Scottish Words Glossary: L from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
lab lab a lump, a portion  
labber labər slobber  
laberlethin ˈlebərˈlɛθən  a rigmarole, rambling discourse in context
lacer ˈlesər a boot lace, a lace  
lad | laddie boy, serving boy  
lade | lead | leid led a channel bringing water to a mill, a mill race in context
laden | laiden loaded  
ladinar | ladister ˈladənər washerwoman  
laed laid  
laft loft  
lag lingering, slow  
lagamachie ləˈgamaxɪ long winded discourse  
laggen the bottom angle of a wooden dish  
lagger | laiger make wet or muddy, mud - not a proper beer  
laggin | leggin ˈlagɪn the edge or bottom of a barrel, the projection of the staves beyond the bottom, the bottom hoop of a barrel  
frae lug to laggin from top to bottom  
laggin crest of a hill  
laib | leb | laip | lep leb lick up, gobble, a mouthful of liquid  
laich | lache | laigh lex low  
laid | lade load, a measure of load (varies)  
laidron | ladrone ˈledrən a rascal, loafer  
laif | lafe lef loaf  
laig | lyaag leg gossip  
laik lek a stake (in a game)  
laip | lape lep lap  
lair | lear | laer | lairin | lair | lairn ler the act of teaching, learn, knowing  
lair one's bed, where animals lie down or occupy  
lair burial place, a reserved burial spot, mud, mire  
laird lerd lord, landowner in context
lairge lerdʒ large  
lairing sticking or sinking in moss or mud.  
lairnit | lair | lernt learned in context
laish laʃ slack, negligent  
lait leθ outward appearance of one, manners, seek. look for  
laith | lathe loath, scorn, detest in context
laithfu reluctantly  
laithsome loathsome in context
laldie ˈlaldɪ a thrashing, punishment  
gi it or them laldie to do vigorously or exuberantly, severely punish, vigorously beat in context
lallan | lalland ˈlalən lowland  
lallans the Scots language  
lamb affectionate term of address to a child, ma wee lamb  
lamgabblich | lamgammachie lamˈgablɪx long rigmarole, long rambling discourse  
lamiter | lameter lame person  
lammer amber, the fossilised resin  
lamp stride along quickly, take long springing steps  
lampin beating or thrashing enthusiastically, defeating soundly in context
lamper a lamprey eel  
lan | laun | laund lan land  
lan-afore the foremost horse on the unplowed land side  
lan-ahin the hindmost horse on the unplowed land side  
landart | landwart landward  
landimare | landimere in or from the country as opposed to the town  
lanbirst | lanbrist breaking waves  
lane len lone, solitary  
lanely lonely  
lang laŋ long, for long  
lang drachtit laŋdraxtɪt scheming  
lang syne laŋˈsəin long ago  
lang | langer long, longer  
lang-luggit ˈlaŋˈlʌgət long-eared, shrewd  
lang-nebbit ˈlaŋˈnɛbət nosy  
langle hobble, tether animal  
lang may yer lum reek Scotty the engineer's precursor to Spock's 'live long and prosper'  
lang-shankit ˈlaŋˈʃankət long legged (male)  
lang-sin-syne long established  
langsome ˈlɑŋsəm slow, tedious in context
lank | lankie lean, long and thin in context
lankie leggit long legged in context
lap parcel up  
lap leaped in context
lapper clot, curdle, freeze, lap ripple  
lappie small pool of water  
lapster lobster  
larach a site or foundation of the remains of an abandoned or ruinous building in context
lardon a gibe, a piece of sarcasm, a bit of larding bacon  
larick ˈlarɪk larch tree  
larkie hide and seek, the game  
lary the laurel  
lass | las | lassie girl in context
lash lash, a great splash of water - lashing rain (heavy)  
lashangallaivie ˈlaʃengəˈlevɪ abundance  
lat let, lath  
lat abee | lat be leave alone  
latch loop or catch, bog, wet, boggy stream, muggy, delay  
latchet latʃət small loop of thread, string  
late | leat late  
lath | laith | lauth lath  
lauch | lach | leuchen | leucht lɑx laugh, a reckoming in a tavern, bill in context
laud | lawd lɑx praise, high commendation, celebrate in context
laurean | lawranw laurel  
laum | lamm lɑm lamb  
laup lap  
lave | lafe | leife lev remainder, the rest  
lavellan ləˈvɛlən water shrew  
laverock | lavrock | laverloo ˈlevrək skylark  
lavie ˈlɑvɪ guillemot  
lavvy ˈlavɪ toilet, lavatory in context
law law, a rounded or conicall hill, not high but often isolated and conspicious, sometimes artificial  
lawin a session of drinking, (tavern) bill, reckoning for the session  
lawlands ˈlɑlənds low lying area, parts of Scotland South of the Highlands  
lay le put, place, flatten crops by wind and rain, re-steeling of a cutting edge  
laylock lilac  
lea | ley ləi fallow, left to grass, left untilled  
lea rig strip of grass left untilled in a ploughed field  
