Two leafy woodland sprites about to cut the power to the besieged hedge trimmer.
The Scottish Word:


Pou awa, pou awa tae save oor kin.

One mair pou an we’ll pit an end tae thon raucle-handed ill-muggent reid heided hedge cutter.

Once he’s fusionless, he’s mince.


Ill-muggent: malicious.

Pull hard, pull hard to save our kin.

One more pull and we’ll put an end to that hard hearted malicious red headed hedge cutter.

Once he’s powerless, he’s defeated and destroyed.

The Scottish Word: ill-muggent with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Hedge cutting

This illustration came about from my yearly task.

Each year I have to cut our big Yew hedge and it is always a battle.

Because I don’t want it to get much bigger I always cut it back very hard. This makes me feel cruel and guilty.

I do this because I don’t want to have the responsibility of being the owner who has to chainsaw it down to a more manageable size with the risk of it not recovering.

As it is I have to stand on top of the South Western stretch between my garden and my neighbour’s to cut it level. It’s too wide to reach across it successfully.

It’s over one hundred years old and looks great. I’d hate to be the custodian that ruins it.

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