Scottish Words Glossary: H from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
ha | haa | haw hɑ  hall in context
ha folk the servants  
haar hɑr cold mist or fog  
haar-frost hoar-frost  
habber stutter  
habble hobble, confuse, tangle  
habile ˈhebəil competence, ability, power, valid, admissible  
hach hətʃ a pain  
hack | hawk hak pronged tool for breaking up the soil, chap in the skin, (curling) a notch in the ice to steady a curlers foot when launching a stone  
hackit hakɪʔ ugly, unattractive  
hacks blow with a sharp instrument  
hackum-plackum in equal shares - of payment or reward  
haddie | haddo ˈhadı haddock in context
haddin holding, estate  
hae he have in context
haed | haid | hud had  
haedna hadnɪ hadn't  
haein having in context
haen had  
haes | his | hes | hus has  
haesna | hisna | hisna | hasna | hasnae hesnɪ hasn't  
haet | haid heːt have it  
deil haet devil take it, to hell with it  
haffets | hauffets side-locks, the cheek, temple  
hafflins half  
hag hew, cut down trees, a notch, a hollow of marshy ground on a moor, weary, tired  
hags deep channels in peat made by peat cuttings or by water  
hagger hack clumsily  
haggerty taggerty raggedly  
haggersnash hagərˈsnaʃ offal, liver, lungs, brain, kidneys etc. in context
haggies-haa wood shed  
haggis a mealie pudding filled with offal that wheeples like bagpipes with offset legs so it can run up and along the hill, be killed on the hill, and served at a Burns Supper. Apart from the stage four (fower) haggises which are very very dangerous in context
hagbag the sheep's stomach in which a haggis is cooked  
hail-tear at full speed - such is the escape antics of the haggis - or worse if it is a stage four and chasing you instead  
haigle carry with difficulty  
haik | hake hek wander laboriously, trudge, carry or drag with difficulty, a cloak or mantle in context
be on the haik be on the wander searching  
hail | hale | haill hel sound, in a healthy state, wholesome, whole, all of it or them in context
hail watter torrential downpour  
hail-hertit undaunted, stalwart  
hailsome | halesome wholesome  
hail-skinnt having an unblemished skin in context
hail hail, small shot, pellets  
haillie completely  
hailscart unscathed, scot-free  
hailstanes hailstones in context
haimer | haimmer | hemmer ˈhemər hammer  
haims | hems part of a horse collar  
pit the hems oan curtail  
hain | hane land (grass or wood) enclosed by hedge or fence to preserve, keep from harm, hoard  
weel-hained well preserved, looked after in context
hainch ˈheŋʃ a haunch, underhand throw,  
haingle ˈheŋl move about feebly, loiter, lazy  
haingles influenza  
hainin enclosed piece of ground  
hair | herr hair, a small portion in context
hair | hare | har hoar, frosty  
hair kaimer barber in context
hairy granny a large hairy catterpillar  
hairy-moldit mouldy  
a hair tae mak a tether something out of nothing  
hairp | herp harp, sieve, riddle  
hairse | hersh | hace herʃ hoarse in context
hairst | hearst herst autumn, harvest in context
hairt | hert heart in context
hairth | haerth hearth  
haisk croak  
haister | haster ˈhestər rush, scamp at a job  
hait | haet particle  
haith heθ faith (an oath)  
haivel | heave-eel hevl the conger eel  
haiver | haver ˈhevər talk nonsense in context
haiverel ˈhevrəl half wit  
haivers nonsense  
haizer dry (partially) in the open, bleach, air in the open  
halie | haly holy  
hallach ˈhalex crazy, hare-brained in context
hallan a partition, inner wall, a screen between the door and the fire, the dividing wall between the byre for the beasts and living part for folk in old but n ben cottages  
