Calling in at a Scottish baker's to get the take away lunch for the old folks' home.
The Scottish Word:


“Wana bridie?”
“Aye. Twa plain eens anan ingin ‘in ana. Ta.”
“Yon quine’s awa wi the last ingin yin.”


bridie: sausage meat wrapped in a circular pastry case folded over. Can also contain herbs, pepper and other ingredients. Forfar is the place to try it.

“Do you want any bridies today?”
“Yes please. I would like two plain ones and an onion one as well. Thank you very much.”
“So sorry that girl has gone with the last onion one.”

(An onion bridie has onion mixed into the sausage meat.)

If you can manage to say the old man’s phrase as almost one word it will even impress your Scottish friends. ‘Twaplaineensananingininana ta.’

the ing sound is as in bring not as in engine.

[Bridie spelled out in phonetic alphabet.]

The Scottish Word: bridie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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