Ex service amputee personnel playing aggressive football (soccer) on stilts.
The Scottish Word:

Tackety Bits.

“Yer teeterin like a sissy – the secret’s muckle sturdy tackety bits what gie ye stability. No these wee licht baffies ye’ve on”


tackety bits, ~buits, ~butts, ~butes: hobnailed boots.

“You are teetering like a sissy – the secret is big sturdy hobnailed boots that will give you stability. Not those little light slippers you’ve on.”

takıtı bıts
The Scottish Word: tackety bits with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Illustration Friday. heights.

Daring young ex soldiers are not goin to lose the chance of adventure, legs or no legs, if they get the opportunity.

Maybe not on stilts though.

But I know as a kid, that if more than one set of stilts were available, then suitable games were invented.


4 thoughts on “Tackety Bits.

  1. It’s always the one’s that think they’re great shouting for the ball. The daft thing is the other players give it to them and the shouter’s end up looking better than they deserve.

  2. Just stopped by to tell you that the guy I knew at work who I thought was a Scot, was actually Welsh.

    I am already ashamed of my weak knowledge of my own language’s antecedents so we needn’t go there.

    He told me that if I had asked if he were British or Irish he would have had to “put on the boxing gloves”

    As a welshman though, he asked me for the link!


  3. Haha, oh dear! It’s not enough that the Scotsman is a full grown man, but he has to have the serious boots on! This is really hilarious. Nicely done.

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