Urban monsters in a downpour with umbrellas and flooded storm washed feet.
The Scottish Word:


Wid it no be better tae gie aw them yurlins boats insteid o the usual brolly?

It’d no be cheap but it’d still be a savin on clearin oot aw o their remains frae the branders an cundies at the end o ivery flood season.

Besides Trump sez there could be money to be made in makin them buy their ain boats, Efter aw it’s their own faut they’re yurlins – surely.


yurlin: puny stunted creature.

Would it not be better to give all those puny stunted creatures boats instead of the usual umbrella?

It would not be cheap but it would still be a saving on clearing out all their remains from the drains and gratings at the end of every flood season.

Besides Trump says there could be money to be made in making them buy their own boats. After all it is their own fault that they are so stunted – surely.

The Scottish Word: yurlin with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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