Man shouting from the attic of a thaatched cottage with farm animals in the yeard.
The Scottish Word:


Hoi, mind an sneck the yett on yer wey oot wi the cuddy or ye’ll lowse the coo, chooks an dug.


yett: gate, narrow pass in the hills.

Hey, don’t forget to latch the gate on your way out with the pony or you will allow the cow, chickens and the dog to get out.

The Scottish Word: yett with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

I drew this after an enjoyable break in a thatched cottage in Kirk Yetholm.

It was really only when official milk testing became mandatory that people really decided to stop keeping cows for milk. Too much bother.

Keeping chickens is making a come back. When I was a kid my family kept bees and chickens. And we had a pig. But I was too young to have a memory of it.

But there is a photograph of a small me riding on the back of the pig. In a kilt.

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