Scottish Words Glossary: G from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
gaa | gaw gɑ  gall, irritate, a gall  
gab speech, conversation, chat, chatter, a chatterbox in context
gabbit gossipy  
gaberlunzie | gaberlunyie gaberˈlʌnzɪ beggar  
gaberts scaffolding  
gabs talk  
gadge ˈgadj talk haughtily without justification  
gadger a sponger  
gadgie ˈgadˈji a man, fellow  
gadloup | gateloup ˈgadˈlʌup  run the gauntlet  
gae | gang go in context
gaun gear the machinery that makes (whatever) go  
g'aun yersel more power to your elbow, much power and encouragement to you regarding your own ability in context
g'oan wi it get on with it in context
gaunnie nae dae that going to not do that will you  
gae ˈge  gave  
gaed | geed went  
gael gel  gaelic speaker  
gaen gen given in context
g'aen | g'aun gan go on, also gone in context
gaets ways  
gaff a guffaw, chatter  
gaffer boss of the work gang in context
gaggle laugh, giggle  
gaibie a stupid person  
gaiblick unfledged bird  
gaig gɛg a crack, chink  
gailey | gaillie | gailley ˈgelɪ galley, ship, garret  
gain | gane be fitting, suitable  
gaip | gape gape in context
gair | gare ger greedy, thrifty, triangular piece of cloth in a garment, gore  
gairit striped, the black and yellow striped bee  
gaird guard, also; (curling) a stone lying in front of and protecting the tee or another stone in context
saifgaird sefˈgerd safeguard in context
gairden garden in context
gairdner gardener in context
gairs gores  
gairtin | gartin garter  
gaishon thin person, emaciated  
gait | gate goat  
gaither | gedder | gither ˈgeðər gather, to save in context
gaitherin meeting  
gaitherins remnants  
gaivle | gavel gables, backdsides  
gallivant goad about  
gallivaster galɪˈvastər idle, boastful person, gadabout  
gallowis gallows in context
galshach ˈgalʃəx  sweets, titbits in context
gallumph ˈgalˈʌmf act or move in a clumsy way, lacking dexterity in context
gallus | gallows bold, confident, forward in manner, rascally in context
galluses ˈgaləsɪz braces for holding up the trousers in context
gam teeth (big)  
gamaleerie gaməˈlirɪ a foolish clumsy person in context
gamie | gemmie ˈgɛmɪ gamekeeper  
gamp gape, guzzle greedily  
gandge gandʒ grin  
gandiegow squally shower  
gane | gaen gone, an ugly face  
gang gaŋ to go, gone in context
ganging-geir the working parts of a machine or device in context
gangrel | gangryl ˈgaŋərəl a toad, a vagrant, vagabond, wanderer  
aw guts an gangyls a nothing but stomach and legs in context
ganner | gainer wander  
gansh ganʃ  snap, snatch at  
gant yawn, stammer  
gantry a bottle stand in a bar  
ganȝe a crossbow bolt in context
gar | gart | gert compel, cause to get done, also slime, filth in context
gar ye boke make you vomit in context
garcock the moorcock  
gardie, gardy the arm  
gardies the hands or fists on guard  
gardiloo, gardyloo ˈgardɪˈlu warning call when crap or pee is flung down to the street  
gare | gair piece of cloth, opening in clothes  
garibaldi a type of scone - not the biscuit - from the Tried Favourites Cookery Book printed in Edinburgh in the 1800s – you can see the recipe here:  
garron a kind of small sturdy horse  
gars gave  
gart | garred compelled in context
garten garter  
gas excessively talk  
that's nipped their gas at a peep excessive idle uneccessary talk curtailed abruptly by an external force in context
gash long protruding chin, prattle, shrewd, wise, prudent  
