  
rigs o' rye haystacks  
rigwoodie subborn, lean, bony  
rime | ryme rəim hoar frost, frosty haze in context
rimpin annoying person or animal  
rimple wrinkle, ripple  
rin run in context
rin the gless used up the allotted time  
rinagate ˈrɪ.nəget fugitive in context
rind rəind slat of wood, hoar frost, render, melt down fat etc  
ring rɪŋ give a resounding blow to around the head, rant  
ringin domineering  
rink an area marked out for a competition or contest, (curling) the marked out area of play  
ripe search thoroughly  
ripp a handful of corn from the sheaf  
rippet ˈrɪpət noisy boisterous uproar  
ripple to separate, tear to pieces  
ripplin-kame the wool or flax comb  
ripture | riptur ˈrɪptər rupture  
risk make a harsh grating sound  
risp file, saw roughly, to grate in context
rissom | rizzom single ear of oats  
rive raɪv to split  
riven | rivven Ruthven  
rizzar ˈrɪzər redcurrant  
road track or path metalled or otherwise, a journey or to go, road is often used in Scots similar as to how the word way is used in English  
doon the road in the future  
in the road in the way, being an obstruction  
roarin roaring  
roarin fu ˈrorənˈfu extremely drunk in context
robbin bɑd robbing, robbed in context
roch | ruch | rouch rɑx rough  
rochian | rochle ˈroxɪən rough, rough person etc. in context
rock a distaff, a curling stone,  
rockin a social meeting of neighbours  
rodden rowan, rowan berries  
roddle shake, totter  
roid roughly or quickly made  
rone | roan | rhone horizontal gutter along the edge of the roof to catch rainwater in context
rone-pipe verical pipe that drains the rone  
rook ˈruk plunder, clean out, indecently overcharge in context
roolyie ˈruljɪ stir noisily  
roon | roond run round, in the pub taking turns to buy all the drinks in context
roondaboot around, roundabout in context
roost | roust | roosty rust, rusty in context
ropach ˈropəx untidy, dirty in context
roset | rozin ˈrozət resin, rosin for a bow of a fiddle or other instrument  
rostit | roastit roasted in context
rothick ˈroðək young edible crab  
rothos | rothie ˈroθəs uproar, a muddle  
rouk | rook | rowk ruk a mist, fog, vapour, smoke in context
roun talk privately, round  
roup | roop | rowp rʌup sell by public auction, farm sale, also vomit  
roup | roop rup plunder, rob, severely prune a hedge, dense mist  
roupet exhausted in voice  
rouse | rouze | roose | rooze ru:z rouse, to cause to, or become agitated, move with violence, rise to anger in context
rousie ruzɪ restless, easily excited, lively in context
rout, root roar (seashore), rumble, snore  
routh | rowth rʌuθ abundance  
routhie well-stocked  
rove rove, wander in thought or speech, burn well  
row | rowe | rowie rʌu bread roll, bap  
row roll, to roll along in context
rowed rolled in context
rowan ˈrʌuən mountain ash  
rowle rjul rule  
rowst rʌust shout, roar, bellow, stir to action  
rowt rʌut animals bellowing, play a horn, clamour  
rub (curling) move a stone slightly aside by another bumping gently against it, rub  
rubbage rubbish  
ruckle rʌkl a rattling roaring sound, death rattle, wrinkle, crease in context
rude red complexion, ruddy  
ruff drum beat, applaud, stamp  
ruffie | ruffy ˈrʌfɪ name for a devil, a burning torch  
rug | roug rʌg pull forcefully, tug  
ruif | rufe ruf roof  
ruise | roose res boast, over flatter  
ruit rit root, dig up like a pig  
rumballiach ramˈbalɪəx stormy in context
rumgumption rʌmˈgʌmpʃən common sense  
rummled | reimle rʌml rumbled, disturbed, stirred up, searched in one's pocket in context
rummlie stony loose soil  
rumlieguts rʌmlɪˈgʌts windbag  
rump silverside of beef  
rumple the rump, tail of an animal, one's buttocks in context
rumption ˈrʌmpʃən an uproar  
rumptionous ˈrʌmpʃən uproarious in context
runaboot a vehicle not new nor of the best quality but handy for getting about in context
runch rʌnʃ crunch, grind the teeth  
run-deils downright devils  
rundge | rounge rʌndʒ gnaw, champ, greedily devour  
rung a strong stick, a cudgel  
runk bankrupt, a hard withered cabbage stalk  
runkle wrinkle, gnarl  
runt, runk decayed tree stump, withered stem of a cabbage  
rushyroo ˈrʌʃɪru shrew in context
rusk claw, scratch  
rynd rəind to belong to, tend to  
rype rəip ransack, rifle, clean  

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