Naked Earth-man on an island on an alien world talking to a half submerged giant naked alien.
The Scottish Word:


Oan the sicht o yer unbawndonit muckle bouk swimmin unner I wiz sweirt tae row on tae the rocket.

But ah kent not ye spaikit the Scots weel or wiz a stravaiginger o the galaxy yersel.

Ithirwise I wid hae gone for it ahn been awa hame. Sorry for misknawin ye.

Bit yer tellin me ye have yer ain spacehurlie.

Onie chance o a lift?


unbawndonit: not fastened or under control, loose (of animals).

On sight of your unfastened, wild, free and enormous animal bulk swimming under I was reluctant to row on to the rocket.

But I did not know you spoke Scots fluently or were a casual traveller of the galaxy yourself.

Otherwise I would have gone for it and been on my way home. Sorry for misjudging you.

But you have been telling me you have your own spaceship.

Any chance of a lift?

The Scottish Word: unbawndonit with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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