gashing | gassing talking  
gast fright  
gastrous shocking, horrifying, unearthly. in context
gate | gait get road,a way, path in context
it's a sair gate that has nae turnin it is a very severe road that has no turning - fear not, things change, meant as a comfort. This proverb seems to have kept up with history. In pre industrial times every day, every week, every season brought something different. And there were the seasonal periods of real idleness where you could party hard IF you'd worked hard in the seasons when the effort and sweat was needed. This is not true anymore. Not only are our physical highways straighter than they have ever been but our working days are constant from season to season and holidays are now proscribed by the boss. The proverb's modern meaning might mean - 'suck it up and get over it'  
bygate a side path, alternative way in context
gatty enervated  
gaud | gade gɑd trick, deception, a rod or bar of iron  
Stourie, stouchie, gaudie brierie! Dinging a' things tapsalteerie bustling, fussing, prankish, prickly! Knocking all things up and over  
gaudsman | goadsman one who drives stock with a goad  
gauger gɑdʒɪr exciseman  
gaun gone, going, the butterbur  
gavelock | gavillock ˈgevlək crowbar  
gawk clumsy person  
gawp | gaup | gowp gʌup a large mouthful of food or liquid, swallow greedily in context
gawp | gaup | gowp gʌup gape, stare open mouthed in context
gawpus | gaupus a clumsy stupid lout  
gawsie | gausie ˈgɑsı  fresh complexioned plump jovial, buxom in context
gean gin wild cherry  
gear equipment, belongings, portable wealth  
gebbie | gaebie the crop of a bird, one's stomach  
geck ˈgɛk  head and shoulder gesture of derision, mock  
ged the pike  
gee | jee gi a fit of temper  
geegle | geigle giggle  
geenyoch ˈginjəx  ravenous, greedy in context
geg a gag, trick  
geggie a travelling theatre, the lip, mouth in context
geing | geeng giŋ human excretement  
gell gɛl a crack in wood, a gale  
gelt | gelled cracked or split drying  
gemm | gemme gɛm game in context
genteelity gentility  
gentie ˈdʒɛntɪ graceful, dainty  
gess sneak away  
gettin getting, calling for in context
gey very, considerably in context
geylie a good deal  
geyze gəiz become leaky  
geyzent wizened  
ghaist | gaist gest ghost  
gib(bie) a tomcat  
gibbles tools, things in context
gibble-gabble ˈgɪblˈgabl chatter  
gie gi give in context
gied gave  
giein giving, given in context
gien name | nem Christian / first name  
gies gives, also give it to me or us in context
gie ower give in  
gif | gef gɪf if  
giff-gaff mutual help, give and take  
giftie gift, rare ability in context
giglets giggling youngsters or maids.  
gileynour swindler, a cheat, big greedy glutenous man in context
gill one fourth of a mutchkin, a ravine, a gully  
gillie ˈgɪlɪ male servant, a sportsman's attendant in context
gillygacus an idiot, fool  
gilpey | gilpie a mischevious youth, a lively young girl, tomboy  
gilravage | gilraivage | galravidge gelˈravɪdʒ greedily, enjoy noisily, guzzle in context
gilt become yellow  
gim dʒɪm neat, spruce  
gimmer ˈgɪmər a young ewe tween first and second sheering  
gin dʒɪn a brutal type of trap, if, whether, by, before  
gin gɪn by, before  
ginge | ginger dʒɪndʒɪr a lively fizzy drink usually orange but not always, ginger - reddish colour, a ginger haired person, red head in context
gingebreid gingerbread  
