Bird noise at dawn reach into a fallout shelter and man pops his head out.
The Scottish Word:


“Could yiz tak yersels aff an peck at the girse somewhere else. Ah’m tryin tae sleep doon here.”


yiz, yez, yaes, youz: you (plural), you lot.

“Could you take yourselves off and peck at the grass somewhere else. I am trying to sleep down here.”

[yiz spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday.

early. Too early.

If only we could rise with the larks what things we could accomplish.

Instead we concrete over our gardens, pull the blinds, stick pods in our ears or drowse at the TV.

We live by digital clock time instead of real world time and I think it is costing us a lot.

Go camping in the mountains without any electronics and reconnect with the world is my advice.

Rise with the light and go to bed after watching the sunset.

The Scottish Word: yiz with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

4 thoughts on “Yiz.

  1. Starting to get a feel for your age now, a “fallout shelter”, The kids here, think thats where you hide, under the picnic shelter, when the Canada geese are returning to the lake at dusk, after feeding in the corn fields all afternoon.
    Had to read “Mikes” reply twice before I understood.

  2. Just like American regional youns (you’uns), youse, yas, and y’all. First we drop thee and thou, then we have to make up plural you again.

    A couple of my friends in New York were messing around somewhere once and somebody yelled at them, “Get outta dere, da boat a yas!”

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