lead | leid (curling) the first player on each side,  
leak leak  
leal legally valid, loyal, faithful  
leal-heartit lilˈhartət faithful  
lealtie loyalty  
leam | leme lim gleam, radiance, husk a nut  
lear lore, teach, instruct  
leather ˈlɛðər tear into (prey) as in a hound, give a beating (probably with a belt), thrash, do something fast and with energy in context
leave liv permission  
leck lɛk a leak, a flat stone or slab, often as a ledge in the sea  
leckerstane a conspicuous stone or stone heap indicating a burial or a place to rest a coffin on its journey  
leckie ˈlɛkɪ lackie  
lecturi numeral six in a counting rhyme  
lede | leed | leide lid a man or people land or nation in context
ledder, lether ˈlɛdər ladder in context
leddie | leddy lady, laird's wife  
leddy lady  
lee | lie li lie (fib) tell a falsehood in context
lee li shelter  
lee lane quite alone  
lee-lang live-long  
leed | lede | leid lid a language, a manner of speaking in context
leemit | leemit limit  
leen lin pieces of grassy land in a moor or by a river, natural pasture  
leep | leip heat or cook partially, parboil, sit lazily by a toasting hot fire  
leerie | leirie a lamp lighter, one who lights lamps  
leerie stoup a lamp post in context
leerup smack or sharp blow, a lash  
leeshence ˈliʃəns licence and why we sound drunk all the time  
leesome pleasant, loveable, fine, balmy weather  
leesome lawful  
leet lit a stack of peats  
leet | leit a list, the selected candidates, make a pretence  
leeterarie | leiterary literary  
leeteratur | leiteratur ˈlitəratør literature  
leeve | leeve liv live  
left-fitter a catholic  
leid | leed lid lead (metal) in context
leip lip parboil  
leish liʃ active, athletic  
leister | leester a pronged barbed spear for salmon poaching  
lempit the limpet  
len lɛn to lend  
lench lɛnʃ launch  
lenth lɛnθ length  
lentren | lentrin | lentron ˈlɛntrən soup made with vegetables only, no meatstock  
lesart lizard  
lettin in leaking, water getting through in context
leuk | luik | luke luk look in context
leukit looked  
lew | loo lu lukewarm, warmth inside  
lewder | louder ′ludər beat, batter in context
lib to geld, castrate  
libber-lay ˈlɪbərˈle cudgel  
lichnin's ˈlɪxtnəns lightning flashes  
licht lɪxt light as in from the sun, electric, oil or candles in context
licht lɪxt kindle, to set alight in context
licht light as in weight in context
lichts, lighs ləixs the lungs in context
licht set light footed, nimble in context
lichtit lighted, lit in context
lichtlie lixtlɪ disparage, light on the feet, the will o the wisp (omen of death)  
lichtly lightly  
lichtsome delightful  
lick lɪk a small amount, the least particle in context
lick lɪk a hard blow, quickness, move at speed in context
licks a beating  
lie to sleep with in context
lie lane | lief alane all alone, solitary  
lief | lefe | leve ˈlif pleased, willing, allow or allowance to be  
lift sky, the heavens, pick up, raise the spirits, steal, nick  
liftit ˈlɪftət lifted, stolen, arrested in context
lig | ligg lie, recline, rest in the grave  
liggat | leggit a self closing gate  
light to disparage  
like| lyke ləik like, the like of, is agreeable in context
like | lyke as an intensifier - so to speak, as it were in context
like eneuch likely, possibly, enough  
lillilu lullaby  
lilt sing softly, hum  
lime | lyme ləim lime mortar  
limmer ˈlɪmər mischievous, a rascal, villain, a mistress  
limn lɪm portrait, a likeness  
ling lɪŋ heather, a line, a rope  
lingel shoemakers waxed thread, fasten with thread  
lingie ˈlɪŋgɪ long rambling story  
link joint of the body, lock of the hair, move fast and easily, briskly  
links a term for a golf course, a stretch of open undulating sandy ground, covered in rough grass and gorse, normally near the sea shore (the similar western version called machair is more calcerious with lower mineral content). The places where golf got its beginnings in Scotland and the world in context
links | link sausages string of regular sausages as opposed to the slices off the block lorne sausages in context
linn | lin ˈlɪn waterfall, cataracts, erosion by water, a deep and narrow gorge in context
linn | lin the pool below the waterfall  
lint flax plant, linen thread, recline relax  
lintel | lentell mantelpiece, threshold of door in context
lintie the linnet, one who is good at singing, a sprightly gay person  
lintwhite ˈlɪntˈhwəit the linnet  
lip cheekiness, taste, edge, boundary in context
lippen ˈlɪpən trust, depend on, anticipate, take one at one's word in context
lipper | lippir ruffled water, almost overflowing, leper, to lap up in context
