143 years of repetitive reading for archivists written by a robot marooned on a rock in space with his pencils, box of jotters, and his robotic dog.
The Scottish Word:


“Fur a 143 years ah spin through space marooned wi nowt but a dug tae clap an a diary tae scrieve an NOO ah lose ma pencil. Ma last one.”


spin: progress favourably, journey in a vehicle.

“For 143 years I progress favourably through space marooned with nothing but a dog to pat and a diary to write, and NOW I lose my pencil. My last one”

[spin spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday.


It was the Hey Oscar Wilde entry for Gulliver Foyle that inspired this idea.

Gulliver Foyle was a character created by Alfred Bester in his great novel ‘The Stars My Destination’.

I read it released in the UK titled as ‘Tiger Tiger’ from the Kipling poem.

Foyle’s face was tattooed like a tiger which he later gets removed.

But when emotionaly stressed the marks would show. Giving him away.

It begins with him marooned in a space wreck and content to only survive until a passing ship ignores his distress flares.

This launches him into action on a course of criminal revenge which leads eventually to a sort of salvation.

Another great novel I recommend in the same vein is Cthon by Piers Anthony.

Oldies but Goldies.

Hey Oscar Wilde

The Scottish Word: spin with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

2 thoughts on “Spin.

  1. very cool idea. yeah, I think something eats my pencils. Maybe it’s the dog. They are mechanical and there is never any evidence. It’s a mystery ,so I just keep buying new ones. I think I have enough refillable leads to last for eons

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