Scottish Words Glossary: M from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
ma ma my in context
ma ma's my mother's in context
maber ˈmɑbər a marble  
mac often used as a generic name for a Scotsman  
macClarty məˈklartɪ cheeky name for a dirty or slovenly person  
machair ˈmaxər  a stretch of fertile well grazed flat or slightly undulating low lying land adjacent to the seashore, in the west mostly (good machair is normally rich in wild flowers as it is calcerious, (PH7 and above)) the similar eastern coastal version called 'links' has a higher mineral content and tends to have more grass than flowers in context
machreach | michrach məˈxrax  a fuss, outcry, row  
wee mactavish familiar name for a male person or male child  
wee macwhauchle wiᴊmakˈwhɑxl humorous name for a toddler  
madder ˈmadər wooden square container to measure liquor  
madderam | madrim madness, folly, frantic hilarity in context
mae me more numerous than, additional to those already mentioned  
maen | mane bleat (sheep)  
maffle procrastinate  
maggie a magpie  
maggle hack up, mutilate  
maggot maggot, a bee in ones bonnet,  
magink məˈgɪŋk a queer looking object  
maig | meg large ungainly hand, a paw  
maik a half penny, or the equal of  
as daft as a maik watch completely silly  
mailin sending a letter in context
mains home farm of the estate, hence placenames such as mains of 'whatever the estate might have been called' i.e. mains of Murthly  
mair mer  more in context
mairch | march | merch march, boundary or frontier  
mairch bauk mertʃˈbʌuk a strip of land dividing two properties  
mairch dyke wall or a ditch dividing two properties  
mairchless mertʃˈlɛs infinite  
mairie | mairrie | merry | mairry marry in context
mairiet | mairriet married  
mairtyr ˈmertər martyr  
maist most, almost in context
maister ˈmestər master, mister in context
maistlins almost, nearly  
maiter | maitter matter in context
maithe með maggot or egg of a bluebottle in context
major-myndit haughty, proud, high minded  
mak | mek make in context
mak oot makˈut decipher, comprehend, perceive in context
makar maker, term for a scots poet  
makdoun | makdoon garment made to fit smaller person  
makkit made  
mal bad in context
malafouster | malafooster maləˈfustər destroy, wreck, ruin. in context
malagrugrous maləˈgrugrəs forbidding, gloomy  
malagruize maləˈgruz dishevel, hurt  
malkie a weapon, to injure someone, do harm in context
Malkie Fu The non esoteric Glaswegian martial art in context
mallduck | mallimoke fulmar  
mam | mammie | maw mother in context
man | maun man, used in addressing an unknown male as an indication of surprise, respect, irony etc. sometimes added to the given name of the person - if known in context
in the name o the wee man an oath, expression uttered in exceptional circumstances or surprise in context
ma man, ma maun my male partner, husband in context
maun an syre the whole lot, every person  
mang maŋ bewilder, become perplexed  
mangrel ˈmaŋrəl mongrel, also term of abuse  
manished managed in context
mank a flaw, deficient, mutilate, damage, spoil  
mankit mutilated, corrupt, dirty in context
manse minister's house, the big house  
mant stammer, stutter in context
manteele manˈtil a mantle  
map twitchie lips nibbling, mope  
mappie pet name for a rabbit  
mappit stupid, exhausted  
mar obstruction, obstruct, do bodily harm, injure, maim  
markit marked in context
marl | mirl mottled pattern  
marlie | mirlie marˈli mottled, variegated pattern  
marrae | marra marrow  
marrot razor bill  
marrow | morrow companion, partner  
marrowless marəˈlɛs matchless, unequalled  
mart mɛrt a market, auction building  
maschle ˈmaʃl mixture, muddle  
mash a heavy two faced hammer for breaking stone, mesh of a net  
mashlum ˈmaʃləm mixed grains and pulses grown and ground up  
mask infuse (tea), brew beer  
maskin-pat the teapot  
masloch ˈmasləx mixed grain, mixed grain bread  
massacre | massacker məˈsakər massacre  
massie bumptious, proud  
mat mat, thick bed cover  
mattle nibble (like a young animal) in context
matrass məˈtras mattress  
mauchle ˈmɑxl bungle  
maucht | micht ˈmɑxt ability, might as in great power, strength in context