hallion ˈhaljen a rascal  
halliraker hare-brained in context
hallock | hallick A thoughtless, giddy young woman or girl  
hame | haim home in context
hame-drauchtit Selfish, keen to further the interests of oneself or one's own in context
hamelt ˈheməlt belonging to a home, domestic  
hamesucken ˈhemˈsʌkən assault on one in one's own home (law)  
hamit | hamet home produced, home grown  
hamp | hemp stutter, read aloud with difficulty  
hamrel one who often stumbles  
hanch | hansh | haunsh hanʃ snap at, show the teeth, bite voraciously, also gobble  
hangie haŋɪ hangman (nickname of the Devil)  
hank hank, a loop, a coil  
hankle entangle  
hanlawhile ˈhan(d)ləˈhwəil a little while, a short space of time  
hansel a gift to bring luck to a new beginning  
hant haunt  
hantle large quantity  
hap hap cover, to surround to shelter and conceal, wrap in context
hap | haup hɑp hip, the fruit of the wild rose, hop, limp  
hap-step-an'-lowp hop-step-and-jump  
happer a hopper in a mill  
hard tough, unforgiving, resilient in context
hard neckit impudent, pushy without embarassment, brass necked  
hardy notɪ tough resilient determined  
hardy noughty, hardy nochtie a tough good for nothing - this was a phrase I heard a lot as a child but in my family context it meant sturdy and resilient rather than bad. Because it was most often applied to my disabled uncle who gave in to nothing. As a kid I took it to meant tough like trying to split a knotty piece of wood cos that was what my uncle in a wheelchair was like. Right up until the day he died.  
harigals ˈharɪgəlz animal guts, visceral of an animal  
hark listen  
harl drag, pull roughly, roughcast on a wall  
harn brains, also intelligence in context
harnless very stupid, brainless  
harnpan the skull in context
harnish, herness ˈharnɪʃ harness  
harrae, harra ˈharə a harrow  
haselt dried  
hash | hasch slash, hack, mangle, an oaf in context
hask vigorous, rough, a cough to clear the throat, harsh  
haslock woo the wool on the neck of a sheep.  
hassock ˈhasək round tuft of turf or peat  
hastie ˈhestɪ hurry  
hat hit, hat, surface froth on a liquid  
hatch row of peats set out to dry  
hauch hɑx cough to clear the throat, hack up mucus from the throat  
hauchty haughty  
hauchan lump of mucus spat from the throat  
haud, had, hud hɑd hold in context
haud awa' stay away, on you go take the strain  
hae't an haud it hide one's feelings - have it and hold it  
haud yir mooth be silent  
hauden held, holding in context
hauf | haf hɑf half in context
a wee hauf a quarter-gill, a small whisky  
haufgate half-way  
hauflins half, partially  
haugh hɑx (low level stream) low bank of such  
haughs hɑxs low-lying rich level lands by a river  
haukum-plaukum equal in every way  
haun | haund | han hɑn hand in context
rackle haunded a strong grip, to have strong hands, grip with the strength of chains in context
haundit fitted with handles  
haunless useless, not dexterous in context
haunnle | haundle hɑnəl handle in context
haun-waled hand picked, carefully selected  
haundsel | haunsel welcome, inauguration  
haundy convenient to handle or use, useful in context
haurl to drag  
hause | hass hɑs the neck, throat, gullet, embrace  
hause bane collarbone  
havins | havings ′he:vɪnz behaviour, deportment, (good) manners in context
haw hawthorn, also the berry  
hawkie a white-faced cow, a pet cow's name  
hawkit | haikit ˈhekɪt spotted or streaked with white, stupid, foolish  
hawm work slovenly, loaf about at work  
heal | hele hel health, freedom from sickness, cover, conceal, keep secret  
heap, haip hep heap  
