Scottish Words Glossary: D from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
dab dab peck, strike lightly in context
dab ordinary or unpretentious  
dabbitie | dabbity ˈdabıtı ornament, a picture game of chance  
dacker | daker walk slowly or aimlessly, grapple, search for stolen goods  
dad | daud | dod ˈdɑd a large lump of something, strike heavily, beat, jolt, a heavy blow, pelt with large lumps of something in context
dae | dui ˈde do in context
daein ˈdeˈın doing in context
daeless ˈdeˈlɛs helpless, useless in context
be deen wi it dying  
daez't dezt dazed  
daff daf act playfully, or foolishly  
daffin larking in context
he that chates in daffin winna be leal in eernest he that cheats in fun will not be honest in earnest  
daft foolish, crazy, an imbecile in context
daft aboot daft abut besotted  
daftlike foolish  
dag thin drizzling rain  
dagie marbles game  
daich | daigh dex dough  
daidle dawdle, dirty one's clothes, dandle a child  
dails planks  
daik dek adorn, smooth down hair etc  
daimen | demmin ˈdemən rare  
dais | dase dez daze, become spoiled by age or damp etc  
daith | deeth | deith deθ death in context  
dale deal, portion, a sharing out, a plank  
dambrod draughts board  
dams, damss game of draughts  
dammish stupefied  
dander refuse of a smith's fire  
his dander's up to become riled, angry  
dandrum whim  
dane | din den done  
dang daŋ to hit with a blunt object in context
daover | dover numeral eleven from a counting out rhyme  
darena dare not  
darg a day's work, work in context
a guid day's darg can aye be duin wi a blunt spade a good day's work can always be done with a blunt spade, it's a bad workman that blames his tools  
darger casual labour  
darklins in the dark  
dauchie ˈdɑxɪ dull and sticky curling ice  
daunder | dander | dauner ˈdɑndər stroll in context
daunle dandle  
dauntonly bravely  
daupit slow witted  
daur dɑr dare  
daurk | dawrk dark  
daurna | darena | darenae daren't  
daursay suppose  
daut | dawt pet, fondle  
dautie a pet, a pet name, darling in context
daver | dever ˈdevər wander aimlessly  
daviely spiritless.  
daw | daa dawn  
dawds big lumps of something  
dawk drizzle  
dawin dawn  
dawk drizzle  
dawly physically or mentally slow  
dawtingly prettily  
daylicht deˈlixt daylight in context
dear term of endearment in context
dear expensive, costly, in context
dear pity me | dearie me an expression of sorrow in context
deave | deive | dieve div deafen, annoy with noise or talk, bore in context
dee die in context
deein rindʒ dyeing in context
deed indeed, to be sure  
deef | deaf | deif dif deaf in context
deek | deik a glimpse, a look  
deem | deim dame  
deemster | deimster judge  
deevil | deivil | deil dil devil in context
defait | defett defeated, exhausted  
defender defendant  
deg piercing blow  
deid did dead in context
like a deid dug out of sorts  
mind yer a long time deid… may I remind you that you’ve got an eternity to (whine, complain, dilly-dally, prevaricate, procrastinate etc) after you are dead, how much time have you got to be living?  