mauchty | michtie powerful, mighty in context
mauchtless helpless, powerless  
mauger | maugre ˈmɑgər notwithstanding, ill-will, despise in context
mauk mɑk maggot in context
mauk flee bluebottle  
maukie maggoty, filthy in context
maukin | malkin mɑkən the hare, an awkward young girl  
maukit maggoty or filthy sheep  
maumie ripe  
maun | mun | mon must, necessity, of compulsion, also a large basket of wicker slats in context
maun-be | mun-be | mon-be an unavoidable necessity in context
maun-dae | mun-dae | mon-dae mɑnˈde necessity, compulsion (in a powerful way ) 'will (in a very definite sense) do' in context
maundae hammer | the mundy the big hammer that WILL get the job done  
mauner gossip  
maunna mustn't  
maunt was able  
maut malt in context
mavis | mavie | mavies ˈmevɪs song-thrush  
maw | maa mow, cut, seagull in context
mawsie warm, thick, comfortable, a maw broon type woman  
meal | mail | male mil oatmeal, also a meal  
mealie puddin white pudding - oatmeal, onion, lard, and lots of seasoning in a stomach skin, grilling it is my favourite or you can get it battered and fried with chips - a white puddin supper in context
mear mer a mare  
mease miz assuage  
measles | maisles | meisles measels  
meat | mait mit food in context
there's baith meat an muisic here, quo the dug when he ett the piper's bag tmake the best of what you can get - there's both food and music here said the dog when he ate the piper's bagpipes  
mebbe | mibbe | mebbies | mibbies ˈmɪbɪ perhaps in context
mebbe aye mebbe no perhaps perhaps not  
meechie | meichie ˈmixɪ stingy  
meddle | middle meddle  
medicinar physician  
meenister | meinister ˈminəstər minister  
meenit | meinit minute in context
meeserable | meiserable ˈmizərəbl miserable  
meffin mɛfən cozying in front of the fireplace with the legs spread - I thought perhaps my mate was winding me up but I looked it up and there it was - in the dictionary in context
megrim a crazy idea, a whim  
meidae | meedow | meedie meadow  
meikle | mickle ˈməkl big, huge, great, same as a muckle in context
meschant mə′ʃɑnt wicked, bad, evil, offensive in context
mony a mickle maks a muckle supposed to mean 'look after the pennies and the pounds look after themseves', but if translated properly means - 'many a big lump makes a big lump' so what the original phrase is, is anybodys guess  
mickle a do a great deal to do  
meissle | meesle misl crumble  
meisur | meesur | maisur measure  
meith | methe | meath a boundary marker, a point of reference  
melder a grinding corn  
mell | mall mɛl a club, a very heavy hammer, to hit hard, a big heavy fist  
cock yer mell raise your fists, spoil for a fight in context
a muckle or mickle mell an even bigger heavier hammer  
mell to meddle, blend, mix, you can use a big hammer to do it if you want to in context
mell-heid stupid, a dull oaf, heedless, careless in context
melmot | melmet juniper  
melvader | malvader məlˈvadər stun with a heavy blow of the fist  
melt the spleen, fish milt  
melvie powdered with meal-dust or flour  
mense | mensk common sense, honour, respect, courtesy, intelligence in context
mensefu mɛnsˈfu sensible, good mannered  
menseless unmannerly, stupid, foolish in context
menyie | menzie ˈmɛŋjɪ a family, a group of people, tribe or nation  
merble marble  
mercat | merket ˈmɛrkət market  
merk unit of weight of ⅔lb, a silver coin at ⅔ of a Scots pound  
merk up enrol, enter  
merl | merle blackbird  
merse ˈmɛrs flat fertile piece of ground by a river, lookout platform on a mast  
mersk marshland  
mertrick the pine martin  
mervaill mıxt A marvellous act executed by divine or other supernatural means or agency, a marvel in context
messages ˈmɛsadʒəz the shopping in context
message bag shopping bag  
messan | messin a small pet dog, cur - or a such a person  
mettle ˈmɛtl spirited, lively  
meuggle ˈmjugl bespatter with dirt  
micht mıxt might as in maybe, perhaps, may have in context
michtna mightn't  
midden dunghill, slovenly person in context
midden dub midden seepage puddle  
midden-creels mɪdənˈkrils manure-baskets  
midden-hole a gutter at the bottom of the dunghill.  
