Mum and granny hedgehog enjoying traditional fare while junior hedgehog sucks a carton of vegan slug juice and the gathering slugs peer hungrily over the slug proof fence.
The Scottish Word:


The loun loves tae see the Hogmanay in wi his vegan slug juice.

But the fasherie thon stuff brings isnae real.

The slugs robbed o their usual fare tae mak it are eatin oor food noo. Ahn wi us no huntin them oniemair they’re becomin ooer mony aw thegither.

Ahn whits mair they love the Vegan Slug Joos™ thersells so ye nivir get peace tae drink yin.


fasherie: trouble, annoyance

The young boy loves to see in the New Year with his vegan slug juice.

But the trouble that stuff creates is unbelievable.

The slugs robbed of their usual fare to make it are eating our food now. And with us not hunting them anymore they’re becoming too many all together.

And what’s more they love the Vegan Slug Joos™ themselves and no one ever gets peace to drink one.

The Scottish Word: fasherie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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