deil-haet nothing (Devil have it)  
del | dell delve in context
deleerit | deleirit delirious, mad in context
delf hole or pit made by digging in context
delicht | delite | delyte dɪˈlɪxt delight  
delvin digging in context
dementit demented in context
den narrow valley - especially with trees, a base in a game in context
denner | dainer | dainner ˈdɛnər dinner in context
dentielion | dentylion ˈdɛntɪˈlaɪən dandelion  
depairt dɪˈpert depart  
depone testify  
derf | darf difficult, bold, daring, unbending in context
dern secret, serving to hide or conceal, darn  
dert | dairt dart  
descrive dɪˈskraɪv to describe  
deuch | dyoch djux an intoxicating drink  
deugend wilful, obstinate, litigious in context
deuk | jouk | jeuk djuk a duck or to duck out of the way in context
deval | devall sink, fall away  
devel | davel ˈdɛvl a severe and stunning blow  
deyd, deydie grandfather, grandmother  
dibber-dabber argue, wrangle  
diced | dyced chequered  
dicht | decht | dight dɪxt wipe in context
dichter wiper in context
dichtie dirty  
did | duid | daed did  
didna | didna, didny | didnie, daedna | didnae did not in context
didder quake  
didderums half daft notions, bees in one's bonnet in context
diddle dance with a jigging movement in context
diddle | deeble sing without words  
diddle-daddle great activity with little result  
difeecult | difeecwalt | dificwalt dfikwəltɪ difficult  
differ quarrel, dispute  
dill soothe, quieten down  
dilp slovenly woman  
dilse dulse (seaweed)  
din make a loud noise or outcry in context
din dun, dark complexion, sallow  
dingin | dangin | dungin dɪŋɪn striking, hitting like you'd hit a bell in context
Stourie, stouchie, gaudie brierie! Dinging a' things tapsalteerie bustling, fussing, prankish, prickly! Knocking all things up and over  
go one's dinger go at something very vigorously  
dinge dent, bruise  
dingle ˈdɪŋl tingle - with cold or pain  
dink | dinkie spruce, neat, trim  
dinna | dinny | dinni | dinnie | dinnae don't, do not in context
dinnle shake, vibrate, peal  
dint ˈdɪnt affection, liking, a blow, an opportunity, a deep impression  
dird a hard blow, severe strike,  
dirdum, durdrum tumult, a mighty noise, altercation in context
dirdy-lochrag ˈdɪrdɪ-ˈloxrag lizard  
dirk | durk long stabbing dagger worn hung from the belt, often with a ragged edge to cause a satisfactorily messy wound, I'm told that sometimes a knife and fork are fitted into the sheath - the sgian dubh is the smaller dagger tucked into the sock in context
dirl cause to tingle with emotion or pain, reverberate, ring when struck in context
dirl a knock or blow causing recipient or thing to dirl  
dirlie-bane funny bone  
dirlit noxtɪ Struck with a ringing blow. in context
dirr dɪr buzzing humming sound  
dis | diz | daes does in context
dischairge dɪsˈtʃerdʒ discharge  
dish | pish rain heavily  
dishclout, dishcloot dish cloth  
get a dish o want get nothing at all  
disjaskit dɪsˈdʒaskɪt dejected, downcast  
diskiver | discuiver | diskivver discover  
disna | daesna | disni doesn't in context
whit fizzes in the mooth disni aye fill the wame what fizzes in the mouth does not always fill the belly in context
dispone arrange, set in order  
disrespeckfu disrespectful in context
disreul to disorder, pervert, disgrace in context
dit shut your mouth, obstruct, close, block (the light)  
div do  
divna don't in context
divot | divvot | divett turf, sod, a thick clumsy slice of whatever in context
dixie a sharp scolding  
dizzen dozen in context
docher ˈdoxər injury, rough handling  
docht could  
dochter doxtər daughter  
dochtna cannot  
docken | doaken | docket | dockety dock plant, also as insult as in of no significance, for bum wiping  
docknail the nail that fixes firmly the blade to the scythe, a person that is indespensable to a job well done in context
dod dodder, the sulks  
doddie hornless bull, cow or sheep  