on the moon or in the midden bliss or missery  
midge | mige | midgie ˈmıdʒi midge; clouds and clouds of the effin wee buggers in context
midlin | middlin of medium size or quality, meddling  
midnicht ˈmɪdˈnɪxt midnight  
mids middle, a medium, centre  
mile | myle mile  
milking shiel the milking shed  
mill | mull mɪl mill  
mill-lead | mill-lade mɪlˈlid channel bringing water to mill in context
milygant rascallion in context
mim prim and proper, affected  
mim-mou'd ˈmɪmˈmuːd prim-lipped.  
mimp speak or act affected in context
min mind, man, small mother in context
mince minced beef, to render a person inoperable or damaged in context
mind remember, recollect in context
minents minutes of meeting  
mines | myne mine  
ming blend, a smell, to smell, a bad smell  
mingin ˈmɪŋən be stinking, very drunk  
minnie mother  
minnin | minnen minnow  
mint intend, attempt to do, aspire to  
mird meddle with, have dealings with  
mire-deuk a wild duck, mallard  
mirk | murk ˈmɪrk dark, black, gloomy in context
mirken darken or darkened, obscure or obscured, dimmed in context
mirknicht the dead of night  
mirkie mərkɪ merry, mischievous, playful  
mirligaes | mirligoes ˈmɪrlɪgoz vertigo, dizziness  
misca | miscaa mɪsˈkɑ to miscall  
mischaunce mɪsˈtʃɑns misfortune  
mischief injury, misfortunate, trouble  
misdout | misdoot mɪsˈdut disbelieve, suppose what is  
misert | mysert ˈmaɪzərt a miser, miserly, mean  
misfortunate | misfortunat unfortunate  
misguide treat badly, waste, mismanage  
mishanter ˈmɪsˈʃantər misfortune, accident  
misken mɪsˈkɛn be ignorant or unaware of, not know  
mislairt | mislearit misinformed, ill-bred  
mismak make badly, make wrongly, dismantle  
misrestit mɪsˈrɛstɪt suffering from lack of sleep  
missive formal letter  
misslie ˈmɪslɪ alone, lonely  
mistaen mistaken  
mistak mɪstak mistake  
misteuk mistook  
mistryst mɪsˈtrəist fail to meet, let down  
mither ˈmɪðər mother in context
mittle mutilate  
mixtie-maxtie confused  
mixtur | mixter mixture  
mixtur-maxtur | mixter-maxter a jumble  
mizzle vanish, melt away  
moch mox a moth, warm moist weather  
mochie | muchtie ˈmoxtɪ moth infested, humid weather  
mochiness dampness  
moger | mooger ˈmogər work slovenly, botch in context
moggan ˈmogən leg of a stocking, footless stocking in context
moidert confused, dazed  
moldewort mole  
moligrants ˈmolɪˈgrants a fit of sulks  
molligrant | mulligrumph a complaint, complainant, lamentation in context
monie | mony | mauny ˈmonɪ many in context
mony a ane / yin many a one  
mony's the time often  
moniment ˈmonɪˈmənt monument, a rascal  
moose | mouss mus mouse in context
moose-wab cobweb  
the morn tomorrow, the following day in context
morn morning in context
moss mos boggy ground, moorland  
moss bluiter mosˈblutər snipe  
moss cheeper meadow pipit  
mosscrap | mosscrop cotton grass  
mote a round hillock  
mottie spotty  
mou | moo ˈmu mouth in context
moudie | moudiewort | mowdie | mowdiewarp | mowdiewart ˈmʌudɪˈwʌrt mole in context
mowdieskin moleskin, used to be hard wearing weatherproof trousers from moleskins in context
mougre ˈmugər hang around making a shadow  
moulit mouldy  
mouser | mooser | moutach ˈmʌusər moustache  
mout | moot mut moult  
moutit | mootit muʔət moulted, untidy, scruffy in context
moutch | mootch ˈmuʃ loaf about  
mouter | mooter to fret, a miller  
mouth | mou | mooth ˈmuθ mouth in context
whit fizzes in the mooth disni aye fill the wame what fizzes in the mouth does not always fill the belly in context
moothie ˈmuθɪ mouth organ in context