hear hear  
hearken tae ˈharkənˈte eavesdrop, listen to  
heat | hait hit heat  
heaume helm, helmet in context
heave | heve heave  
gi someone the heave break up with someone in context
hech ˈhɛx expressing sorrow, pain, contempt  
the auld hech how back to normal day to day stuff or health  
hechle hɛxl pant  
hecht hɛxt to promise, pledge, be called, have as one's name  
heck hɛk a rack made of wood or metal for holding straw or implemets or for drying fish  
heckle hackle, a flax-comb, a cockade  
hecklebirnie ˈhɛklˈbɪrnɪ Hell  
go or run like the bars o Hell proceed at an unbelievable pace. I heard this phrase often as a child and because my dad was a drummer and fiddle player, and he seemed to really understand the meaning, my impression is that bars refers to the time value in a musical score, thus the fiddle music of the devil becomes unbelievably speedy and that's why you don't get into fiddle competitions with Auld Nick and any tunes from Hell. The music from "the Devil went down to Georgia" sums it up I think. in context
heckum-peckum a type of trout fishing fly  
hecturi numeral six in a counting out rhyme  
hee haw ˈhiˈhɑ nothing  
hee haw inaw ha ha nothing funny you donkey, a sarcastic response to someone amused, at your expense, by their - not funny - joke in context
heelster gowdie head over heels - what happens if you're not careful while Scottish dancing in some of the dances  
heelie haughty, an affront  
heeliegoleerie ˈhiligəˈliri in a state of confusion  
heest | heist hest hurry  
heeze hiz to hoist, exalt, dance in a lively way  
heft a haft, to handle, accustom animals to a new pasture  
heich hix high, to be overexcited, loud  
heid hid head in context
heid the baw a complete idiot in context
heidbanger a dangerous idiot, reckless fool  
heid bummer a manager, person in charge (sarcastic)  
bane heidit stubborn, bone headed in context
high heid yins those in authority in context
keep the heid stay calm in context
awa in the heid off one's head in context
gi ye yir heid in yir hauns a scolding threat  
wi one's heid unner one's oxter looking sorry for oneself  
weel weeded heid bald, lacking hair in context
heifer | heefer ˈhɛfər a young cow, calf, a big clumsy woman in context
helm helmet  
help ma boab exclamation of surprise or exasperation in context
hem-shin'd crooked-shin'd  
hen term of endearment - mostly for female but also applied to Hen, a bloke, in the Broons in context
hen break a bargain or agreement through cowardice  
hent ˈhɪnt take hold of, grasp  
her | hir | hur her  
herbour hərbɪr harbour  
here hir here  
hereawa | hereaboot around here in this area in context
herm | hairm ˈhɛrm harm in context
hermles | hairmles ˈhɛrm harmless in context
hern hɛrn heron  
herpuin, herpune harpoon  
herrin | hairrin ˈhɛrɪn herring  
herry ˈhɛrɪ to harry  
herryment spoliation  
hersel, hirsel (h)ərˈsɛl herself, the mistress of the house, a female boss or head  
hesp hasp, clasp, fasten, a length of yarn  
buckled wi ae hasp tarred with the same brush  
het, hait hɛt hot in context
gi ye a het erse give you a sound spanking  
het it, the person who chases, in a game  
heuch | heugh | huch hjux hollow, steep bank, crag, cliff, quarry, mine, steep sided ravine  
heuk, huik hjuk hook, the barb of an arrow  
heicht, hicht hɪxt height  
hickertie-pickertie higgledy-piggledie  
hiddie-giddie hɪdgɪdɪ in a giddy, topst turvy  
hiddie kiddie a wit, sense  
hidie ˈhəidɪ place of concealment in context
hiddle hɪdl hiding place, sheltered spot  
hidlins secretly  
hidie hole ˈhəidɪˈhol hiding place  
hie haɪ hasten, proceed quickly in context
