Alien filling with fluid a jar containing a preserved live human head still talking.
The Scottish Word:


…Noo are ye sure ah’ll still be able to gab tae ye through this preserving fluid?

Ah’ll be wantin tae tell ye when the fluid sterts tae get oer green fur mha liking ahn a want it cheengin.

Ahn ah’ll be wantin tae spier mha veesiters as tae what’s happenin in the ootside warld.

Ahn nae dout maistly they’ll want tae gab tae me aboot mha experiences.

Ahn are ye sure this monocle’ll filter oot the green cast so as I kin see proper colours?

Ah’ve a bit o a ertistic nature ye ken. Ah’n forebye…


gab: talk, chat, a talkative person, chatterbox.

Now are you sure I will still be able to chat to you through this preserving fluid?

I will be desiring to tell you when the fluid starts to get too green for my liking and I want it changed.

And I shall be wanting to ask my visitors of what has transpired in the outside world.

And I have no doubt mostly they will want to talk to me about my experiences.

And are you sure this monocle will filter out the green cast so that I can observe proper colours?

I have a bit of an artistic nature you know. And also…

The Scottish Word: gab with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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