mouthfu | moufu, moothfae | moufae mouthful  
movir ˈmʌvər quiet, gentle  
mowd clothes moth  
mowp | moup | moop mʌup twitch the lips, nibble, pet name for a rabbit in context
mowrie ˈmʌurɪ gravel mingled with sand in context
moyen ˈmoiən power to exert influence, means, to direct  
mozie mozɪ decayed, mouldy  
muck dung, manure  
muck oot ˈmʌkˈut clean out the dung from the byre or hen house or hamsters cage  
muck-flee dung-fly  
muckle | mickle | meikle large, much, huge in context
lord an lady muck referring to a couple who think too much of themselves  
moyen does muckle, but money does mair power does a huge amount but money does more (politics, then as now)  
muckle-boukit ˈmʌklˈbukɪt big broad and burly in context
muggins mugwort  
muggins a term for oneself as the one who's just been taken advantage of  
muid | mude mød mood  
muild |muld | moold | muils | moul | mool mul soil, earth, mould, a chilblain in context
muilit | moulit mouldy  
muils | mools crumbed earth broken up in the process of cultivation  
raik'd i the mools buried, dragged through the dirt in context
muin | mune moon  
muitt To exhaust, tire out in context
munelicht moonlight in context
munelicht flit ˈmunˈlixtˈflɪt moving house in the middle of the night to dodge the rent collector  
munsie | munsey | muncey | muncie ˈmʌnsɪ odd looking person, person in a sorry state who has been knocked about, person rendered useless, one who invites ridicule in context
mak a munsie o reduce to a sorry state in context
a month o munes an impossibly long time  
muir | mure ˈmør moor  
muir cheeper meadow pipit  
muir foul | muir fowl red grouse  
muircock male red grouse  
muirhen female red grouse  
mulberrie | mulberry whitebeam  
muldone basking shark  
mull mʌl a headland,  
mummle mʌml mumble  
mump | mamp nibble, complain, mope  
mumpin oan continuously complaining in context
mundheri | methery numeral four as in sheep counting or counting rhymes for children  
mundy a heavy hammer - the story I heard from a man that worked in the Clyde shipyards was that it is actually called the maun dae hammer. Maun dae meaning 'will (in a very definite sense) do'. So the maun dae hammer means the biggest hammer in the shop to tackle a job that has been thwarting other means. The Thy Will be Done Hammer. And so that is the name of the biggest heaviest hammer in every workshop.  
munge mundʒ grumble, sulk  
munk | mink a noose, loop, a tether  
munn short handled horn spoon  
munro mʌnˈro any scottish peak at or over 3000 feet, 914.4m in context
munt | mont mount, prepare to depart, a hill  
murle | muil | mule mʌrl crumble, pulverise  
murle murmur, babble  
murlin round narrow necked basket used in fishing  
murmichan ˈmʌrmɪxən bogle or fairy referred to to frighten children  
murmle murmur  
murn | murne mʌrn mourn in context
murr purr  
muslin-kail beefless broth  
murther murder in context
mutch mʌtʃ a kind of hood most often worn as a nightcap  
mutchkin | muschkin mʌtʃˈkɪn quarter of a Scots pint  
muttie grain measure, third or quarter of a peck  
myave mjɑv stomach, maw  
mynd | mind ˈməind to remember, do recall in context
myndin | mindin remembering  
mynd ye ˈməindˈyi mind you  
mynd the first step it's a muckle yin (of a precipice) watch out for the first step it's a big one  
myndin | mindin a small gift, a memory  
mynt | mint minded, remembered  
mype | mipe ˈməip chatter, be diligent  
myrthus myrtle  
mysel | massel masɛl myself in context
myting a dwarf, a runt  

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