hiegate high street, highway  
hielan | hieland ˈhilən highland in context
hielander | hieghlander ˈhilandər Highlander, person from the Scottish highlands in context
hilch hɪlʃ to hobble  
hillberry crowberry  
hillclap rumbling noise in the upper air heard above hills sometimes (not thunder)  
hilldyke | head dyke wall dividing the lower arable land from the higher grazing land  
hiltie-skiltie helter-skelter  
hinkum cord, thread or suchlike that is tied up into a ball, young and mischievous youth  
hinkum-sneevlie an underhand kind of person, a sneak, a snivelling tell-tale, lazy, – based on the devious poker playing pirate captain Lang Shiv Hinkum Sneevlie – a character invented by me only a few days ago (2020). in context
himsel | hissel həmˈsɛl himself, also the chief, the person in authority (tis himself) in context
hinberry ˈhəin(d)bɛrɪ the wild raspberry  
hinder recently past, situated behind, detain  
hinnerance hindrance  
hiney | hinny | hinnie ˈhɪnɪ honey in context
hing hɪŋ hang in context
hingin | hingit hanging, hanged in context
hinmaist | hindmaist ˈhɪnməst the furthest behind  
hinna | hinnae haven't  
hint | hent | hin hɪnt belonging to back or rear  
hintside foremost back to front  
hip the hip, skip, pass over  
hippertie-skippertie frivolous, frisky  
hippit hɪpɪt stiff, strained lower back, overworked  
hipsie-dipsie a thorough thrashing  
hird herd, shepherd  
hirne nooks, corners  
hirple hɪrpl walk lamely, to move unevenly, to limp in context
hirdum-dirdum uproar, noisy mirth  
hirdy-girdy disorderly, tumult  
hirsel | hirsell ˈhɪrsl a flock of sheep for one shepherd, an area for a flock of sheep under one shepherd  
hirsel | hirsell grate against, grate on, move with a grating noise, shift along awkwardly, scramble  
hirst barren piece of ground  
hish | hisk hɪʃː hissing noise to chase away an animal, sound to order silence  
hishie whisper  
hissel ˈhɪzl a hazel stick used as a cudgel  
hither an yon this way and that  
hiv have  
hivna have not in context
hixie-pixie ˈhɪksɪˈpɪksɪ in confusion  
hizzel, hissel, hizzle hazel  
hizzie, hussie ˈhɪzɪ housewife, mistress of the house, also frivolous woman  
hoast hwost cough, cogh to draw attention  
hoch hox hamstring, upper leg  
shak one's hoch dance  
hoch aye expression of assent or resignation  
hochle, host hoxl shamble  
hochmagandie | houghmagandie ˈhoxməˈgandɪ fornication in context
hocker crouch  
hodden coarse woollen cloth  
hoddin the motion of a sage countryman riding on a cart-horse  
hoddle waddle  
hog | hogg a young sheep not yet shorn  
hog-score | hog-line (curling) lines on the rink, the first the one the stone has to be released from the hand before it crosses it, then the stone has to pass over the second one which is near the other end before tee, or the stone is not counted  
hog-shouther a kind of horse-play by jostling with the shoulder; to jostle.  
hogger ˈhogər coarse stockings with no foot  
Hogmanay ˈhogməˈne New year's eve in context
hoise hoiz raise up, heave up  
hollin ˈholɪn holly  
hoo a shout used to draw attention  
hooanivir however in context
hoo hooing calling out  
hooch | heech | heich | heeeooch ˈhux high pitched exhilerated shout usually at the dangerous lively bits in many Scottish dances in context
hoodie-craw | hoodie ˈhudɪˈkrɑ the hooded crow  
hoodock grasping, greedy like the hoodie craw  
hoo-ever | hooevyr however in context
hooked caught, the bend of a river  
hoolie | hoolyie softly  
hoond | hoon | houn | hun hound  
hoord hoard  
hoose | hous | houss hus house in context
hoot hut incredulity  
hoot awa nonsense!  