doddle something attractive, easy to do, toddle  
doddles male genitals, or the hard pellets of dirt on tails of sheep in context
dogging dodging school in context
doilt doilt dazed, confused, wearied  
doit act foolishly, be crazed  
doited muddled  
doiter stumble  
doitert witless in context
dominie schoolmaster, clergyman in context
donnert stupid, dazed  
donsie unfortunate, luckless  
doo | dou du dove  
puddie doo pet pigeon in context
dooble ˈdubl double  
doocot | doucot dovecote in context
dook | deuk dip, submerge briefly in context
dook | douk duk dip, bathe, swim  
dooken | doukin dipping, swimming in context
dookers | doukers swimming costume in context
douked ducked  
dool | doul | dule woe, distress, grief in context
dool tree | doul tree term for the gallows in context
doolfu' doleful  
doolie hobgoblin  
door | dure | doar door  
doozie a flame  
dorbie delicate, weak in context
dorlach ˈdorləx quiver for arrows, a soldier's bundle - pre backpacks  
dort sulk, huff  
dorty pettish  
dosinnit | dossinit | dozened ˈdozənt stupefied, dazed in context
doss tidy, spruce  
dossach ˈdosəx fondle, fuss over needlessly  
dottelt senile  
dotterel, dottled in a state of dotage, confused, witless - it comes to us all in context
dottered stupid, bemused, in one's dotage in context
dottle a particle, jot in context
douce, douse dus sweet gentle loveable, respectable in context
douchty ˈdoxtɪ powerful, strong in context
doudle play a wind instument, sing or hum to a tune  
dought dʌut could  
doun | doon dun down in context
dounby down there  
dounfaa downfall, downward slope  
dounhauden oppressed in context
doun-moued sad expression, sad  
dounsittin sitting  
doup dʌup the bottom in context
doup-skelper bottom-smacker  
dour | dure dur sullen, hard, stern, rellentless, dogged, sullen, gloomy in context
dout | doot dut doubt in context
doutfu | dootfu doubtful in context
douth | dooth depressed, gloomy  
dove | dovey dovɪ become sleepy,  
dover doze off  
dovie stupid, a dopy dozy person in context
dow | docht dʌu of no value or use  
dow a dove, fade away, wither  
dowe | dow to be able to  
dowe fade away, wither  
dowf | duff dʌuf gloomy, spiritless, weary, feeble person, dullard in context
dowie sad, dismall  
dowie | dowilie dʌuɪ drooping  
dowie | dowilie dʌuɪ drooping  
dowless Feeble, lacking in strength or energy in context
dowp bottom, buttocks  
dows dares  
dowt | dowp | doup cigarette-end  
doxy | doxie | duxy lazy, slow, lethargic in context
doylt stupid  
doytin doddering  
doze stupefy, stun  
dozen | dozin ˈdozn become cold or numb  
dozen't confound it  
dozent stupefied, dazed, stupid  
dozie stupid in context
drade | dreid | dreed dread, dreaded in context
draff draff, dregs after brewing  
draible | drabble ˈdrebl besmear, dribble  
draig | drag motion of the tide  
draigle | draggle bedraggle, dirty, mix  
draiglet | draggled | draigelt soaked, drenched, bedraggled, besmeared, wet in context
draik | drack soak, drench  
dram a small drink of whisky - Be careful as a guest in a house. Scots are obliged to be generous to guests and unlike pubs measures are generally gauged in finger thicknesses. So the fatter the finger and the broader the glass the more you are going to get and thus so be affected. in context
drant drawl, whine  
drap drop, (a wi drap; a drink of spirits) in context
drappit dropped  
draucht | dracht drɑxt draught, a load  
draunt drone, whine  
draunting tedious  
drave drove  
draw | draa draw, the aim in curling to get the stone to curve to the target  
drawn length the force needed to get a stone just to the tee  
drawlie drɑˈli slow and slovenly  
dree | drie endure  
dreel | driel | dreil drill  
dreep | dreip drip in context
dreepin dripping  
dreg | draig dredge, drag  
dreglins dregs  
dreich drix tedious, dull and long lasting, hard to bear  