lippie ˈlɪp quarter of a Scots Peck, a wooden box shaped to this measure  
lippin-fou full to the brim  
liquorie | lickerie liquorice  
lire flesh, also complexion  
lirk | lurk to crease, fold, wrinkle, also shrink, cower in context
lisk | leisk lɪsk the groin  
liss to relieve a person of pain or suffering  
lith | leth joint in finger or toe, segments of an orange  
lither ˈlɪðər idle, lazy  
lithock oatmeal gruel  
lithry ˈlɪðrɪ mob of disreputable characters  
littlin child  
little | littler | littlest | little-wee in order: small, smaller, smallest, tiniest  
little-boukit ˈlɪtlˈbukət shrunken  
loan lon grassy cattle track through arrable land leading to common grazing, a lane  
loanin field, paddock, the private road leading to a farm  
loch | louch | sea-loch ˈlox lake, fjord - only the loch with the name of 'Lake of Menteith' in Scotland is not named a loch - so loch doesn't really have a translation, it is the name for any sizeable inland body of water in Scotland (sea lochs (fjord) and firths (estuary) are joined to the sea) in context
lochaber a kind of long handled battle axe  
lochan ˈloxan a little loch  
lochgelly ˈloxˈgɛlɪ a leather strap or tawse for punishing schoolchildren. The one I was on the receiving end many a time was two inches broad and a quarter inch thick with the business end split into three, and would only sting mightily if applied with skill.  
lockfast under lock and key  
lockerstrae reed or pointer used to keep one's place while reading aloud or learning to read  
lodesman | lodisman ˈlodzmən guide, a pilot  
lofe | lof | luv lof praise, honour, value highly  
logan collection of small things of the same kind, scatter coins at a wedding for the children  
lokkit | lokit | lockit ˈlokət locked in context
lood lud loud  
loom red throated diver  
loom o' morn first signs of day in context
loorach ˈlurəx cloth tattered or trailing  
lorimer maker of small metal parts  
lorne sausage sausage meat in a flat rectangular format in context
losel ˈlozl scoundrel  
lotch fat lazy person  
lough lux die down - the wind  
loun | loon lun youth, boy, a young farm worker, fellow of the lower orders in context
lounie | loonie young boy, little lad in context
lounder | loonder deal heavy blows on, work with vim and vigour, skulk  
lourach | loorach lurax tattered or trailing,  
lourd lurd sluggish, heavy  
lour glower, frown, dull, overcast  
lout | loutch stoop, slouch  
low | lowe a flame, ardour, burn with brightness  
tak low takˈlo catch fire  
lowden ˈlʌudən to lull, abate  
lowder ˈljʌudər loiter, walk as if weary, plod  
lowin lowing  
lown ˈlʌun calm, serene, softly, stillness  
lowp | loup ˈlʌup leap, spring, jump, jump to one's feet, jump from fright, also cascading (water), in context
lowpen jumped, leap in context
lowper a jumper  
lowpit | loupit ˈlʌupɪt jumped, riddled with fleas  
lowse ˈlʌus loosen, free, unrestrained in context
lowsed ˈlʌuzd loosened, finished from work  
lowsin ˈlʌuzɪn letting go, releasing, ending in context
lowsin time end of working day  
lubbart | lubbard a lout  
lucken | lukkin closed tight, the foot or hand clenched  
luckenbuith | luckenbooth ˈlʌkənˈbuθ a lockable booth or stall  
lug lʌg the ear, any projecting part of an object in context
lugget | luggit having ears, having handles in context
luggie a porringer a bowl with two handles, bucket used to collect rasperies for pulping in context
luif | loof | lufe løf palm (hand), paw or foot of animal in context
crack luifs shake hands in friendship  
luiffie | laifie a hit on the palm with a belt or cane for punishment, a mitten, a fist sized kind of flat bread roll  
lum | lumb lʌm chimney; lang mae yer lum reek = live long and prosper; Scots to Vulcan in context
lumber get a date on a night out in context
lume | leem løm an instrument of any kind, loom  
lummed lʌmt thwarted  
lunk close sultry weather  
lunkart | longart ˈlʌnkərt a small temporary shelter  
lunt a light, a match, a fuse, prepared for ignition, kindle, a column of smoke or steam  
lunt lʌnt walk with a springy step, briskly walk in context
lurdan | lordane ˈlʌrdən villain, lazy, loutish or stupid, rascally  
lurgy | the dreaded lurgy lʌrgɪ a spike milligan goon show word meaning an infestation or virus now a common word here in Scotland - too good to leave out in context
luttard bowed, bent  
luve | lufe lʌv love in context
lyam laɪəm a leash for hounds  
lyart ˈlaɪərt greyish haired, grizzled, silvery - like me  
lyke | leek ləik corpse, an unburied body  
lythe laɪð the pollack  

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