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52 Scottish Words in the 2003 archive
Dec 31Blaw
Dec 24Jeeliefish
Dec 17Hoo
Dec 11Muckleboukit
Dec 5Skellie
Nov 26Baith
Nov 20Quine
Nov 15Shin
Nov 5Furlie
Oct 29Neep
Oct 23Peely-Wally
Oct 15Pooch
Oct 8Redd
Oct 1Craiter
Sep 24Goustie
Sep 17Peep
Sep 10Gangin geir
May 6Wean
Apr 30Threave
Apr 23Sitooterie
Apr 17Thrapple
Apr 11Caw
Apr 2Dumfoonert
Mar 24Clook
Mar 15Coo’s lick
Mar 11Gies
Mar 6Birse
Feb 26Jouk
Feb 19Ech
Feb 15Peenie
Feb 6Blaw oot
Jan 30Howk
Jan 25Meat
Jan 15Creish
Jan 3Arra
Sep 4Nieve
Aug 28Giftie
Aug 21Doot
Aug 14Gonna
Aug 7Wha’s
Jul 31Aneath
Jul 27Afen
Jul 17Sma
Jul 10Piecebox
Jul 3Ingin
Jun 25Lumber
Jun 18Loup
Jun 11Onywye
Jun 6Yowp
May 28Owerbye
May 21Gutties
May 14Disna