dreich (of weather) gloomy,damp dull and long lasting in context
dreivin driving in context
drib a drop (liquid), beat thrash  
dribble drizzle  
dribs dregs  
driddle ˈdrɪdl to toddle, saunter  
drien driven  
driffle drɪfl drizzle, rain or snow lightly  
dring loiter, delay, poor miserly person, sing droningly  
drink-siller a gratuity given to be spent on alcohol  
drint drenched  
drive | dryve drive, strke the ball for a distance (golf)  
drob prick  
drochel | drochle ˈdroxl a short dumpy person in context
droddum the buttocks, the backside, arse  
drog | droag drug  
drone bass pipe of the bagpipe  
droner bumblebee  
droogle soak, drench, involved in wet messy work in context
droop-rumpl't short-rumped  
dross coal dust, what's left after you've shovelled up all the lumps of coal - lumps of coal were graded in size from steam (for steamships), to broken, to egg, to stove, to chestnut, and lastly down to pea size, then there's the dross - which is sometimes compressed into briquets - my family used to throw dross over the fire's glowing red embers at night wherupon it would smoulder all night long and only burst into life when poked with the poker in the morning and air and more fuel was added  
drouchtit druxət parched  
drouk | drook druk drench  
droukit | drookit soaked, wet through in context
droun, droon drun drown in context
drount | drint drowned, drenched  
drouth | drooth | droucht druθ drought, dry, in need of a nip in context
drouthie | drouthy thirsty  
drove drive cattle or sheep  
drove road tracks used to drive cattle to markets  
drow drʌu cold wet mist, drizzle, attack of illness  
drucken | druken inclined to be drunken, drunk  
drum hillock,long narrow ridge  
drumlie | drumle | drumble make or be muddy, disturbed water in context
drumlin long whaleback mound or ridge created by glacial deposit  
drummock raw meal and cold water  
drunkart drunk  
drunt the huff, sulks  
dry | dray dry, thirsty  
dry stane dyke boundary wall of stones built to last without mortar  
dryte | drite defecate, dirt in context
dub | dib a puddle, a pool in context
dubskelper dʌbskɛlpɪr one who travels rapidly regardless of the state of the roads in context
dubs mud  
duds ragged clothes, clothes in context
duddie worn out, ragged in context
dug | dowg dʌg dog in context
duin | dune | din dʌn ready ,done, finished in context
dule | dool grief  
dumfoond | dumfoon dumfound, amaze  
dumfoundered | dumfoundert | dumfoonert dʌmˈfunərt dumfounded, amazed, flabbergasted in context
dumpie depressed  
dumplin dumpling  
dun dʌn small stone walled defensive structure of the iron age  
dunderheid a stupid person in context
dunner thunderous noise  
dungstead midden, dunghill  
dunniwassal ˈdunɪˈwasl of a rank below the clan chief  
dunk dank, moist, damp in context
dunner | dunder rumble  
dunt dʌnt a heavy dull sounding blow, a blow to one's fortunes or feelings (a sair dunt) in context
dunter the common porpoise, or dolphin  
dunny cellar or underground passage of old tenements  
durk something big and clumsy, large clumsily built person  
durst dared  
durstna dared not  
dusht dʌʃ pushed or thrown down violently.  
dwaible | dwabble ˈdwebl feeble weak person in context
dwall | dwal dwal dwell, remain in the possession of a specified person, in thrall  
dwalling dwelling  
dwalt dwelt  
dwaum | dwam dwɑm swoon, faint  
dwaumie | dwamie sickly, feeble, dreamy  
dweeble flexible, flabby or weak, shaky (legs)  
dwyne | dwine dwəin dwindle, waste away in context
dyke | dike dəik a ditch  
dyke a boundary wall (of stone or turf) in context
dyker a builder of dykes  
dykie dəikɪ hedge sparrow  
dyst | doist a blow, a thud, fall or  
dyte | dite writing, compose, indite  
dyte | doit act foolishly, be crazed enfeebled or confused  
dyvor | dyvour | dyour ˈdaɪvər a bankrupt, a rogue  

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