Elf with reindeer poo bucket full of poo and a shovel chatting with a very stout and round Santa Clause in front of a washing line full of thermal underwear in the falling snow.
The Scottish Word:


Nae fear Santa I ken yer no a bulfie bloke.

Yer even mair o a skinnymalink than me an lanky too. Despite yer fat neb.

We aw ken, cos yer thermal long johns oan the washin line there dinni stretch that far.

Jings! We’d be forced tae resile yer reindeer flicht license if ye were indeed that bulfie.

Forebye yer in need o that paddin up there at 40,000 feet when yer travellin at speed.


bulfie, bilfie: fatter than average person, well built and padded.

Don’t worry Santa I know you are not a grossly overweight chap.

You are even more of a skinny person than I am and you’re lanky too. Despite your fat nose.

We all know because we see your thermal long johns on the washing line and they don’t stretch that far.

Goodness! We’d be forced to revoke your reindeer flight license if you were indeed that grossly overweight.

And besides you’re in need of those layers of padding when you’re at 40,000 feet travelling at speed.

The Scottish Word: bulfie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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