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50 Scottish Words in the 2011 archive
Dec 30Stammygaster
Dec 26Girn
Dec 3Ca Canny
Nov 26Afore
Nov 20Thirl
Nov 13Slee
Nov 6Pleen
Oct 28Skeerie
Oct 23Deuk
Oct 17Airt
Oct 10Attery
Oct 3Faither
Sep 24Buddy
Sep 17Saft
Sep 11Auld Nick
Sep 5Ingang
Aug 29Birdie
Apr 17Stert
Apr 13Didna
Apr 2Yaw
Mar 29Ben
Mar 21Baw
Mar 16Baudrons
Mar 13Lugs
Mar 7Beswakkit
Feb 27Bawtie
Feb 20Stooshie
Feb 14Steivel
Feb 7Scouther
Jan 31Falset loon.
Jan 25Ilka
Jan 14Links
Jan 7Caw
Aug 22Shilpit
Aug 15Unhed
Aug 7Pernicketie
Jul 29humph
Jul 24bawbee
Jul 18Coont
Jul 11Spune
Jul 4spae
Jun 27Hirple
Jun 20Forhoo
Jun 13Flodge
Jun 4Chook
May 30Forloppin
May 23entechment
May 16Yirr
May 11Ern
May 2Swack