Illustration Friday.

Illustration Friday as a site no longer exists.

Illustration Friday was a web site where a random word was posted every Friday. You then had the option to submit a link connecting to an illustration you made based on that word. You also uploaded a thumbnail of that illustration.

My thumbnails and links to my Scottish Word Illustration Friday entries are listed here.

It was good fun.  Below are a screenshots of the site courtesy of the Wayback Machine, the Internet Archive, from around 2016 and 2008 respectively.

Screengrab from wayback machine of the illustration Friday Web Site as it used to look.Screengrab from wayback machine of the illustration Friday Web Site as it used to look.

Now if you use the Illustration Friday address it takes you to a site run by advertisers with no illustrations to be found. I didn’t try and track down any archived material by the previous owner.

There is now an alternative.

Illustration Day.

For anyone interested a young illustrator has set up a new version – Illustration Day dot Com. She has also automated the process so that she doesn’t have to be enslaved by it.

illustration day web site.

Not many taking part yet but then I doubt that she is promoting it. You can follow this link to the site and give her some support.

I enjoyed the illustration Friday site back in the day. There were a lot of good artists taking part and you could be sure of a response from a lot of the illustrators if you commented on their work. Very friendly time.