Scottish Words Glossary: J from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
jab dʒab  prick sharply  
jabb tire out, exhaust  
jabbit exhausted in context
jabble splash, choppy sea  
jag prick, injection in context
jaggie prickly, stinging in context
jaicket | jaikit dʒekət jacket in context
jalouse dʒeˈluz suspect, guess, imagine  
jamph dʒamf trick, be exhausted  
jandies jaundice  
jannie dʒanɪ janitor, caretaker in context
jank give the slip  
japple ˈdʒapl stamp with the feet in water in context
jarg creak  
jaskit jaded, worn out  
jauchle through ˈdʒɑxlˈθru do (it) with difficulty  
jaud | jad name for a worn out horse, a jade, old nag  
jaudie dʒɑdɪ stomach of a pig or sheep used to make oatmeal pudding  
jauk idle, daudle, slack or loose fitting footwear  
jauner | jaunner gabber  
jauntie a small journey, a short jaunt in context
jauntie chirpie, in good spirits, jaunty  
jaup dʒɑp  splash, tire oneself, the surf  
ding tae jaup wreck  
jaur jar  
jeely-jaur dʒilɪˈdʒɑr jam jar  
jaurie earthenware marble  
jaw talk, gossip, pour abruptly, splash, dash, breaker in the sea  
back-jaw disrespect, cheek in context
jaw-box a sink, drain  
jaw-hole primitive sewer  
jealous | jailous | jeilous | jeelous ˈdʒɛlɪs jealous  
jeeg | jeig | jig |jiggin ˈdʒig a jig, a dance, carryings on, sudden pull, to creak, to jog in context
jeeger | jeger odd or eccentric person  
jeegle | jeigle jog, shake about, jiggle  
jeel | geel | geal | geil ˈdʒil freeze, extreme coldness, chill - also to set in context
jeelie | jeilie | jeely jelly, fruit preserve in context
jeeliefish ˈdʒilɪˈfɪʃ jellyfish in context
jeelie nose bloody nose  
jeelie piece ˈdʒilɪˈpis jam sandwich in context
jeezie wig  
jenny | jinny generic term for a woman  
Jennie's blae een speedwell  
Jennie-lang-legs cranefly, daddy-long-legs  
jessie name for a male that over emphasises his effeminate non aggressive side in context
jib milk a cow or goat to the last drop  
jibber | jebber silly talk  
jibble ˈdʒɪbl spill liquid by agitating its container  
jiffie ˈdʒɪbl the shortest possible interval of time in context
jile dʒəil jail in context
jillet a flighty girl, a flirt  
jilp dʒɪlp spurting, splashing water or cause to spill over  
jimmie familiar term of address to a male stranger  
jimp dʒɪmp slender, graceful, close-fitting, restrict, scanty, give scant measure  
jimply neatly  
jimps stays, corset  
jing-bang a considerable number, the whole lot in context
jing bang tae rights caught red handed  
jingle noisy mirth, an instant  
jings dʒɪŋs a mild expletive - crivens jings, help ma bob, the big yin's goan an got ma job in context
jink dʒɪnk turn quickly, dodge  
jinker dʒɪnkər pleasure seeker, libertine  
jinkin dancing  
high-jinks boisterous fun, mischievious sport  
jint | jynt dʒəint  joint in context
jirble | jairble spill and splash by pouring out unsteadily  
jirk | jerk make a squelching splashing sound  
jirkinet bodice  
jirt | jirk a jerk, a sharp blow  
in a jirk in an instant  
jiz a wig  
jo | joe joy, sweetheart, darling in context
jobbie dʒɑbɪ a stool as in a lump of excrement  
jock generic term for a man  
jock tamson's bairns all of humanity, we're all jock thomson's bairns  
joco dʒəˈko cheerful  
jocteleg ˈdʒoktəlɛg a clasp-knife  
jog on yer gate be on your way  
jonick ˈdʒonɪk genuine, fair, honest  
joskin country bumpkin  
jossle shake, totter  
jotter | joater ˈdʒotər notebook, a document (of several pages) in context
get yer jotters in context  
joug, joog dʒug jug  
jougle | joogle ˈdʒugl shake, juggle  
jouk | jook | deuk dʒuk avoid by ducking or dodging in context
jouks fists ready for a bit of boxing - get yer jouks up  
joukery | jookerie | jookery | jeukery | joukery | jowkerry: most commonly in combination as; joukerie-pawkery dʒukərɪ deceit, roguery, trickery, dodging, evasion in context
jummle ˈdʒʌml jumble  
jouter | jooter saunter, totter  
jow dʒʌu  toll a bell, a single peal, swell of water, a swing  
joyfu joyful  
juidge ˈdʒudʒ judge  
juist | jist ˈdʒɪst just, also often added at the end of a sentence or phrase meaning quite so or just so or truly in context
jummle jumble, mix up  
jumper wooly cardigan, jersey in context
jumpin-raip skipping rope  
jundie | joundie ˈdʒʌndɪ anything larger than needful, elbow about, to jostle, shove, a steady pace, jog  
junt large lump of something (meat, cake or bread)  
jurmummle ˈdʒərˈmʌml mess or mix up  
jurr a servant wench - (contemptuous}  
jute | jeet weak or sour ale, bad whisky, a tippler {contemptuous)  
jyle | jile dʒəil  gaol, jail in context
jyne | jine join in context
jyner | jiner dʒəinər joiner, carpenter, one who joins clubs  

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