Scottish Words Glossary: E from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
e | ee i ye or thou  
ee's he is in context
e'en evening  
ear' | earlie early  
earl o hell the devil  
earn ɛrn eagle in context
earn-bleater the common snipe  
earock ˈirək young hen  
easedom Comfort, leisure, relief from anxiety, pain, etc. in context
easins ˈezınz the eaves of a building  
easwas ˈizwaz top of the walls of a house on which the rafters rest  
easy-ozy an easy going task or person  
ebb foreshore, shallow  
ech ɛx expressing disgust in context
eddir | edder | ether | etter adder, straw rope in context
ee eye in context
een eyes in context
eebroo ibru eyebrow  
eechie ochie ˈixɪˈoxɪ neither one nor the other (always in the negative) in context
eedle-doddle easy going, lacking initiative  
eehole eye-socket  
eejit | eijit ˈidʒət idiot in context
eeksie-peeksie much alike, six and half a dozen  
eelid eyelid  
eemock | eimock ˈimək ant, a tiny person in context
een ˈin eyes in context
eendy | eenty numeral one from a counting rhyme  
eenil jealous, become jealous  
eenin evening  
eenou | eenoo iˈnu just now, in a moment, soon  
eerant | eirant errand  
eerie apprehensive; inspiring ghostly fear  
eeriorums ′i:riorʌms particulars, details, fancy work, fuss in context
eetch | eitch | eche ɛdʃ an adze  
effeck effect in context
effin euphemism for a swearword in context
efter ˈɛftər after in context
be efter daen having just done  
efternuin | efternune afternoon  
efter the heid headfirst  
eggle urge on, incite  
eik | eke natural grease in sheeps wool, sweat, an addition, urge on  
eident | ithant ˈəidənt diligent, persistent  
eild | i:ld the age of a person, old age  
eild | elde i:ld barren: of an animal that doesn't produce young for whatever reason, animal not able to produce milk in context
eilie | ely | eely | eelie disappear gradually  
eith | eath | eeth easy  
elba elbow  
elder persons elected to govern the church  
eldritch | elriche | eildrich belongs to or resembles the elves, ghostly, weird in context
eleeven | elieven | ellevin əˈlivn numeral eleven  
eleveent | elievent | elie'nt eleventh  
elekit elected  
elfin fairyland  
elfin mill death watch beetle  
ell thirty-seven inches - a Scots measure of length  
ell-braid a coal seam averaging an ell in width  
ellwan an ell-measuring wand, Orions Belt (stars)  
eller elder tree  
em ɛm aim  
eme maternal uncle  
emerant ˈɛmərant green, lush, an emerald  
empie empty  
en end  
en-rig land at the end of the furrows where the plough is turned  
single-end one roomed house or flat  
encoonter encounter  
endaivour ɪnˈdevər endeavour  
endlang | enlang along, by the side of, right along  
endweys straight on  
enwye progress  
enel-sheet shroud  
eneuch | ineuch | eneugh ɪnˈjux enough, quite, sufficient in context
enfauld infold  
engreve | ingreve do hurt or harm to  
enjose ɛnˈdʒoz enjoy in context
enlichten ɛnˈlɪxtən enlighten  
enow enough - of quantity  
ens | ense else, otherwise  
entechment ɛnˈtitʃmɛnt instruction in context
enteece entice  
envyfu full of malice, envious  
epple apple in context
equal-aqual equally balanced, similar  
erar sooner  
erast earliest, first  
erd | eird | eard | erthe ird earth  
let the erd big the dike let the cost of something come from the profit that it yields later  
erethestreen night before last  
ergh | erch ɛrx timorous  
ern irritate, pain in context
erse ers arse, the hinterland in context
aa erse an pooches description of a back view of a stout stumpy person  
erselins backwards  
ert art in context
ertist artist in context
esh | aish ash-tree  
esk ˈɛsk newt  
esp | aisp aspen-tree  
ess | ass | ais ash(es)  
ett | et | etten eat  
etter ˈɛtɪr fester, seep  
ettercap iritable spider or ant  
ettin ogre, giant  
ettle ˈɛtl intend to, plan, aim at, venture, direct in context
ettle at make directly towards or at  
in ettle earnest dead serious  
ev'n down downright  
e'enlikly exactly straight, perpendicular etc  
e'ermair ˈirmer evermore  
ewest ˈjuɪst right next to  
excaise | excuise ˈɛkˈskiz excuse  
exerceese | exerceise ɛksrˈsiz exercise  
exle ɛksl axle  
explore an exploration  
expone explain, expose  
expoond ɛˈspund expound in context
exposeetion ɛkspoˈziʃn exposition  
extraordinar extraordinary  
eye they  
eyland island  
eyntment | intment ointment  

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