Scottish Words Glossary: F from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
fa | faa | faw to fall, to happen to one, fall, befall (in blessings/curse - fa fair, fa foul, fa shame) in context
fa's | faws falls in context
fa to come by, to win  
faa entrails and bits used for sausages  
fa'n | faan fallen  
fa aboot ˈfɑˈabut set about a task  
factor a property manager or a business agent  
faddom ˈfadəm fathom, six feet of depth in context
fadge fadʒ flat round thick loaf or bannock  
fadmel a weight measure for a lump of lead  
fae fe from, foe in context
faem | fame foam  
faik fek grasp,grip, fold in a garment, fold out and back as in the mouth of a bag, coil as in rope in context
faik lower, abate, remit (money), spare, let go  
fail fel turf for a roof or wall, sod in context
fail dyke fel dəik  turf wall  
faimish famish  
faimlie | faimilie family  
faimish famish  
fain affectionate, loving in context
fainness joy, liking, love  
faiple fepl loose drooping underlip  
fair fair, complete, utter  
yer fair done in you're utterly exhausted  
fair furth the gate candid  
faird ferd a hasty movement, impetus  
fair fa | fairfaa | fairfaw good befall! welcome, bless  
fairfolk fairies  
fairin a present from a fair  
fairly certainly! of course! - emphatic in context
fairmer farmer  
faither | fallie father in context
faize annoy, ruffle  
faize-oot fray, become less new through use  
fallachen ˈfalaxan  a hoard, a concealed store in context
fallae | fallie | falla | fallow fellow  
falsers false teeth in context
falset liar, lie  
falset jotters forged papers in context
falset loon charlatan in context
fan | fand found, put to the test in context
fang faŋ a capture, booty, stolen goods, heavy bundle  
fang the power of suction - pump, hoover etc.  
aff the fang without one's usual power or skill  
fank sheep pen, rope coil  
fankle ˈfaɳkl  tangle, become entangled, ensnare, complicate, worked up in context
fankling | fangling tangling, complicating in context
fantoush | fantoosh flashy  
far | fer far  
far-aff far-off  
farawa skreed a letter from abroad  
farawa wi't seriously ill  
faran | farran starboard side of the boat  
farrant how found - defined by preceding adjective - auld farrant = old fashioned, foul farrant = foul tempered  
fardel a fourth part, a quarter  
fardel | farl a three conered cake (fourth part of a round cake - triangular) e.g. tattie scones, soda scones, oatcakes, shortbread, treacle scones, mmmmmmm  
fareweel ˈferwil  farewell tattie scone, doon the hatch... in context
farin | farein ferın  food, fare in context
farkage an untidy bundle or heap  
farrach ˈfarəx strength  
fas a tassel, a thing of little value  
fash | fasch annoy, irritate, trouble, inconvenience, afflict in context
dinni fash yersel do not worry, do not be troubled in context
fasherie trouble in context
fashious troublesome  
fastern's e'en ˈfastərnzˈivən Shrove Tuesday  
fatterals ribbon ends  
fauch | faugh ˈfɑx  a fallow field, the breaking up of such a field, light brown in context
fauchat throw in, give up  
fauchle | fyachle ˈfjɑxl  work lazily, listlessly, useless worker  
faucht, focht ˈfɑxt  fought  
faugh | fauch fɑx pale brown, yellowish  
fauld | fald fɑld fold in cloth, a strand of rope, fold shut, a sheep-fold, animal pen  
fauld dyke ˈfɑld diək  the wall enclosing such an enclosure  
faun fallen  
faur | fer fɑr far  
faur back long ago  
faurdin farthing  
faurer farther  
fause fɑs false, treacherous  
fause-house props in a cornstack forming a hollow to assist the drying of it  
faut fɑt blame, fault in context
fautor transgressor  
feal loyal, faithful  
feardie a person feeling scared in context
feart | feartit feared, scared in context
feasible | faisible ˈfezəbl feasible  
feat | feit fit adroit, clever, trim  
fecht | ficht | focht fɛxt fight in context
ficht wi one's ain taes be extremely quarrelsome - fight with one's own toes  
a sair fecht a struggle, a difficult task in context
feck effect, force, value, the greater part  
feckfu fɛkfu powerful, effective  
feckless weak, incompetent in context
fedder feather in context
fee engagement as servant, servants wages in context
feech fix  expressing disgust  
feechie disgusting, foul in context
feem | feim fim  get hot and bothered, state of agitation, in a sweat  
feenish | feinish finish  
feeroch | | feeroch | feiroch | feerich ˈfirox state of agitation, bustle, rage  
feerochry a state of great rage in context
feersum fearsome in context
feeze fiz a screw, a screwing or twisting motion  
feff a bad smell  
feg fɛg a fig  
fegs truly, faithfully - by my fegs (oath)  
feide feud  
feifteen fifteen  
feingie | fenzie | fenye ˈfɛŋjɪ feign, make pretence  
feints ˈfɛŋjɪ feints is the tail end of the flow from the still in distilling whisky and is cut (removed) from going on into becoming whisky. The alcohol it contains is diminishing and contains other substances not good for the taste. The very first part of the flow from the still called the foreshot is also cut from going on to become whisky. The output in between these two, called hearts or middle cuts, is what is allowed to continue on into becoming whisky.  