gink | ginkum ˈgɪŋkəm a trick, a dodge  
gird hoop for a barrel, a knock, blow, rush, push  
girdle griddle, a circular iron plate used for baking  
girle tingle  
girn gɪrn snarl, grimace, complain, cry whiningly in context
girnal | girnel meal chest to hold a year's worth of grain, grain silo. The meal was packed hard by pressing down with the feet. in context
girnie gɪrnɪ of a whining, peevish, ill tempered, a person of complaining disposition in context
girse | girss grass in context
girsle ˈgɪrsl gristle  
girth gɪrθ a hoop  
girthie fat, heavy  
gizz face, wig in context
gizzen | gizzern ˈgɪzən to dry up, wither, shrink, warp, leaky - of wood, also the gizzard in context
gizzent over full, sated  
glack | glak a hollow between hills  
glagger long for, avid  
glaik, glaikit glekɪt fool, stupid in context
glaim glim gleam, small bright flame in context
glaiss gles glass in context
glaister a thin cover of snow  
glaizie glossy  
glamp snatch  
glamshach greedy, grasping in context
glaum glɑm stare, snatch, grab at with the jaws  
glaum'd grasped  
glaumer | glamour bewitch, enchant in context
glaumerie magic  
glaur glɑr soft sticky mud, mud in puddles in context
glaurie muddy  
glaursle all mud  
glebe, glieb kirk land for minister  
gled, glaid glad  
gled glɛd the kite and similar birds of prey, rapacious, slang for greedy hungry person in context
be as gin one hae'd faud fae the gled's clooks be in a disheveled state (haven fallen from the hawk's claws)  
as gleg as a gled very hungry - ah could eat a scabby wee'n  
gledge look sidelong  
gledsome joyful  
gleed, gleid glid burning coal, peat  
gleet, gleit glitter  
gleg glɛg quick in understanding, smart, sharp, smooth, nimble in context
gleib glib a bit of land assigned to the parish minister  
glen valley or hollow traversed by a river in context
glen garry type of bonnet  
glence glance  
glent, glint sparkle  
Glesca ˈglɛskə Glasgow  
Glesca kiss a head-butt, a targeted blow with the head  
Glesca screwdriver a hammer  
gless glass in context
gley gləi a sideways glance  
glib smooth, slippery,  
glib-gabbet smooth-tongued  
gliff | glaff glɪf frighten, look at hurriedly  
glisk glimpse, to only glance at, also; to give a hasty, transient gleam, a ghostly glimmer, glint. in context
glist | gliss glisten  
glittie slimy, greasy, oily  
gloam glom become dusk  
gloamin | glomin | gloaming ˈglomɪn twilight - morning or evening in context
gloamin star the evening star  
glob a blob  
glock to gulp, a gurgling noise  
glog swallow, gulp down, gurgle  
gloss bright low fire, a bright glow  
glottnit clotted blood, bloodshot in context
gloustererie ˈglʌustərɪ gusty, blustering weather  
glower ˈglʌuər frown, scowling  
gluive | gluve glove  
glumf | lumph | glumsh glʌmf be glum, sulk, move about sullenly  
glunch ˈglʌnʃ frown, look sour  
glut | glit swallow with effort, gulp, a wedge for adjusting a plough  
glyde | gloyd gləid an old useless worn out horse (or person)  
gnap gnap bite, gnaw, speak posh  
gnash a gnashing or snapping of the teeth  
gnasher Dennis the Menace's dog from the Beano comic  
gnashick ˈgnaʃək the red bearberry  
gneck gnɛk a notch  
gnib gnɪb quick in action or speed  
goat | gat | git goʔ got in context
goam not pay attention to, not greet, snub, pointedly ignore  
goamins greetings  
goamless stupid  
goan ˈgoən go and in context
goavin looking dazedly, mooning.  
