Scottish Words Glossary: Y from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
yaag jag gossip, chatter, prate  
yabb jab prattle on  
yabber talk excitedly  
yaff | yauff jʌuf bark, yelp, chatter in context
yagiment ˈjagɪmənt agitated, excited in context
yair jer fish-trap across a river  
yaird yard  
kail yaird ˈkelˈyerd garden for food production, cabbage patch  
schule yaird playground  
yairn story, yarn  
yall jɑl yell, howl  
yallae | yalla | yella ˈjɛlə yellow in context
yallae lintie goldhammer  
yallochie yellowish  
yammer lament, harp on, harp insistently on  
yamph jamf dog yap, yelp  
yare ready and eager  
yarp grumble, harp on  
yarr corn spurrey, dog like snarl  
yat pour, flow, a yacht  
yatter jatər nag incessently  
yaud jɑd an old mare, worn out  
yauld | yaul active, alert, vigorous, eager  
yaup | yap cunning, shrewd, to have a hunger  
yaw caterwaul, wail in context
yawk jɑk ache  
yawn a long sea inlet  
ye ˈji you my better in context
yed ˈjɛd strife  
yeld | yell jɛl barren, without milk  
yelloch ˈjɛləx yell, shriek  
yellyhooin ˈjɛlɪˈhuən shouting and screaming  
yer | yur ˈjər your in context
yerk | yark jerk, bind tightly  
hae a yerk at make a vigorous attempt at  
yerp | yirp nestling's chirp, fret  
yersel | yoursel | yirsel ˈjɛrsɛl yourself in context
yese | yez | yaez | yiz ˈjuz the plural of you, the more you stress the z the more plural and emphatic it gets in context
yeeze | yaez | youz ˈjuz the plural of you, the more you stress the z the more plural and emphatic it gets in context
see youz, youz are fur the high jump see you lot, you are all in trouble and will be dealt with soon officially, count on it  
Hoi, youz are claimed Hey, you lot over there, you are all now booked in for a fight with us  
yesk | yex jɛsk hiccup  
yestreen | yistrene jɛˈstrin last evening, yesterday  
yether long rod, severe cut with a cane  
yett jɛt gate, a natural pass between hills in context
yeuk | youk | heuk juk feel itchy, scratch in context
gar yin scart whaur it's no yeukie make one regret what they have done  
yiff-yaff insignificant chatty person  
yill ale  
yill-caup ale-stoup  
yim a tiny particle, a film of dust or scum  
yin jɪn one, numeral one in context
yins one's, tak them yins - take those one's in context
yince once in context
yir your, you are in context
yird | yerd jird earth, inter something  
yirdie bee miner bee  
yirdit buried in context
yird drift drifting snow  
yirn jirn cause to curdle, whine  
yirr dog growl, outcry, complaining in context
yirsel yourself in context
nae yis of no use in context
yite | yoit | yorlin jʌut yellow hammer, play truant  
yiv you have in context
yivvery over desirous, anxious, greedy in context
yo but yes - an instant rejoinder to someone who said no  
yoke jok take a grip, deal with, get stuck in  
yoke tae set about an activity  
yokin | yoking beginning a period of work  
yokit jokət attach, join, to yoke in context
yoller speak loudly  
yon | yin jon that thing or place a bit further over in context
yonder at some distance over there in context
yonker | younker blɪn a youngster, a youth in context
yon time that time - often indicating times up, meaning I intend to go  
yont further along, through beyond, on or to the other side  
yonmost the most distant  
yonwey that way which is over that way a bit more  
yoon unionist, one who believes in the union of the UK - the type of unionist that thinks that all foreigners are devious and dirty yet believes that the ex nations of the british empire will eagerly qeue up to rejoin  
youthheid juθˈhid youth, adolescence  
yowdendrift ˈjʌudənˈdrɪft snow driven by the wind  
yowder | yowther ˈjʌuðər very unpleasant fumes or smoke from burning  
yowe jʌu sheep, ewe, in context
yowie a pet ewe, a fir cone  
yowff jʌuf a barking sound, a swipe, a thump  
yowl jʌul howl, wail  
yowt | youp jʌut howl or howling, yell, cry in context
yuchle jʌxl a gob of phlem  
yaise, yuise, uise, eese jus use in context
yule | yuil | yeul Christmas and all its bits and pieces  
yule bannock specially baked on christmas eve in context
yunk a stake marble  
yurlin a puny creature in context

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