feir | fere fir a band, a host  
fell cause to fall, stunning blow, kill, injure  
fell fɛl a steep rocky hill (moor)  
fell remarkable or considerable of its kind, fierce in context
fell of cruel disposition, ruthless (person), inclement, severe (weather)  
felter tangle  
feltieflier ˈfɛltɪˈfliər the fieldfare  
fenceless defenseless  
fend defend, shelter, guard  
fendin provision, support  
fent opening in garment  
ferdy ferdɪ strong, active in context
fere | feir | feer fir healthy, sturdy  
fere for fere equal in every respect  
hale an fere unimpaired  
ferlie | ferly ˈfɛrlɪ wonder, marvel, a strange sight in context
ferm | fairm ˈfɛrm farm in context
fermer | fairmer farmer  
ferntickled ˈfɛrnˈtɪklt freckled in context
fernyear the preceding year  
ferrier farrier, vet  
fesh | fech | fess ˈfɛʃ fetch  
fest fast  
fettle | fettil ˈfɛtl strength, vigour, to repair, to set about or to to work, neat, trim, well made, suited in context
feuach | feuich | fewich Humorously, of thinness, sparseness in context
feuch to puff - at a pipe, a draw, a puff in context
feuch a resounding blow, a state of great excitement or rage in context
feuchter ˈfjuxtər a slight fall of snow  
fey fe doomed, cursed by the fairies  
ficher ˈfixər fumble, fiddle nervously with ones fingers  
fickle difficult  
fickler a problem, puzzle  
fidder flutter, excited  
fiddle | feedle fiddle  
fiddler fiddler  
fiddler's biddin a last-minute invitation  
fidge fidget in context
fidgin' fain extremely impatient, too eager in context
fiel | felde fild field  
fieldie | fieldy hedge-sparrow  
fient | feint | feent fint devil, fiend  
fift fifth  
fillebeg kilt - but originally meant the whole plaid which formed the kilt and with spare to wrap the torso and at night the whole thing could double as a wrap when in the open on the hill to act like a sleeping bag  
filschach ˈfɪlʃəx greedy untrustworthy person  
fine comfortable, had sufficient,  
fine that indeed, certainly  
finger-neb finger tip  
finnd | fin find  
finnicky ˈfɪnɪkɪ fussy pernickity  
finkel fennel  
fir-tap | fir-yowe fir-cone  
fire | fyre ignite, fire  
fire-flaucht fəirflɑxt lightning bolt  
firlot | ferlot dry volume - the fourth part of a boll - lippies, pecks, firlots, bolls and chalders varied depending on what was being measured  
firr state of agitation or excitement  
firris excitement, rage  
firth fɪrθ a wide inlet of the sea, an estuary - not a translation, that's their name - if narrow then a sea loch in context
fisherin fish eating in context
fush | fisch fish  
fishies | fischies fish in context
fissle make a rustling , scuffling noise, fuss  
fit | fuit | fute foot in context
ilka fit an fur every detail  
fitbaa | fitba | fitbaw football  
fitlike fɪtləik how are you, similar to, just as so, such as in context
fits a' dae what is happening here then, what's wrong in context
fittie-lan the near horse of the hind-most pair in the plough  
fittock stocking with the foot cut off  
fittiefie ˈfɪtɪˈfaɪ a whim  
fiver | fivver ˈfɪvr fever  
fixins repairs in context
fizz to make a fuss, to bustle; to be in a great rage in context
fizzin making a fuss, be in a great rage in context
flaff | flaf flap, flutter, palpitate  
flaffin flapping, making innefectual undirected progress with a task  
flag a large snowflake  
flae fli a flea, a fly  
flaich | flech flɛx a flea, a restless person, to scratch oneself vigorously (to move the flea (dog)) in context
flaid fu flayed, skinned alive. in context
flainin flannen in context
flair | fleer | fluir ˈflər floor in context
flait | flate flet scolded  
flamagaster flaməˈgastər a stunning shock of surprise or dissapointment  
flang flung, dance sportily in context
flannen flannel  
flaucht ˈflɑxt flash, burst of lightning, weave intertwine  
flauchter ˈflɑxtər pare turf from the ground  
flaunter tremble excitedly  
fleckit dappled, flecked  
flee | flie fli a fly, to fly, also move at speed in context
flees storms into, takes off in context
a close mooth catches nae flees watch it, idle gossip causes trouble  
flee-aboot being restlessly busy all over the place  
flee-intae attack with vigour in context