gob | gub mouth, a spat mass or lump, spit in context
gobbin spitting in context
gock deep wooden dish  
golach | golack ˈgoləx an insect, ground beetle or eerwig in context
gollan ˈgolən wild daisy types of flowers  
goller roar, shout, bawl, gurgle  
gollop gulp  
gomach A fool, a simpleton in context
gomerel ′gɔmərəl blockhead, half-witted in context
gonna going to in context
goolies ˈgulˈəs testicles, male private parts in context
gorb nestling  
gorble gulp, eat ravenously  
gorcock ˈgorkok moorcock, male red grouse in context
gorfy ˈgorkok course in context
gorlin fledgling  
gormaw gormɑ cormorant  
gornal button  
gorroch mix, stir, make a mess of  
goshens abundance  
gote | gwite ditch, drain, narrow rocky sea inlet  
gotten goʔən got  
gouf underpin or underbuild of a building - to secure it  
goukmey the gret gurnard in context
goum | goom gum gum  
goumbyle gumboil  
goun | goon | gounie gun gown in context
gourlins ˈgurləns edible bit of the earth nut  
gouster ˈgʌustər gust of wind, boast, bluster  
gove stare stupidly or vacantly, wander aimlessly (nickname for a headmaster)  
gowan ˈgʌuən daisy, ox eye daisy, any daisy type flower in context
gowany covered with wild daisies  
gowd | goud | gʌud gold in context
the rank is but the guinea's stamp, the man's the gowd for a' that one's position in society is but a stamp based on coin, the true worth is the actual person, no matter what's been bought before (Robert Burns)  
gowden golden  
wallie gowdie, wally goudy golden decorative ornament, a precious jewel, term of affection in context
gowdspink goldfinch  
gowf golf, a blow, buffet in context
gowk gʌuk the cuckoo, a fool, simpleton in context
gowk's errand fools errand  
gowl gʌul howl, yell, roar, weep, a narrow pass  
gowling lamenting (as a dog in grief)  
gowp the heart beating strongly or wildly  
gowp gulp (liquid), scoop up in the hands  
gowpan ˈgʌupən scooping with the hands shaped into a bowl  
gowpanfu ˈgʌupənfu double handful  
gowst bluster (wind), boast  
gowstie | goustie vast dreary blasted and desolate, wild windy and eerie, breathless from the effort of being a fat lardass in context
graapus a mean greedy fellow in context
gracey devout, viruous  
graff | graiff gref a grave  
graff dodgers old people  
grain gren the smallest unit of measure equal to .825 Troy grains  
grain branch of tree, stream,  
graip grep a large farming fork, to grope, probe with the hands in context
graith prepare, make ready  
graith greð armour, equipment or tools for a trade or journey of any sort in context
graithing accoutriments  
gralloch ˈgraləx deer's guts, the removal of in context
gramashes grəˈmaʃəz gaiters, leggings  
grammle scramble  
grand splendid  
granich ˈgranjəx sicken, disgust  
granmither grandmother in context
grannie, granny familiar name for one's grandmother in context
grannie-sooker ˈgranɪˈsukr a peppermint, white round and hard sweetie in context
grapple drag a loch or burn for a corpse  
grapus ˈgrepʌs the devil  
grashloch ˈgraʃləx stormy, boisterous  
grat to have cried  
graund grand  
gravat, grauvat ˈgravət cravat, a hangman's noose  
grawn grown  
gray gre grey  
grayback hooded crow  
graylord the fully grown coalfish  
graywillie the herring gull  
great | graet great, big, stout  
gree | grie gri agree to a degree, come to terms, reconcile  
gree degree, step in a rising scale, intensity in context
green | grein green, covered with grass  
green | grein long for  
greenbane ˈgrinˈben garfish, needlefish in context
greeshach | greeshoch ˈgriʃəx shivery, shuddery, chilly  
greeshoch | greishoch glowing embers  
greet, greit grit cry, weep, lament, complain bitterly in context
greety, greity given to tears  
greve griv grief, an injury  
grice grəis a young pig  
grieve | greive | greeve griv magistrate, overseer, foreman  
grilse grɪls young salmon  
grip | grup grasp and hold tight  
grippit | gruppit grasped and held tight in context
grippie | grippit mean, tight with money  
grisk grɪsk avaricious  
groat grot a single four old scots pence piece, nothing much in context
a groat is ill saved that shames its maister a groat is ill saved that shames its owner - would you sell your soul for a penny?  
