Scottish Words Glossary: V from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
vacance | vagans ˈvekəns holiday - wait a minute, is this a french glossary - no… but it's the auld alliance, the name for when Scotland shared a mutual cultural and military alliance with France in opposition to England explains the language overlap I think, one benefit being the major import and drinking of wine and claret by various means (even into the time of Rabbie Burns (smuggling)) - (the alliance began in 1295 and only ceased (but was not revoked) when the Scottish king James VI became the king of England in 1603 (James I)). De Gaul said "In every combat where for five centuries the destiny of France was at stake, there were always men of Scotland to fight side by side with men of France, and what Frenchmen feel is that no people has ever been more generous than yours with its friendship."  
vaig | vage | vyaug veg wander about idly, gad about in context
vaige | vayage ˈvəidʒ voyage  
ill vage tae ye bad luck to you  
vaik fall empty. have time for  
vainish ˈvənɪʃ vanish  
vangaird vanguard  
variorium varɪorˈorəm novelty, trinket, ornament  
vaudie ostentatious  
vauntie | vaunty | vantie | vannie ˈvɑntɪ proud, boastful, vain in context
vause | vawse vase  
veecious | veicious ˈviʃəs vicious in context
veed viːd senile  
veenegar | veinigar vinegar  
veesit, veisit ˈvizɪt visit in context
veeve | vieve | veive viv brisk, lively, life-like, bright, vivid  
veige | veege vəɪdʒ voyage  
vennel ˈvɛnəl alley between houses, small street  
vent chimney flue  
ventur | venter ˈvɛntər venture, to take one's chance  
ventourous | venturous ˈvɛntər adventurous, bold, willing to take risks; impetuous  
vera | varra | wery ˈvɛra very  
vertie | verty | vairtie ′vɛrte Energetic, active, especially at an early hour of the day, in context
veshel ˈvɛʃl vessel  
vetite ˈvɛtɪt forbidden, interdit  
vex fret grieve, be sorry , trouble, vex in context
viadant vəiadənt traveller  
vice ˈvəiz the place of another  
view | vyow vju view  
virl ˈvɪrəl ferrule  
virr force, strength in context
vittle victual  
vivers ˈvɪvərz provisions, victuals  
vizzie | vizzy ˈvɪzɪ study, examine closely, a visit, to visit. glimpse  
vogie | voky | voke | vocky ˈvogɪ vain, vanity  
vou, voo vu vow  
voust | vost vʌust brag  
vult | wout vut countenance, features  
vyce | vice vəiz voice  
vyre vəir whirl, turn  

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