let that flee stick tae the wa leave that subject or topic for another time  
nae flees on him/her a person who is alert, clever and quick witted  
fleein hilariously drunk, flying in context
fleech | fleetch | flietch flitʃ wheedle, coax, cajole  
fleem fløm phlegm  
fleep flip a lazy oaf  
fleesh fliʃ fleece  
fleet | fleit float, scold  
fleet fast, quick of foot  
fleet dyke a wall to prevent flooding in context
fleg flɛg fright, to frighten in context
gie us a rare fleg give us a really good fright in context
flesh meat  
flesher | fleshour butcher in context
flet a flat  
fleth'rin ˈflɛðərɪn flattering  
fleuk | fluke fljuk a flounder, flatfish  
flew | fleu flew  
flewit fljuıt  a sharp lash  
fley fləi frighten, scare, a frightening person  
flicher ˈflɪxər giggle  
flicht ˈflıxt flight in context
flichter ˈflɪxtər flutter, fly awkwardly - (of light ) flicker in context
flichtermoose ˈflıxtərmus bat  
flinders | flitters shreds, splinters  
fling a Scottish dance, the act of kicking out  
flinty flɪntɪ sharp, keen in context
flird flaunt  
flisk whisk, frisk  
flit shift, move home  
moonlicht-flit moving at night to avoid rent etc  
flittit moved away  
flocht floxt the act of fleeing  
flodge flodʒ walk clumsily in context
flooer | flo'er | floor | flour | flouer flur flower, flour in context
flotter overflow  
flow a bog, a morass  
flozent swollen, puffed up  
fluff blow, puff, move in the breeze  
fluffer excite, agitate  
flunge caper  
flunkie flʌnkı servant  
flumgummery flʌmˈgʌmərɪ any foolish thing, action or carry on  
flunner flunər flounder  
fluther flʌðər confusion, agitation  
flype | flipe ˈfləip fold back, flop down heavily for a short rest  
flyte | flite ˈfləit scold  
focht | fochten ˈfɑxt fought in context
fodge fodʒ fat clumsy person  
fodgel plump, buxom  
fog | fogg moss, lichen  
foldie foldable in context
follae | folla follow, accompany  
foo | fow fu how, for what means in context
foo istye ca'm what is it you call him  
foo istadae wi ye ˈfuˈɪstəˈdeˈwijɪ what is the matter with you  
foond found in context
foonder | founder collapse  
foonds | founds foundations  
foongil ˈfundʒəl work shy person  
foor fared  
foorich ˈfurəx bustle, confusion  
foosh soot, dust, light powdery substance, mouldy, smells mouldy  
for | fur | fir | fur for for, because of, as a result of  
for aa that notwithstanding  
for fear lest  
foraye forəi forever  
forbears forefathers  
forby, forbye forˈbaɪ beyond, besides, in addition to, except in context
fordlel | fordell ˈfordl lead, advancement  
forder | further ˈfordər further  
fordone ˈfordrøn exhausted  
fordullit made stupid  
fore before  
fore-caddie going ahead of the player to observe where the golf ball landed  
foregang ˈforˈgjaŋ an omen or wraith thought to foretell death  
forehaimer ˈforˈhɛmər sledge-hammer  
foreheid ˈforˈhid forehead  
foreland beach  
foremaist ˈformest foremost, first  
forenent before, in front of  
forenicht ˈforˈnɪxt evening  
forenuin | forenune ˈforˈnøn forenoon  
foreshot ˈforʃot foreshot is the spirit first out of the still in the whisky distillation process and is cut (removed) from going on into becoming whisky. It contains too much methanol and it will also spoil the taste. The remainder, the middle cuts or hearts is allowed to continue into becoming whisky but not the tail end of the flow from the still, called the feints, which is diverted because it will also spoil the taste. in context
foreside front  
forfairn worn out, forlorn  
forfecht | forfochen | forfochten | forfauchlet fərˈfoxtən  be overcome, exhausted, done in, at the end of one's tether in context
forfend to prevent, forbid, to defend in context
forforn worn out  
forgain opposite  
forgaither | forgather ˈfərˈgeðər assemble  
forgie ˈforgi forgive  
forgoat forgot in context
forgrutten tear-stained  
forhou | forhoo fərˈhu forsake in context
forjaskit | forjeskit fərˈdʒɛskɪt fatigued, jaded  
forker | forky tail earwig  
forleet | forleit forsake  
forloppin forˈlopən renegade, deserting one's duty in context
fornacket fərˈnakət a hard slap in context
fornyaw forˈnjɑ worn out, tired  
forrit forward in context
back an forrit backwards and forwards  
