Scottish Words Glossary: Q from A-Z
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
Scottish Word  Phonetic  Meaning  Word in Context
quaich kwex  a well made smallish shallow bowl-shaped drinking cup as per the fine examples handed out with the medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland  
quaick | quaik kwek quack - like the duck - please note the difference in pronunciation between quaik and quaich - quaich has a soft back of throat cchhh ending which is common to the pronunciation of a lot of Scottish words (loch)  
quaid | qued vile, base, bad  
quair kwer quire (a quantity of paper - which once equalled 4 sheets with each one folded once to equal a bound collection of 16 pages) - now means a literary work of any length (pamphlet, booklet or book), ((a work that might require a quick quire of quality quiet paper - quod: myself) see quatern and quod)  
quaird a division of a farm's infield land to allow for crop rotation - the 18th century UK farming revolution used a four year rotation, wheat, turnips, barley then clover (or fallow) - the different impact each years planting has on the soil ensures it stays in better heart over the long term rather than if it was hammered by the same crop year in year out  
quaisteen | quastion | queystion question  
quat | quate | quett ˈkwɛt  forsake, give up, requite  
quate | quaiet | queat | guyit ˈkwe(ə)t  quiet, secret, private, remote, sheltered  
quak | quaik kwek tremble, quake  
quakin-bog | bobbin-qwaw a quagmire that trembles, quaking bog in context
quarrel | querrel a quarry, quarry stone, argue  
quart a measure, a gallon of wine, ale or oil  
quat quit  
quatern ˈkwatərn  a quire of paper - quire - originally a pamphlet of four sheets of paper or parchment folded over and sewn to make 8 leaves (16 pages) - Paper is now measured in numbers of sheets, a quire once 24 is now 25 sheets, a ream is 500, a bundle is 1000, a bale is 5000 sheets  
quaw | qua kwɑ bog, quagmire, marsh  
queat ˈkweət quiet in context
queek | queak kwik squeak, cheep  
queem | queme | quim pleasing, agreeable, quiet, still, snug, neat  
queen o the meidae meadow-sweet  
queeple kwipl high pitched tone like that of a duckling  
queer peculiar, amusing, funny  
queerious ˈkwirɪəs curious  
queeriosity kwirɪˈozɪtɪ a curiosity in context
queesitive | queisitive kwizɪtəv inquisitive in context
queir | queer choir, a chancel, church ruin  
quern | quirn | queern kwɛrn quern - a hand milling stone, the stomach, the gizzard, a small seed, a granule  
querty active, vivacious  
quey | quoy kwəi a heifer  
quhalm qualm  
quhew hwju whew, whistling sound indicating relief  
quhon | wheen hwøn a few  
quick quick, alive and living, infested  
quickenin yeast, any fermenting agents  
quick-moss trembling-moss, amazing to experience as it seems the earth shakes under your feet, until you start sinking, and it sucks your wellies off  
quicken couch grass  
quidder kwɪdər full of vigour, really alive  
quietlin-wise ˈkwaɪətlənˈwəis quietly  
quine | quyne | quean | qyeyn kwəin,   girl, young woman in context
quinkins leavings or dregs, traces of food on pan, a worthless nothing  
quirk a riddle, a problem  
quirkie | quirky intricate, twisted, cunning,  
quisquous ˈkwɪskwəs perplexing, dubious, undefined  
quittance release, also a receipt  
quitten quit  
quo kwo quoth, said  
quod kwod said, "often written at the end of a text as a fancy way to make known the author of this text or quote"; quod myself  
quoit | coit | cute kwəi play a curling stone, taking part in a curling match  
quorum a gathering, a company  

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