Old couple in the snowy twilight regarding a single lit bulb wreathed in some holly hanging on a lone leafless tree. The bulb is dangling from an old threadbare wire strung over and through the bare branches and then into the window of their darkened cottage.
The Scottish Word:


What wi the cost o electricity the noo this is aw the Christmas decorations we’re goan tae get.

Only pit it oan when it’s as dark as a badgers bum and ye canni see yer haun in front of your face.

An dinni be feart tae turn it aff onie time at aw afore yer bedtime.

And if yer wanting onie winklin tae be happening then feel free to fiddle with the loose wires in the holly there.


winklin: winking repeatedly, keeping on winking, also twinkling

What with the cost of electricity at the moment this is all the Christmas decorations we’re going to get.

Only put it on when it’s as dark as a badgers bottom and you cannot see your hand in front of your face. And do not be afraid to turn it off any time at all well before your bedtime.

And if you are in need of twinkling to be going on then feel free to interfere with the loose wires in the holly there.

The Scottish Word: winklin with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The Cost of Living.

The UK Conservative government is doing very little to mitigate the cost of energy as evidenced in the record breaking profits of the energy companies.

It is rendering my drawing unfunny as people are certain to die in their attempts to make ends meet by reducing the amount of heating they use to reduce bills. In particular the old.

The knock on effect is that work no longer pays enough to give a person a decent living and money hungry employers are refusing to recognise this. Forcing employees into the desperate measure of going on strike.

Fair Pay.

A living wage and a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work are not trite slogans but truisms and would be normal and unexceptional in a just society. Only the grasping wealthy deny fairness.

Consequently the strikes are where the real battle of our society is — Not human rights, tolerance, anti-racism or freedom — Not climate change. — If the vast population majority held by workers can’t win on this battleground against the grasping wealthy, none of the others become possible.

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