Carbon barons in their wealthy surrounding bought at the cost of the climate commenting on the muscle man who bangs the giant gong for lunch.
The Scottish Word:


Thon carlie there, he’s the kail-bell so listen oot fur it an be gleg because there’s a slee o glamshachers in this hoose that wid clear the board an leave nithin for those that are slow.

We’re aw coal an oil barons here an we ken the score. Aw for us an none fur naebuddy else.


kail-bell: dinner bell.

That fellow there of the lower orders acts as the dinner bell so listen out for it and be quick because there is a load of greedy grasping people in this house that would clear the table and leave nothing for those that are slow.

We are all coal and oil barons here and we know the score. Everything for us and none for nobody else.

The Scottish Word: kail-bell with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

They wish for the past

I suppose when I began drawing this I harked back to the days of rich country houses, the industrial revolution and the empire where non industrial countries and the lower classes were vulnerable and unprotected and were robbed blind by the industrial ruling classes.

This month (Dec 2018) world leaders met at the UN Climate Change Conference at Katowice and collectively failed to change their habits in the face of warnings of calamity ahead.

Better safe than sorry was never uttered by any of them. Business as usual was also not said but is clearly implied by their non action.

All bullied by the coal, oil and carbon barons of the 20th century, outdated and unwanted in the 21st, wishing to be in the 19th so they could wield power like true robber barons.

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