Two wire controlled missile operatives wondering why they are showing up in the signal from the missile's targeting lock.
The Scottish Word:


“If it’s guided oer a wire by yersel? An it gies ye a swatch o the target on yir screen so ye canni fail tae malafooster whit yiv aimed it at? Then hoo come it’s oursels it’s showin here on yer screen?”


oursels, oorsels: ourselves, us.

“If it is guided over a wire by you, and it sends you an image of the target so that you cannot fail to destroy what you’ve aimed it at? Then how come it is showing an image of us here, on your screen?”

[oursels spelled out in phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday.


War is not glorious and never will be.

More civilians are dying in wars than ever before, despite our vaunted technological advances allied with claims for precision targeting.

It’s bad enough that those that fight die, but why should those on the sidelines also perish in increasing numbers?

Violent death and battles are always in the news. But where death is less visibly violent and often in much greater numbers it makes the news much less, and less often.

The stealthy oppression, torture and quiet murder by tyrants are always rendered less newsworthy when explosions, sudden death and visible violence are available. And when are they not?

Are the sudden violence junkies pandered to by the media because they are the biggest audience?

Or does that other audience that might have more compassion just not exist?

Is it our fault? Do we care?

The Scottish Word: oursels with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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  1. Thanks. I think we do care too, but it’s like the disciples in the garden. We’re always ‘falling asleep’ despite our best intentions, especially after a feed. Try harder is what my teacher would have said.

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