wooden dish carrying the spoon and baby sweet pea flee from the sauce, the pepper policeman with his truncheon, and the armed salt box.
The Scottish Word:


Darling Edgar, widden dish o mine, the saut-backet has a gun an means tae shoot ye.

He’s the saucy nurses’ sweetheart an kens ye gie’d her the heave fur me an sweet pea.

He means tae pit a hole in ye, he’s in a funk oer it and rummled up oot o aw sense.

If yer holed yer nae yis tae me.

Jouk aboot Edgar. Jouk aboot. The polis winni help he’s the brither o the saut.


saut-backet: salt box, usually one with a lid, a flat back and curved front made to hang from a wall.

Darling Edgar, wooden dish of mine, the salt box has a gun and means to shoot you.

He’s the saucy nurses’ sweetheart and knows you gave her the push for me and sweet pea.

He means to put a hole in you, he’s flipped his lid over it and is stirred up out of all sense.

If you are holed then you are no use to me.

Dodge about Edgar. Dodge about. The policeman will not help he is the brother of the salt.

The Scottish Word: saut-backet with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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