A substantial impressive smell from a small self effacing drinker at a busy bar.
The Scottish Word:


“…The neeps and tatties and mushy peas, stert workin like a gentle breeze, but soon the puddin wi the sonsie face, will hae ye blawin aw ower the place…”


sonsie: substantial, impressive, handsome, big.

“…The turnips and potatoes and mushy peas, start working like a gentle breeze, but soon the pudding with the handsome appearance, will have you blowing all over the place…”

Read the complete nine verse poem here ‘To a mouse parody’ with translations.

[sonsie spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday.


25th January is the evening for a Burn’s supper where one addresses the haggis and generally has a good time. Much story telling, music, singing and sipping of whisky.

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