A steam yacht about to be clipped by a clipper.
The Scottish Word:


“Stap yer dry boak, get yer heid oot o the backet an get it intae the buik tae see if sail gies wye tae steam or if steam gies wye tae sail.”


wey, wye, wa: way.

“Stop retching, get your head out of the bucket and get it into the instruction manual to see if sail gives way to steam or if steam gives way to sail.”

The Scottish Word: wye with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Illustration Friday. yield.

Anyone know which is the correct rule?

2 thoughts on “Wye.

  1. I cheated and went to wickypedia.

    A power-driven vessel must give way to:
    a vessel not under command;
    a vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver (this may include vessels towing one another[8]);
    a vessel engaged in fishing;
    a sailing vessel.

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