Vicars with pump action shotguns at a roadblock on the road down to the idyllic village.
The Scottish Word:


Them vicars are o the taum efter the scrimpit amoont whit landed oan the collection plate yesterday oan tap o the general puir kirk attendance.

Then being gien the task tae keep them pair refugees frae Kent awa alang wi the stravaigin anti-mask covid kerryin brexiters lookin tae stert anither stramash in the parishes.

So hud yer wheesht ahn dinni stert expoonding yer theories oan flooer pouer, re-incarnation, conversin wi the deid, or any o yer oot o the body experiences.


taum: sullen angry mood, peevish.

Those vicars at the roadblock are in a sullen angry mood after the paltry amount that landed in the collection plate yesterday on top of the general poor church attendance.

Then being tasked with keeping those poor refugees from Kent away along with the aimless wandering covid carrying brexiters aiming to start another outbreak of trouble in the parishes.

So keep silent and do not start expounding your theories on flower power, re-incarnation, conversing with the deceased, or any of your out of the body experiences.

The Scottish Word: taum with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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