A girl and her giant pet lizard go hunting for food in deep jungle lakes.
The Scottish Word:


“Tak us doon tae the lurgy deeps an oor denner ma trusty steed an hunter.”


denner, dennar: dinner, dine.

“Take us down to the infested deeps and get us some food, my trusty steed and hunter.”

[denner spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday. slither.

Slither can be a good word.

Such as slithering down a muddy bank into a cool pool on a hot day.

It’s a hot sunny day in Scotland today but our cool pools are more than cool.

They’re freezing with the run off from the melting snow.

It would stop your heart slithering into those.

Apologies to those that don’t like seeing naked people. But that’s the way to be in a hot humid jungle.

As a kid we all used to slide down a gorge into a burn on thick plastic bags or tea trays.

I visited that place recently.

Not as dangerous and deep as I remember but gratified to see evidence that kids are still doing that same thing nowadays.

(Lurgy as in the dreaded lurgy is from the Goon Show.)

The Scottish Word: denner with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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  1. I like the incidental creature with the periscopic eyes and tentacles. I wonder what the rest of him looks like.

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