Two kids in a windswept corn field showing their pet crow to the grinning scarecrow.
The Scottish Word:


I have my pet craw here wha’s hungert.

Kin he rake oer yer kirn-field for leavins sickert frae you eatin him?

He’s caw’d Erchie an the wee loun unner me’s mha brither caw’d Windy Windlestrae wha we want tae run awa tae sea.

Ahn could the same mense extend tae Erchie’s pal Senga, wha’s oot o sicht, ahn wha is an awfie nice wifie craw ahn winni caw back at ye.

Or peck oot yer rotten ee.


hungert: hungry

I have my pet crow here who is hungry.

Can he search your corn field for left over corn free from danger of you eating him?

He is called Archibald and the small boy under me is called Windy Windlestrae who we want to run away to sea.

And could the same courtesy be extended to Archibald’s friend Agnes, who is out of sight, and who is an awful nice lady crow and will not crow back at you.

Or peck out your rotten eye.

The Scottish Word: Hungert with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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