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49 Scottish Words in the 2009 archive
Dec 25Scutter
Dec 19Mooth
Dec 11No_Wice
Dec 4Peh
Nov 27Hing
Nov 20Bane
Nov 12Besom
Nov 5Whillywha
Oct 31Spirlie
Oct 23Bridie
Oct 16Wanthriven
Oct 8Ablach
Oct 1Gullion
Sep 25hame
Sep 18pilk
Sep 11Graip
May 14Abune
May 7Hochmagandy
Apr 28Glottnit
Apr 21Bonny
Apr 14Docknail
Apr 7Guid
Mar 30Bucksturdie
Mar 21Birl
Mar 13Roond
Mar 9Intimmers
Mar 2Tirran
Feb 22Untaigle
Feb 14Laberlethin
Feb 7Cack
Jan 31Ilk
Jan 25Waukit
Jan 7Girnie
Sep 4Shinty
Aug 31Twa
Aug 28Purl, purls
Aug 20Auld
Aug 13Blin
Aug 6Puggle, puggled
Jul 21Warld
Jul 16Stymie
Jul 9Wanwitty
Jul 2Foutie
Jun 25Drumle
Jun 18Rake
Jun 11Glaiss
Jun 4Faik
May 28Slather
May 21Ferntickle