groats hulled grain  
ken yir ain groats in ither folk's kail be wily and sharp in recognising your own efforts or property amongst others' efforts or belongings  
grochle spit, phlegm, clear one's throat, (not found in any official dictionaries but I've known and used it for decades and I've seen it used with this meaning on on-line forums) in context
groose grus grouse  
gropsie glutton, to eat greedily in context
grosar | groset | grozer | grozet | goosegog ˈgrosərt gooseberry in context
grosell ˈgrozl next  
grouff grʌuf disturbed sleep, snore  
grougous ugly  
grounch grunt  
growe grʌu grow  
growk grʌuk dog or child looking longingly at food  
growthie-n-up over grown  
growthie warm moist weather promoting growth  
gru atom, smallest particle  
grubber large heavy iron harrow  
grudge grʌdʒ complain, unhappy, unwilling  
grue gru shudder, feel horror, terror in context
gruesome horrific, fearful, inspiring a shuddering dread or loathing. in context
grue melting river ice and snow in spring  
it gars me grue it makes my blood run cold  
gruel wattery porridge, oatmeal foods  
gruip, grupe grup the gutter in a byre,  
grumf grʌmf grunt  
grumfie, grumphie pig in context
grumlie grim, turbid, muddy, in an uncertain state - also grumbling, irritable, sullen, surly - of the weather or sea in context
grummel | grummle grʌml rubbish, rubble, mud, grumble  
grumpf, grumph complainer, grumbler  
grumphie bad tempered, in a mood to complain in context
grunch grʌnʒ grunble, object  
grund | grun | groond grund ground, reason in context
gruntle the face of a pig or (insultingly) person in context
grunyie | grunzie ˈgrʌnjɪ snout in context
grunzie | grushie grʌnzɪ growing, thriving  
grup grip, seize  
gruppen, gruppit seized  
gruse | grooze | groose gruz to shiver  
grush grʌʃ crumble, grit, fine gravel  
grutten wept  
gryce | grice pig(s)  
gubbed gʌbd trounced, soundly defeated in context
guddle gʌdl a way to catch live trout in a stream with the hands by tickling their belly, do things in a messy way  
gude God  
gudesake goodness sake  
gudge gʌdʒ gouge, anything short  
gudgie gʌdʒɪ short and thickset  
guff gʌf strong smell, stench in context
neither guff nor style nothing at all  
guid, gude gɪd good in context
guidness goodness in context
guid sooth an exclamation  
guid-e'en good evening  
guid-father father-in-law  
guid-man husband  
guid-wife mistress of the house  
guid-willie hearty  
guidbrither brother in law  
guiddame grandmother  
guiddochter gɪdˈdoxtr daughter in law  
guider manager, organiser  
guidsin son in law  
guil | gule | gool gøl corn marigold  
guise masquerade, disguise,  
guisin gaızın children going disguised to do songs, dances and tell jokes around the neighbours on halloween for a reward of sweets, money, nuts and possibly fruit in context
guiss | guse gus goose  
gulch gulʃ eat quick and greedily  
gullie ˈgʌlɪ large carving knife  
gullie gully  
gulliegaws gashes, wound, hack  
gullion deep pool of mud, quagmire in context
gulravage riotous play.  
gumf | gumph ˈgʌmf a fool  
gumlie muddy  
gumption ˈgʌmpʃən wisdom, common sense  
gundie toffee  
gunk a bitter disappointment  
gunsh | gunch a think piece, hunk  
gurk stout heavily built person  
gurl growl, roaring howling wind  
gurlie stormy, threatening, rough in context
gurr growl, snarl  
gurrie dogfight, brawl, hurry,  
gushet gusset, corner structures of a fortress in context
gussie | gissie ˈgʌsɪ call to pigs  
gust taste  
gust the gab delight the palate in context
gutcher grandfather in context
guttag a fish gutting knife  
guttered extremely drunk in context
gutters gʌtərs mud, mire, muddy puddles, mud off one's shoes in the house  
guttie anything made of rubber, partly or wholy (catapult, gymshoes, golfball) in context
gutties gymshoes in context
guy | gy(e) | gui guide, steer in context
guys handlebars of a bicycle  
gype, gipe gəip stare foolishly open mouthed, play the fool in context
gyper gəipır talk nonsense, a joker in context
gypit gəipıt silly, foolish  
gyre gəir ogress, supernatural being, - female  
gyte, gite mad, insane, mad with rage in context

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