Tackety boots on the table, big belly, eye patch, mottled face, tattoos, beer, wine and whisky and fags.
The Scottish Word:


“See thon carlie yonder Hugh? Wi oot a doot ah kin assure ye he ayewis, but ayewis, has a reid nose.”


carle, carlie: man, fellow; not in a good way.

“Can you spot that scallywag over there Hugh? Without a doubt I can assure you he always, but always, has a red nose.”

[carlie spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

We make a judgment about a person within moments of seeing them.

Considering that nearly all of us dress and pose to suit each particular social situation is such a judgment a good thing?

Perhaps that’s why con men are so successful.

Likewise good actors with voice, pose and gestures can create for us a complete fiction.

How do you get to know the real person?

Some people can lie consistently over time.

Only when the going gets tough are the fakes revealed.

In particular rotten managers or politicians can survive for years faking it until awful circumstances demand action.

Then it is too late.

The Scottish Word: carlie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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