Scottish Words Glossary: U from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
uche ux ouch, also a clasp, buckle, broach - I'm assuming the ouch comes from stabbing oneself on the pin that all these clasps must have?  
ugg | ug | oug ʌg loathe, feel disgust at  
uggsome | ugsome | ougsome ʌgsəm loathesome, disgusting in context
tak an ug at take a dislike to  
uggin disgusting, horrible, annoying in context
uggit upset, annoyed, disgusted  
ugly | oogly ugly in context
uise | yeusse | yiss | yuise use in context
uisin | usin | usyng using in context
umberaught ʌmbɪˈrɑx surrounded  
umbrackle ʌmˈbrakl a shady place  
umbrate shade  
umberellae | umberella umbrella  
umwhile | umquhile ˈʌmhwəil sometimes, late, deceased  
unabasit undaunted  
unawaurs ʌnəˈwɑrz unawares  
unbawndonit ʌnˈbnɑdunɪt not tied up or under control (animals)  
unbekent ʌnbɪˈkɛnt unknown, strange in context
unbidden uninvited  
uncannie | uncanny unskillful, careless, awkward  
unchancy ʌnˈtʃansɪ unlucky, perilous  
unco | unca | unkin ˈʌnco unknown, unfamiliar, no longer recogniseable in context
unco remarkable, extaordinary, a wonder, awful, rude, shy  
unco body a stranger  
the unco guid the self righteously moral  
unco guid remarkably good or kind  
unco-like peculiar, strange in context
unco whacks awful blows  
sic unco whacks such blows as never before felt  
uncolie, uncoly ʌnkolɪ very much, to a remarkable degree  
uncouthie ʌnkuθɪ eerie  
unction ʌŋktʃən auction  
undecent indecent  
undichtit ˈʌndɪxtəd unwashed in context
unduchtie ʌndʌxtɪ    
une | oyne | oen øn oven  
uneis ʌnˈɪz not easily  
unfarrant ʌnˈfarənt unattractive, unpleasant  
unfierdy ʌnˈfirdɪ clumsy, not in proper trim in context
unfreend | unfreend an enemy, non-friend  
unhalesome unwholesome  
unhanty | unhaunty | unhaundy ʌn′hɑnti Inconvenient, also clumsy unwieldy in context
uhhed | unheid ʌnˈhid behead in context
unhonest dishonest  
unkent | unkend | oonken ʌnkɛnt not to know, no recognition of in context
unkennant | unkennin ignorance in context
unner | onder under in context
unnerstaund | unnerstan understand  
unraivle ʌnˈrevl untangle  
unruleful unrully in context
unscrapit tongue ʌnˈskrepɪt abusive speech  
unsiccar unsteady  
unsicker not to be depended upon  
unskaithed ʌnˈskeðɪt unhurt  
unsneck unlatch  
unsnib unbolt  
unsonsie ʌnˈsonsɪ luckless, bringing bad luck  
unsteek | unsteik unfasten  
untaigle ʌnˈtegl untangle in context
untelt untold, censored in context
untrowabil ʌnˈtegl unbelievable, incredible in context
unweel | unweill ʌnˈwil ailing more than unwell  
unweirdit ʌnˈwirdɪt ill fated  
up the brae an doun the dale relentless pursuit  
upbeild ʌpˈbild construct  
upbiggit ˈʌpˈbɪgɪt built up  
upbring ˈʌpˈbrɪŋ bring up, rear, upbringing through childhood  
upby ˈʌpˈbaɪ up there, stairway to heaven, upstairs  
upgang ˈʌpˈgaŋ an ascent, go up  
uphaud ˈʌpˈhɑd uphold, keeping in good order  
upo | apo upon  
uppin ˈʌpˈən raising in context
upredd ʌpˈrɛd a cleaning, tidying  
upreddin a scolding  
upricht ʌpˈrɪxt upright  
upsteer | upsteir ʌpˈstir stir up, turmoil  
uptail ʌpˈtel leave in a hurry, 'be uptail an awa' - flee  
uptak comprehension, the light bulb going on - effective cognition in context
ure jur the udder, damp mist, drizzle, haze, ore, the point of a weapon, the moneys worth of an ounce of siver  
urf ʌrf stunted being - possibly human, possibly not in context
urlar urlar in the pibroch (musical compositions for the bagpipes) urlar is the base theme of the composition that is riffed upon as the tune progresses  
us | uz | iz ʌz us - the more of us there are the more the z sound is stressed - the pluralness of the word can increase, likewise with youz the Scots plural of the word you  
he telt us aff he told me off - to confuse you even more - us is often used in place of me (one person) when non emphatic  
us | us anes | us yins us vegetarians - the confusion continues, often us is also used instead of we or we ourselves in context
usquebaugh | usquebae ˈuskəˈbe gaelic for water of life which thanfully for us Scots we translate into meaning good whisky, malts included in context
utmaist | ootmaist ʌtˈmest utmost  

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