forritsome bold, impudent in context
forsay deny  
fotch swop one for another, flinch  
fother fodder  
fothersome rash  
fou | fu | foo | fow fu full, drunk in context
stottin fou extremely drunk in context
foul | fowl | fowll fu foul, disgusting, repulsive in context
foughten troubled  
foumart | thumart polecat, ferret in context
fousome loathsome, dirty  
foust | foost rot, mould  
foustie | foostie ˈfustɪ decayed, mouldy in context
fouter | footer ˈfutər bungle, exasperating behaviour,work in an unskilled way in context
fouterie insignificant, trivial, paltry in context
fouth | footh fuθ abundance  
fouthless barren  
foutie | footie ˈfutɪ mean, despicable in context
fow fʌu a pitchfork, a restless tossing movement (feet)  
fower | fouer fʌur numeral four in context
fower-neukit four cornered  
fower-oors afternoon meal (tea)  
fowert fourth  
fowerteen | fowerteent fourteen  
fowertie forty  
fowertiet fortieth  
fowk | folk | foak | foke fʌuk people, folk in context
foy a leaving celebration in context
fozie soft spongy, flabby, dull, stupid  
foziness ponginess, flabbiness, stupidity in context
frae | fi | fra fre from in context
fraik | frake a whim, an odd notion, flattery, a flatterer, coax  
frail frel a rush basket  
frammle gobble up, confused mass  
fraucht frɑxt freight, load  
frawart contrary, perverse  
freelie | freely completely  
freend | freen | freend | frein | frien frind friend  
freenge | freinge frindʒ fringe  
freit | freet superstition, sayings  
fremd | fremmit frɛmd foreign, unfamiliar, uncommon, alien in context
freuch frjux dry and brittle  
awa tae Freuchie go to blazes - also there is such a place as Freuchie and turns out that it was not too far from where I was as a kid when I first heard that term but didn't know it was a place  
fricht frɪxt fright, frighten in context
frichtsome frightful  
frizzel | frezel the steel to get sparks with when you hit a flint  
fro froth, foam  
froun | froon frun frown  
frump the sulks  
fruize | fruze fruz froze  
frush crisp, short, crumbly, bold  
fruster bring to nothing, make useless  
fryne | frine frəin fret  
fu fu  full in context
fu-han't full-handed  
fud fʌd  buttocks, a short tail (of a rabbit or hare), pubic hair in context
fudder hurry  
fuff fʌf  emit puffs of smoke, puff, huff or rage in context
fuffle dishevel, ruffle, rearrange, fuss  
fugie fjudɪ fugitive in context
fuid | fid | fude fød food  
fuil | fil | fule fool  
fuird | foord | furde førd ford  
fuirday ˈføˈde late in the day  
fuish fetch  
fulmart bird, a type of petrel  
fulyie | fuillie ˈfuljı  dirt, filth, garbage  
fum disagreeable smell, awful aroma in context
fummle fumble  
fund | fun fʌnd  found  
fung | funk fʌnk kick, throw up the legs (horse) get upset, fly into a temper in context
fupperty jig a trick, a dodge  
fur | for for in context
dinni worry, whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye do not be disappointed by whatever has not gone your way, whatever is meant for you will not pass you by, have no fear  
fur, furr fʌr  furrow made by a plough  
fur-ahin the hindmost plough-horse in the furrow  
fure før  carry, convey - by sea  
furlie a piece of machinery or equipment, esp. one that revolves or has wheels in context
furlie-majigger ˈfʌrlɪˈməˈdʒgər whirliegig, a cheap showy ornament  
furm | firm a wooden form  
furrin fʌrın  foreign, abroad  
furst first  
furth | foorth forth, out of doors, - gang furth an multiply  
fushion plenty, vigour, the sustaining goodness in food, energy in context
fushionless insipid, without vigour, lacking in nourishment, without energy in context
futrat | futtret | futterag The weasel, a weasel like persom, narrow faced furtive in context
futtle inefficient or useless instrument or tool, a botcher. in context
fy faɪ hurry, or a calling to notice  
fy aye yes indeed no question!  
fyke | fike fiək fık fɛk  fuss, fidget, fret, vex in context
fykerie fussing over trifling matters, fidgety in context
fyle | file fiəl  defame, to defile, make dirty, foul  
fyooack tiny quantity of anything, next to nothing  
fyoonach fjunax a light dusting of snow  

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