Scottish Words Glossary: N from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
na | naw ˈnɑ no, not, nor in context
nab nab nail on which to hang things  
nabb | knab hillock  
nabble ˈnabl  work with speed and skill  
nacket youth, small neat person, loaf, packed lunch in context
nackety ˈnakətɪ neat  
nae no, not any in context
nae dout nəˈduʔ no doubt, doubtless  
nae ither bodie no one else  
naebodie, naebuddy neˈbʌdɪ no one, nobody in context
nael ˈnel navel  
naesay denial  
naetheless neðəlɛs nevertheless  
naethin | naething | nithin ˈneðən nothing in context
naewhere nowhere in context
nag | naig nag hard ball used in shinty, a small horse or pony  
nain | nane | naun nen one's own, one's due  
naipkin napkin  
nairae | nairra ˈnera narrow  
naither ˈneðər neither  
naitral natural  
naitral-hertit natural-hearted, affectionate in context
naitur nature  
nakit | nacked | naikit ˈnekɪt naked in context
nam seize, grab, eat up greedily  
neam | neem name  
nane, naen, neen, neun nen not any, none, neither of the two in context
nane ava' nothing, none at all  
napper ˈnapər head in context
nappy | nappie foaming ale - strong  
narg njarg nag, snarl of a dog  
nash cheeky talk  
nat small sized sharp tempered person  
natch notch  
natch a notching implement, a notch, (curling) a notch made in the ice to hold the curlers foot when delivering the stone  
nattle chew clumsily  
naur | nar nar near  
naurby nearly, near  
naurer nearer  
Ne'er's Day New year's day  
neat | nate nit neat, trim, smart  
neathmaist lowest  
neb nɛb beak of a bird, nose in context
neb nɛb nosiness, gossip in context
nebbie nɛb nippy, biting, sharp, pungency; any projecting tip or point in context
neb-end tip of the nose  
nebfu a beakful - not very much whisky  
needna needn't  
is no oot o the need o… is still an addict of …  
neef nif difficulty  
neep nip turnip in context
neepheid a stupid person  
neet | neit a nit (louse)  
neeze | neize | neese niz sneeze  
neibour | neebour | neiper | neebor | nibor ˈnibər neighbour in context
neibourheid ˈnibərˈhud neighbourhood  
the giud neibours θəˈgɪdˈnibərs the fairies  
neir | neer nir a kidney, never  
neir dae guid | neir dae weel good for nothing, not even for a kidney transplant  
neist | neest nist next, nearest in context
nervish nervous  
nesh | nesch soft, boggy, of delicate health  
ness | nes a headland  
nedder | nether | neddyr ˈnɛdər the adder in context
nether | nedder ˈnɛdər lower in context
nettle nettle the plant  
on nettles impatient, ill-humoured  
nettle-earnest dead earnest (ettle earnest)  
neuk njuk nook, corner, a projecting point of land into the sea, external angle of a building  
nevel a sharp blow with a fist, punch, pummel  
cadge-nevel knockout punch in context
new new  
new-ca'd newly driven  
newfangelt | newfangle nuˈfaŋlt innovative, something new, a novelty  
newlins recently  
news to talk, exchange information, chatter, gossip  
newser newsy, put forth news or gossip, a chatterbox in context
newsfu full of news  
nicher ˈnɪxər neigh, snicker  
nicht ˈnɪxt night in context
nicht afore the morn the eve before an important day  
nick to nick, to slit, a narrow gap in some hills, steal, prison  
Auld Nick | Nickie-ben the Devil himself in context
nicks growth rings on a cow's horns  
nickie-tams | nicky-tams straps or string tied around the lower legs (calves) to lift one's trouser hems away from the mud - NOT for keeping rats from running up one's trouser leg during harvest - if you were a rat would you run up inside a sweaty farmer's breeks? in context
niest next  
nieve | neeve niv fist, one's grasp or possesion in context
nieve-fu | nievefu ˈnivfu fistful  
nievle punch with the fist  
niffer ˈnɪfər barter, exchange  
niffnaff insignificant person or thing  
nimmle nimble  
nyne nəin numeral nine  
nint | nynt ninth  
nip eat daintily, tingle with cold, or sting with sharp sensation in context
nip a reasonable measure of whisky that hits the spot in context
nippit mean with money, tight, tight fitting, bad-tempered, low temperature - freezing, nipped; pinched off in context
nippit-lug ˈnɪpətˈlʌg backbiting  
nippy-nebs jack-frost  
nirl nɪrl fragment, a crumb, a small object  
nit eggs of the head louse  
nither nɪðər make low, pinch or shrink with cold or hunger  
nittie mean or disobliging  
niver | nivver never, impossible in context
niz nɪz nose  
nizwise nɪz farseeing, quick in perseption, also a good sense of smell  
no not  
are they no are they not, aren't they in context
no aft seldom  
no ataa | no ava not at all  
no bad noˈbad pretty good  
no canny unlucky  
no fair not fair, unfair in context
no monie a few  
no weel noˈwil not well  
nocht noxt nothing, nought in context
nochtie | noughtie noxtɪ good for nothing  
hardy noughty, hardy nochtie notɪ a tough good for nothing - this was a phrase I heard a lot as a child but in my family context it meant sturdy and resilient rather than bad. Because it was most often applied to my uncle who gave in to nothing. As a kid I took it to meant tough like trying to split a knotty piece of wood cos that was what my uncle in a wheelchair was like. Right up until the day he died.  
noddle | nodle head, back of the head, nape in context
nok tip of the yardarm in context
norie norɪ the puffin  
norlins northwards  
norrie | norie whim, fancy ,notion  
nott needed  
nou | noo nu now in context
nouadays | nooadays   in context
noup nup a protruberance  
nourice | nuris ˈnɪrɪs child's nurse, wet nurse  
nous an than now and then  
now nʌu knoll, the head  
nikkie-now a nit infested head  
nowt nʌut ox, bullock(s), big unweildy oafish person  
nowt | nowts nought, nothing in context
nowther | nowder ˈnʌuðər neither  
nuif | noof nøf neat, tidy  
nuin | nune noon  
nummer nʌmər number in context
numpty ˈnʌmptɪ an idiot in context
nurr snarl, growl, purr  
nuthin nothing in context
nyaff njaf bark, yelp, a trifle, a puny insignificant individual  
nyatter njatər chatter, rain slightly in wind  
nyte nəit deny, refuse to admit anything - reminds me of the knights that say nyte! Monty Python  

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