Scottish Words Glossary: O from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
o of, on, as far as concerns, in context
oanshach | oashach a sorry fool, an idiot in context
oam om steam, vapour  
oatcakes Delicious with a good cheese and a drink of whisky. Made from oats (pinhead oats for me), butter or lard, water, and salt to taste. My grannie made them on a griddle as large thin triangular shapes and leant them upright around a Lyles golden syrup tin to cool and harden. They were only about 3mm thick and marvelously didn't break under their own weight. She was a great cook and baker and I've never met anyone since that can make any nearly as good that don't fall to bits.  
oberin | obran odds and ends, trivial work or favour  
obeyand oˈbiand submitting to  
obleege | obleige | oblis | oblish | oblych oˈblidʒ oblige in context
obleegation | obleigation | oblychation obligation in context
observatioun observation in context
obstant opposing, adverse  
obteen | obtene əbˈtin obtain  
obtend obˈtɛnd put forward as an argument  
och | ach ox expressing sorrow, pain, regret, weariness or exasperation - it's all in the tone and attitude in context
ochone oˈxon woe is me! - how woe is the same as above - double it up, ochone ochone, and get double the effect  
ocht oxt anything, nothing, aught in context
oer ˈoər over in context
offie ˈofɪ privy, a dry closet, a crapper - where you sawdust the poo wait a year then put it on the tatties to make them grow to get lots and lots of bigger tatties - rather than flush the poo away  
offisher officer - one might say it's pronounced that way because we're generally inebriated when an officer is called upon  
ogart ˈogərt pride  
omnigaddrum a miscellanious collection  
on | oan on in context
on the bash on a drinking spree in context
oncairie | oncairrie | onkerry | oncairry ˈonˈkerɪ a fuss, a carry-on  
oncome | oncum the beginning,  
ondag a heavy shower - rain or snow  
onding a heavy continuous downpour - rain or snow  
onfaa | onfaw ˈonfa rain, snow, attack, beginning  
ongae | ongaun progress, start of movement  
ongauns onˈgɑns goings on  
ongang onˈgaŋ the starting of machinery  
onie | ony ˈonɪ any in context
on'ie | on'y only in context
onie ither bodie anyone else  
onybody | oniebody ˈonəˈbʌdɪ anyone in context
oniegate ˈonəˈget anyway in context
oniemair anymore in context
oniething | onythin anything in context
oniewey | onieway | onywye | ony-way ˈonɪˈwəi anyway, at least, at any rate, anyhow in context
onie ither wey anywhere else  
onykin | oniekyn | onykyn of any kind  
ontynt onˈtɪnt not lost  
oo, ou wool  
oof uf wolf  
ool | oul ul owl, to bully  
oor | hoor hour in context
the wee oors the early hours of the morning  
oor ˈur our, also shiver with cold, huddle in context
oorie | oorich | ourich | ourie ˈurɪ dismal, sad, - of persons or things  
oorit | ourit cold, shivery tired  
oorlich | oorit ˈurləx miserable looking from chill and hunger  
oors ours  
oorsels | oursels ˈurˈsɛls ourselves in context
oose | ooze | oos | ouse | ouze | ous uz woollen fluff, dust  
oot ˈut out in context
oot o out of in context
it's a sair time when the moose leuks oot o the meal barrel wi a teir in its ee it's a severe time when the mouse looks out of the grain barrel with a tear in its eye  
oot o the road out of the way in context
ootring | outring (curling) the side of the curling stone away from the tee  
oot-stair oustside staircase  
ootby ˈutˈbəi outside, outlying, distant  
ootcast a quarrel  
ootcome result, effect, profit  
ootfa quarrel  
ooten | ooton out of  
ootfield | outfield further out and less fertile parts of the farm in context
ootgane ˈutˈgeɪn past time, fully  
ootgang ˈutˈgaŋ an outgoing, departure, expense  
ootgate exit  
ootgaun ˈutˈgɑn outgoing, removing, leaving,  
oother | outher ˈuðər fluff from frayed wool  
oothoose outhouse, privvy in context
ootland | ootlan a stranger, outcast  
ootler | outler | outlier farm animal that is OK being out in winter, a person from a remore district  
ootlin alien, outsider  
ootmaist ˈutˈmest outermost  
ootower | atour ˈutˈʌuər beyond, across, outside  
ootpassin termination  
ootreik | ootreke | outreik | outreke to outfit, supply  
ootrel | ooteral | outrel ˈutrəl a stranger, person from a different family, clan or country  
ootset an ornament  
ootunner from under  
ootwick | outwick ˈutˈwɪk curling - a shot that strikes a previouly already played stone of one's own side and drives that stone towards the tee - opposite of inwick - also in bowls  
ootwitten | outwitten ˈutˈwɪtən unknown to  
ootwye | outwye ˈutˈwaɪ outweigh  
ooyah! ouch! in context
oozlie ˈuzlɪ slovenly, unkempt  
opeenion ˈuzlɪ opinion in context
or ere, before, till, early  
ordein, ordeen orˈdin ordain  
ordinar | ordnar | ornar ˈordnər ordinary  
orp | orpe grumble, complain  
orpit peevish in context
orra ˈorə spare, unnocupied, extra or odd and occasional - from time to time in context
orral a scrap, fragment  
orrals bits and pieces, odds and ends  
orraman ˈorəman handyman or extra man on a farm (person) my granny worked full time as a female orraman in the 50's and 60's  
orrasters casual labourers, workers in context
ort waste  
otherwyse | otherwayis | orderwas or else, otherwise in context
oubit | oobit ˈubət caterpillar  
ouf | oof uf small unimportant, a fool  
ouglie | oogly ˈugli ugly  
oulet | oolet ˈulət an owl  
over number from a childrens sheep counting rhyme; probably numeral eight  
ower | owre | over ʌur above, over, across, farther off, excessively, too in context
owerance mastery  
owerblaw ʌurˈblɑ overblow with sand snow etc  
owerby | owerbye ʌurˈbaɪ over the way from, at or to a place understood from the context in context
owercoup ʌurˈkʌup overturn  
owerend | oweren | owerset ʌurˈɛnd turn up, set on end, overset, overturn  
owergae ʌurˈge pass through or over, surpass, overflow  
owergaen ʌurˈgen surpassing in context
owergaeit overcome, smothered in weeds, vanquished in context
owergang ʌurˈgaŋ oppress, dominate  
owerhail, owertak ʌurˈhel overtake  
owerharle ʌurˈharl tyrannize  
owerhing ʌurˈ overhang  
owerleuk ʌurˈluk overlook  
owermare ʌurˈmer farther over  
owermaist ʌurˈmest uppermost  
owrins, overins ʌurˈrɪn odds and ends  
ower-rax ʌurˈraks stretch, over reach  
ower-sair ʌurˈser excessively painful in context
owersee ʌurˈsi oversee  
owertaen ʌurˈten made helpless, overcome,  
owerthraw ʌurˈθrɑ overthrow  
owerturn ʌurˈtʌrn repeat a song, story, turnover  
owerwird | owerword ˈʌurwʌrd chorus of poem or song  
owsen oxen  
owthor | owther ˈʌurðər author  
owya ˈʌuja exclamation of pain or insult directed at someone, ouch you in context
oxter | oxster okstər armpit in context
oxterat hugged  
oxter-cog help one walk by supporting under the arms  
oxter-pooch okstərputʃ breast pocket  
oxter-stick crutch in context
oxter'd lifted up by under the arms  

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