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48 Scottish Words in the 2002 archive
Dec 31Taws
Dec 18Ahint
Dec 10Wheesht
Dec 4Wheich
Nov 27Rax
Nov 21Stoor
Nov 14Spigot
Nov 7Craw
Oct 31Dook
Oct 25Erse
Oct 19Stook
Oct 13Dub
Oct 7Scuddler
Sep 29Jint
Sep 23Smit.
Sep 16Flee
Apr 24Chapper
Apr 13Lum
Apr 6Foosty
Mar 22Plettie
Mar 15Snell
Mar 7Skew-whiff
Mar 3Shoogle
Feb 27Nippit
Feb 22Boggle
Feb 14Licht
Feb 7Linn
Jan 30Haiverin
Jan 25Hearst
Jan 16Mumpin
Jan 7Skitie
Jan 1Skitters
Sep 8Lug
Aug 31Semmit
Aug 21Bree
Aug 13Moudie
Aug 5Re-airt
Jul 17Lowse
Jul 10Forfend
Jul 2Jaggie
Jun 22Gubbed
Jun 13Bunnet
Jun 8Spurtle
May 30Oxter
May 23Duds
May 16Chow
May 11Heid the baw
May 1Dreep