hoot-toot-toot exclamation of annoyance  
horl matal end of a bootlace  
horn a horn spoon, a comb of horn, things made of horn  
hornie | auld hornie the Devil  
hotch | hoatch hotʃ move jerkily, up and down in context
hotchin | hoatchin infested, seething, restless  
hott a few  
hotter totter, walk unevenly, simmer  
hou | hoo how, why in context
hou ist | hoo ist why is it in context
hou'd | hoo'd how did in context
houie | hooie | hooy exchange, barter  
houlet | hoolet | hoolit | howlet ˈhulət owl, owlet in context
houpe hʌup hope  
hove hov raise, throw, expand, raise, hold up  
howd hʌud sway, move in a rocking motion  
howder ˈhʌudər conceal  
howdie ˈhʌudɪ midwife in context
howe a hollow, low lying piece of ground  
howe o the nicht midnight  
howf | howff the burial ground in the middle of Dundee  
howf hʌuf a den of drink, a rough shelter  
howie valley  
howk hʌuk dig into, make a hole, act of digging in context
howkit dug, past tense of dig in context
howp hʌup hope, believe, suppose, mouthful of liquid, a drain  
howtowdie hʌuˈtʌudɪ a large (young) chicken for the pot, a young hen not laying in context
hoy drive, urge on, heave a heavy thing up, walk with a quick brisk step  
hoyse a hoist  
hud hʌd hold, had, back of an open fireplace in context
hud oan wait a bit, also keep a tight grip don't let go in context
hudder ˈhʌdər act in a confused or hasty way, heap in disorder  
hudderie-dudderie slovenly  
hudge hʌdʒ a vast amount, amass  
hudge-mudge ˈhʌdʒˈmʌdʒ furtive whispering  
hugger shiver, shudder  
huggerie slovenly  
hugmahush ˈhʌgməˈmʌʃ slovenly person  
huidie | houdie | hudie hooded  
huidin | hiddin a hinge, a fastening that holds two things together in context
huif | hufe høf hoof  
huil | hule | hool | hull høl shell, skin, hull, the outer case, to strip the outer case  
huilie ˈhølɪ moderate, slow, cautious  
ca one's ewes tae a huilie market make a bad bargain  
huizle wheeze, wheezing in context
hullions a heap or accumulation of what amounts to wealth  
hulster hoist a load onto ones own back, struggle under a great burden, walk as if so  
hum | ham hʌm chew till soft to feed an infant  
humdudgeon ˈhʌmˈdʌdʒən a sulk  
humfie-backit hʌmfɪˈbakət hump-backed  
humlock hemlock  
hummel hornless cattle  
humour | huimour | eemer humour  
humph | humf hʌmf the act of carrying a heavy burden, a stench in context
humph | humf hʌmf a hump, curvature of the spine a stench  
humphit | humfit hʌmf humped up in context
humph an hae prevaricate, dither  
humple a small hillock, limp  
hund hun hound  
hunder, hunner ˈhunər hundred in context
hundert hundredth  
hungert ˈhʌŋərt hungry in context
ah'm that hungert ah could eat a scabbie heided wean I am that hungry I could eat a scabby headed child  
hunker | hunker doon hʌnkər squat, settle down in a crouched position, resign oneself to submit and wait  
hunker-bane thigh bone in context
hurcheon ˈhʌrtʃən hedgehog in context
hurchin urchin  
hurdies hʌrdəs buttocks, hips, haunches in context
hure | hoor hur whore, a 'professional' in context
hurkle | hurkle doon hʌrkl crouch, sit in a crouched position for warmth or secrecy  
hurl hʌrl throw/fall from a height, dash in context
hurl convey on a vehicle, wheeled or otherwise in context
hurl deep rumbling hollow noise, wheeze because of flegm in the chest or throat  
hurr hʌr make a whirring noise  
hurry burry hʌrɪˈbʌrɪ carry on, fuss, riot  
hurt | hort hurt  
hurtit that I have been hurt  
hus | hiz us (emphatic)  
hush | huschou hʌʃ noise made to scare off birds and similar  
hushie-ba ˈhʌʃɪˈba getting a child gently off to sleep, a lullaby  
hushle a strong gusty drying wind  
hushle hustle fidget, shtug the shoulders  
hushle strong drying gusty wind  
hushoch | hushloch ˈhʌʃəx a confused heap, tangled mass  
husk cough violently  
huv ˈhʌv have in context
hyke | hike move with a jerk, sway  
hyne | hyn, hind həin hence, far away, from this life, far on, late  
hyne awa far off, at a great distance in context
merry hyne to ye go to hell and good riddance  
hypal | heifle ˈhəipl uncouth, worthless, good for nothing person  
hypocrisie | hypocrysie | hipocrisie hypocisy in context
hyst | heist raise, hoist  
hyte | hite ˈhəit mad, excited, keen  
hyter ˈhəitər walk unsteadily with a lurching movement  
hyth haɪð a harbour, landing place on the shoreline among rocks  

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